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I have been dealing with my 38DDD for some time...

I have been dealing with my 38DDD for some time now. My neck and back are killing me. I'm so excited about my surgery date but it seems as if its taking forever and it's only 2 weeks away.

I've had large breast for about 8 years now. I'm really not sure where they came from. I was a 36C for years and out the blue they starting to blow up.

It's so hard to find nice tops that fit my large breast. I would typically wear a medium to large shirt before my breast blew up out of no where. Now I find myself having to purchase 1x and 2x shirts. I have the worst neck and back pain. It feels as if something is literally pulling from my neck down to the center of my back. My primary care doctor prescribed me muscle relaxers but they do not work for me at all. I have started to use icy hot on those two areas and it really does help the pain for a while. The down side about using it is the smell. You only need to use it if you are planning to stay home for awhile.

So my primary care doctor told my to see a PS that's the only way I would get over all relief. I meet with the PS and he really went over everything with me. He stated that getting me back down to a 36C would not be a problem at all. The insurance process went really fast. The doctors office called me back the next day and informed me that my surgery was approved. However I had to wait until 09/01/13 because I had a waiting period. It had not yet been a year since I had enrolled with my insurance. But it's was already The end of July when they told me that. So two months was not a problem at all for me. I only had to pay my deductible which was $750. They made me pay that before my surgery date was scheduled.

I've also been over weigth for the past five year. I'm getting lipo more so for motivation and a better look. Not for weight loss. I've never wanted to be a skinny girl I was a size 9 for years and I loved it. After children and working on the road so much my body blew up. I consider myself very proportioned and that I carry my weight well.

I'm very hippie. My hips, thighs, and butt are huge. I'm going to get lipo on these areas down the line.I know having the breast reduction will also help my look.

I'm beyond ready for my surgery. This site is awesome it really lets a person know they are not alone.

Please look through my profile for pictures!!!


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My big day was yesterday

I had my surgery yesterday and it all went well. But I must say I'm in some sever pain over here. Not so much from the reduction I believe it's from the lipo to the back area. It's burns so freaking bad when ever I get up or sit down.

I also having feeling in my nipples. I will up load pictures soon.

The lipo has me in pain and burning

I'm in the worst pain ever right about now. I can barley stand up straight. When I get up or sit down my back burns so freaking bad. It's feels like I am on fire.

I'm not getting much pain from my breast at all just a little here in there.

2 days post op

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Not sure of the outcome just yet but I will be sure to let u know. I guess overall he is a okay doctor. I feel that he really lacks his bedside manner. He never went over much with me on any of our visits. I meet with another PS before and he was very pleasant and informative.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I'm two weeks post op for my lower abs, waist and hips. my tummy was so big they had to do it in two procedures. I'm only one week post op from the back side waist and hips. Girl this burning and itching is crazy. Every once in a while I get little bee sting like sensations. I asked the nurse when she called to check on me if my entire trunk should burn like it does. She said "oh yes, it kinda feels like a sunburn (One heckuva massive sunburn, I think). You really look nice for only being a few days post op. My bruising was insane! I've never seen people look like the mess I did when I took off my garment. Did they provide you a compression garment? That will be a love hate relationship. Sometimes it itches and drives you nuts to have it on, but you feel strange without the support. They also say it helps keep your swelling down. I wake up with my trunk burning and swelled up each morning, it's a very tight feeling and I'm sorry to say, been told it can take up to 3-4 months for that numb weird tight burn and itch sensation. One of the gals on here suggested Benadryl. Girl it helped with my itching somewhat. I must say though, you look very nice for it being so soon. I wish you a blessed recovery and congratulations on your new self and for having the guts to GO FOR IT!
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Thanks you. They did provide the compression garment. But i must say every since I experienced how good it feels with the garment off. I really look forward to shower time. For some reason everyday after a shower I like to march around the house naked for at least two hours before I put it back on.
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I'm also a38DDD igh, i hate them! Did you need a referral from your doctor it did you just contact a ps on your own, I've always wanted to do it but i didn't think they were big enough fit the insurance to cover
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I didn't have a referral. I spoke with my general doctor and she told me to contact a doctor. The insurance process was really easy for me. My PS took my photos sent them over to the insurance company. The next day my PS office called and stated I was approved.
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