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Love Botox! Will Make Sure This is Factored in my Budgets ;) - Birmingham, AL

I'm 48 and have had pretty deep creases in the...

I'm 48 and have had pretty deep creases in the glabellar area for ever I think. I always looked mad :( !
January 2013 was my first injection of Botox. I had the glabella area done, loved it!!!! I noticed that around 8 weeks i had quite a bit of movement, by 10 I think all had returned.
In April I tried Dysport (glabella and forehead lines) to see if there was a difference. I noticed it took about a week for the Dyaport to begin paralysing the muscles. At 8 weeks much of my movement had returned. I liked this ok, but will tell you, I had some puffiness in my upper eye lids that gave an appearance of droopiness. It only lasted a couple weeks and then returned to normal.

It was time for injections again July 10- I asked my PS if he thought I needed Botox in my forehead he said no, so I opted to have the glabella area done. He asked if I had ever considered botox around my eyes. I had not because I'm pretty expressive and did not want to loose what makes me - me. He assured me it would look natural and only relax the deep creases and possibly lift my brows some. So, I'm the kind of girl that will try any thing once ;) and went for it.
I must say I am really liking the results! I believe these injections have been my favorite yet. After only 3 days the lines have softened considerably! I still have my expression :D sigh....
He injected the glabella area and feathered it up so the crease in my forehead also received some effects of the Botox. The area around my eyes has responded very well and are softer, more relaxed and I do not look fake (I don't think so anyways :)
I did two things differently this time round as an experienment to see if it would make the Botox work faster and hopefully last closer to 3 months.
I started taking a zinc supplement 2 weeks prior to injection and for 24 hours post injection, i did not go to the gym or do activities where I sweated alot. I'll let you know how it goes!

Happy to be me and crease free :D


Thank you for posting such great pictures!! I love that we can really see the before & afters effects so well.

Botox usually only lasts about 8 weeks for me too - isn't that a total bummer?! I have yet to try Dysport but have been meaning to, just to see. I'll be really interested to hear if taking the zinc makes any difference for you.

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Thank you! These are my favorite injections yet! I could not tell a real difference with dysport- it did seen like it took longer to take affect though. I had read that a zinc diff. Could cause Botox not to be as effective. I also exercise a lot- and decided not to exercise the initial 24 hours (since my face sweats tons) I also did not take my Zyrtec for the day prior and 2 days after ( thought maybe the antihistamine may interfere) I'll post and let you know if my tricks work :) Thanks again :)

Update picture


I workout a lot too (well usually, I've been a little lazy lately ;) ) and have noticed others who workout a lot mention their Botox goes through their system faster. Obviously I have no idea if its related or purely a coincidence, but interesting to note none the less.

I thought maybe the sweating right after injections may have some affect. Idk. Worth a shot lol

Definitely! Let me know what you notice! :)

More on Botox. Nitty gritty details :O

I wanted to write some of the details of my Botox injection but not on the original posts as it would make it entirely too long.

Like I said in earlier posts I had Botox around my eyes and glabella done.

Numbing cream was offered but I opted not to use it. Mainly because to me the numbing cream works on the top layer but not so much deeper, so I still feel the injection. Not really worth the extra time to "numb up" to me.

The needle is very tiny, and the toxin does not have alot of "sting" to me. So I basically feel the little pokes. Not bad. There is one place in the glabella area, a little further down towards my nose that smarts some. But nothing like getting an antibiotic shot!!

It took maybe 7-9 minutes to complete. Pretty quick, actually.

For glabella ( between between eyes) I had to make my frowny face. Then my doctor injected areas based on my frown lines. Around my eyes, I had to clench my teeth, then relax. I barely felt the injections around my eyes - they were much easier than the other.

I had only a couple drops of blood from the injections. No swelling or bruising, I returned to wor that day after my appointment.

The day after injections I have (every time) had weird little things happen feel maybe connected to my injections, I'm not sure.

The bags under my eyes seemed a little more puffy (Clinique all about eyes, sliced cucumbers for eye pads work well to reduce the puff some) this puffiness lasted a couple days- they had the appearance my allergies are misbehaving.

I also felt a little achy for about 3 days, nothing horrible, just a little tired, slight muscle aches and a nagging baby headache- I took tylenol and it did the trick to snap me in shape!

It seemed my allergies maybe have been a little more irritated as well, but who knows, I live on the south- lots of allergens here!!

After the initial 3 days any puffiness or achy feeling had gone and I am just enjoying the results :)

Was it worth it? Definatly!!! I have reminders on my calendar to schedule my appointments ;)


Just noticed I posted my comment on this page and your are in Alabama! So sorry :(
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Hi Pinkdivot, bummer the other comment has not posted :( was it good? :)
I see it below now! I am a calendar person too! My husband is a list maker... He has 3 notebooks! I am 53 and of all the aging "negatives" I despise wrinkles the most! It's my fault for smiling like a fool all the time ;)

8 days post injection - nice ..... :D

Hey guys,
It 8 days since my Botox. I think it looks great! I'm really happy Dr S suggested getting it around my eyes- I am really liking it!

