TT and Breast Lift Without Implants 7 days Post op and New Pics Posted

After 2 beautiful children ages 6 and 2, I am left...

After 2 beautiful children ages 6 and 2, I am left with extremely stretched abdominal muscles, and stretch marks. My abdomen sticks out regardless of workout regime and diet.

I am 5'8", and currently 154 lbs. My surgery is in 8 days and I am very nervous at this point. Looking forward to some support on here afterwards.

Well I am 6 days out from surgery, and last night...

Well I am 6 days out from surgery, and last night I found out my mom may not be able to come take care of me after surgery. I am 32 year old, but there is something comforting about having your mom here. Plus, she could help my hubby take care of my kids. I feel so selfish for wanting her here, when she isn't feeling well, but I need her here in case I break down.
I'm not nervous today, which is good, but trying to come up with a back up plan. Praying that it will all be ok next week.

I am 2 days before surgery and getting excited. I...

I am 2 days before surgery and getting excited. I am stressed about trying tomake sure everything will be done with my kids and around the house. I'm hoping to post before pics tomorrow night.

Well today is the BIG day. I am so ready and...

Well today is the BIG day. I am so ready and nervous at the same time. They moved my surgery back 2 hours, so I'm not happy about not being able to eat and surgery is at 10:30. I have comfot in the fact that this is all in God's hands and he is taking care of it. The kids are taken care of pretty much thru Sunday, although they'll be home Thursday night. Well, here goes nothing. Next time I log on I'll be skinnier and have perky boobs. LOL!

Well I am 2days PO, and feeling ok. I've had a...

Well I am 2days PO, and feeling ok. I've had a migrain for 12hour and it killing me.

PO day 3. I feel pretty good. I have some...

PO day 3. I feel pretty good. I have some soreness b/c of my muscle repair. HE had to do a lot of work there. Also I still haven't been to the bathroom yet. I've been taking stool softeners, but nothing yet. I was trying to go down to 1 Percocet every 4 hours, but I just had to take another one. I would love any feedback on the pictures, or any hints on when I might go to the bathroom.

Wow! Last night was amazing. I didn't have any...

Wow! Last night was amazing. I didn't have any meds after going to sleep about 9 or so. I slept until 7:45, and woke up so refreshed and not hurting nearly as bad as when I went to sleep. I'm still fighting the BM nightmare. I switched to coffee and Benefiber this morning. I'm praying it happens soon.
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I can't see any pics!
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Multimama. I can't wait to not wear a padded bra!!
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Awesome! I can't wait to be able to wear a top without a bra. :oD
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You are standing so straight!! Your tummy is so flat!
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I've been trying to find other moms who just got the BL with no implants. I was starting to wonder if I was going to regret not doing the BA too. Can't wait to see more pics as your healing progresses. :o)
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Same here, TX Multi Mama. It's hard to find others who do just the lift. I've got mine scheduled for 2/24, u? I don't want to be bigger, just want them back where they should be!
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Ive done a breast lift without the implants. I really like it. It takes you back to when we were much younger, before we had any children. Someone told me they are virgin ta-ta's lol. Im loving my breast. we can walk around without a bra. But do keep in mind that your breast does drop a little, not much at all. so the post opt pics that you see are when we are still swollen, but don't get me wrong they do look good. I posted some pics.
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Thanks everyone! @uniquelynoone, I didn't want the tattoo anymore anyway, so no I won't be getting a new one. I have my follow up appointment tomorrow, and I'm hoping to get my drain out. I'm draining 15cc about every 12-16 hours. Is that good? Does anyone know?
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You look amazing. It is wild that your tat is gone. Will you get a new one?
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You look great! I hope my lift ends up looking as good!
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You look really good. Incision looks great. Breast looks great. Keep in mind they will drop a little. The medication constipates you. That was a bump in the road for me too. I drank pure aloe Vera juice and it helped. Keep healing. You look great.
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pics look great. Your boobs are really up there hey without implants. Cant believe your whole tattoo is gone. Hope you have a quick and fast recovery. Keep the pics coming, you look awesome
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You will do just fine. Just stay focused on healing and everyday gets better. Before you know it you will be up and around. Post pics.
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We'll give you support before AND after. :0)

Thanks for starting your story with us here on RealSelf. You're only about a week away. You might want to check out this list of supplies other women have found useful.

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Let us know how you're feeling as the big day gets closer.

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