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So I did my rice test last night and I'm thinking...

So I did my rice test last night and I'm thinking I need to redo them in a better sports bra. I'm an A and I want to be a Full D. So I followed the instructions closely and after making my art I tried them on. Side profile looks good to me but front looks horrible in my opinion. They looked droopy and uneven but there again I am playing with rice and not silicone. So today, I'm buying a sports bra I will be using after my surgery and giving it another try !!
Try my review, I have a rice test v actual on there xx
I think you should go for it. I think you will be pleased with the size with 550cc. Dr Hedden gave me some great advice when i was trying to decide between 400 and 450cc. He said that he's only had 1 patient wake up and wish she'd fine smaller. Most, like me, wish they'd gone a little bigger. I went with the 450cc and am satisfied with a small D cup. But, do kindof wish I'd gone with 500 or 550cc.
Rice is best cooked :). I didn't find the rice sizers helpful at all. What size implant are you considering? I've had both 225 and 350, so you can see my pics if that helps. There's not much difference visually between the two, but I prefer my 350. Not too big or too small for me.

Cat Napping in full effect

So it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm fully awake. I just hit a mini milestone. I got up out of bed with no assistance, walked the hotel room by myself, and got laid back down by myself. Little steps turn into big steps. I'm very thankful to have my mom and my boyfriend but as independent as I am, this literally was a huge mood boost for me, a sense of accomplishment. I'm draining consistently as well. Cheers to the downhill now !
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