Several of my patients have told me this week that I look really good- they have no idea ! Awe, they totally made my day :)

As you can see in the "frowny face" picture, my eye lids are pretty swollen - that's not from Botox- it's grass :( allergies are not my friend.

Sept 25 will be 11 weeks - calendar is marked, alerts set for next injection :) awesome!!


Took the plunge yesterday and tried a med spa here in San Antonio (they had an opening). Kind of hectic in small lobby, not at all like the calm office in Denver... Friendly enough staff... RN injector was nice but was done way too fast. Did the 11s only - 25 units (in Denver it was 18 or 20 units). No pain. Now I am not sure it was the right decision to rush and go there because they had an opening... just hope my eyes don't droop! Fingers crossed!
Awe, sorry you're feeling like that. Im sure you're going to look great!! Bright side: if you don't love it- it only lasts 8-12 weeks! :) I don't think people usually have droopy eyes with the glabella (11's) done - I think it's when you do the lines in the forehead. So maybe yours will do great! Did you take pictures of your self? If you don't love it, you have time to look around and choose a different location. I use my PS, costs are not different and I really trust him. So you may way to look into some board certified PS in the area and see what they offer. My gynecologist does Botox and laser treatments - but I just like to go to the offices where the Dr has specialized in a field. GP-for all that ales me. GYN- girly stuff. PS-making the girls look HOT, TT and esthetic needs, Etc.. Lol. Just me, not saying everyone should is just my preference.
I took a photo right after treatment (forgot to do it before lol). Not sure how to post it... I need to find a regular dermatologist to get a prescription for Retin A so I will ask if he can do it. Someone on our neighborhood blog ( just joined 2days ago) recommended one :)

4 weeks still great results :)

It's been 4 weeks since my Botox injections. I really, really love the areas done this time- seriously!!! My fav so far :)

I've continued to add zinc to my diet, it boost immunity but I had read it may help Botox effects longer. We shall see!

I have very little movement for the injected sites. It's still looking great to me! I've had people day, gosh you must be doing great, you look fabulous! And life must be good for you, you look great! I just smile (without squinty lines now, LOL!) the pictures I added, I am not wearing any apnea se make up so you can view my actual skin and texture.

7 weeks to go! Got my calendar marked and my wallet filled :)


I just saw this and I can't wait to get certified. I'm practicing on the MIL first since she requested it! :) you have such amazing results!
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Thank you, Salliee! I had it once in my forehead, it was ok - not great. Dr S does the glabella area and feathers it up getting the big forehead crease but not making my eyes droop :). It was the first time getting the "crows feet" done LOVE!!! That's neat on your certification !! You'll have to let me know how that goes!! Girl, I love me some Botox!!

Found a picture before any Botox

This was taken before I had any Botox - you can't see the deep glabella lines because of my angle, but the "crows feet" are pretty deep.

I do love me some Botox!! :)

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6 weeks post injection. Loving my Botox!

It's been 6 weeks since Botox injection. Love the results!! I'm stll taking zinc- will let you. Ow if we can get closer to 3 months with it :)

My face is so much for happier since it doesn't have the frowny lines :)

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6 week pic

Posted before I added my rt side pic :)


Wow! The before and after pics are pretty persuasive! How long do you go between treatments? You look great.
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Thanks AJ!! I really like Botox alot! It seems the more I do it, up the less the deep creases are. I go every 3 months, sometime a little sooner if my schedule get congested. I love how my eyes turned out, really gave them a fresher look and almost a "lift". As it get closer to the 12 wk mark, I get more movement back. My sister started getting it recently after she saw how my results were. She loves hers as well!!!
My friend gets it too, but I haven't seen her before/after pics, so I didn't realize how well it worked. I'll ask her where she goes, but thanks for the info and the inspiration! I read your TT review also--you're looking amazing!

Love my results!! 8 weeks still looking good :)

It's been 8 weeks since my last Botox injection. Everything still looks great, getting airflow more movement back but it seems like its lasting great!

Still loving getting my eyes done!! My sister liked it on me so much she got Botox and Juvaderm last week. My face must be a good advertiser :)

I don't Telly secrets to everyone, just my sisters really, oh and all of you on RS :) you guys know more about my personal stuff than most! :O

My spa is having open house in a few weeks I think so will get my new injections then :) whoo hoo! I'm so excited!! (Obviously doesn't tak much to make me happy, right? Lol)



Wow, wonderful results. Too bad Botox does not last longer than 3 months typically. It's not cheap but not too expensive but to have to do it 4 times a year can add up! My dermatologist suggested I get the 11s, crows feet and an area around my chin at $14/unit. I'm 34 and don't have strong or deep marks but she said I should start as a preventative measure. What are your thoughts on that? I'm a little afraid of what I read for the possible side effects.
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Thank you!! I appreciate the compliment. I think that starting early may have some credit , but if it doesn't bother you don't get it done - my glabellar lines were very deep, the ones around my eyes were just alot of them- I love how it smoothed everything out. Plus I can tell that my facial expressions have changed some- which means those muscles that made the bad places are not working hard to recreate them :) If yours are not bad, your botox may last even longer. If you do decide to get botox, you may want to consider getting only one area done and see if you like it. I work out alot and I've heard that plays a role in how long it lasts as well. I think that $14/unit is pretty high. have you considered looking inot a plastic surgeon's office for that service? I go to my plastic surgeon an his prices are way less than that for Botox, and even less for Dysport and Xeomin. About the side effects- for me they are very mild and only last a couple days- so it's totally worth it. Right after injections, I don't have any side effects. Then the next day I have had a slight head ache that tylenol takes care of and my sinuses appear to be acting up. By day 2 or 3 everything is back to normal. Never bruised or had swelling. My sister did not have a head ache, but her sinuses drained some ( I know weird) then others don't have any...
Thanks for the reply. I was more concerned about the other side effects that are more permanent or harmful like paralysis, etc. The derm I guess charges more cause she can. My dentist offers this service too for only $11/unit but I thought it was weird to get that done at a dentist even though she was trained to do it.

Botox at 11weeks still looking great!

So tomorrow it will be 11 weeks since my last Botox and I think it's doing great!

I do have more movement (of course) in the glabellar region (11's) but not nearly as much around my eyes.

I have continued to take zinc with my multi vitamin daily since just before I was injected. Not sure if it's the zinc or the mere fact that I have had Botox 3 times- but defiantly can see where the results have lasted longer than prior injections :) oh ya!!

Guess who's getting more Botox on Friday?? Me, Me, Me! So excited that the deep creases can be softened by a few hundred dollars every few months! I love my results from Botox and I love the softer look I get from it!

Yes, my alert on the calendar sounded last Friday to let me know I had a week and a half until "oh happy, happy day again!" :)

I have started using a complex serum by SkinCeuticals that seems to be firming, brightening and smoothing my skin tone- especially around the lined areas of my eyes. Pricey (I think) but so far the results are good!

To me, it's worth the investment. Defiantly makes me feel better about my appearance! Completely worth it! One word of advice, just my two cents worth :), always used credible injections. Do your homework and be alerted to too good to be true deals.

Have a Happy Botoxiful Day, friends!!



Your results are honestly fantastic. I have a similar problem with my eyes so I'm hoping Botox will help me as well
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Hey Bsprung! Thank you! I are you talking about between the eyes or around them? My lines are pretty deep Nd I'm very expressive- so I make frequent trips every 3 months lol. Have you got it yet? I hope so too!!!
No...I probably won't get anything until this coming spring. Got a nice little bonus on the way so I can put some $$ aside! I wanted juvederm for the longest and never really considered Botox an option. But I started taking better care of my skin (no tanning, sunblock, exfoliation, peels etc), and some of the areas I was fretting over got better. Now I'm looking for more long term solutions to some of the lines that are slight right now but I know will become deep wrinkles as I get older, specifically a line that's been developing at the top of my forehead (genetic). Also my crows feet are getting somewhat developed; I'd say they're much like yours (pre-tox). Thanks for asking!


Here's the arnica I used but there are several brands. It comes in 30x and 6x. From what I understand the 30x does best for bruising.
It can be bought at some plastic surgeons offices, GNC, pureformula.com and other vitamin shops.
This is the one I got. :)


I'm getting Botox before my surgery! OMG I can't wait now that I've seen your reviews! You look fantastic!!
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I seriously love it!! Go every 3 months- is scheduled on my calendar LOL!!
So glad you are doing good! You look great!! I had Botox done today 3 rd time for me . This time I got it around my eyes also, I love it so far , you and I are practically neighbors I live in the Guntersville area ,, I use Dr. Vineyard in Guntersville , have had fraxel and love the results of it also!!
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I've used Dr Schaffer for several procedures, including Botox and have been completely satisfied with my experiences there. He takes time to answer concerns, gives honest answers ( he will tell me quickly if my thoughts are not the best choice), wonderful staff, always treated like a friend from the reception and nurses, wait time is reasonalble, he never appears rushed or trying to hurry out, beautiful facility and the spa has incredible specials from time to time! (Spagreystone.com) It's one of my favorite places :) I feel Dr Schaffer tries to make each person look their best. Thanks, Dr S!

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