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Daniel Rousso Filler Fat in Upper Lip - Birmingham, AL

Dr. Rousso did this when he first started doing...

Dr. Rousso did this when he first started doing fat transfers. I have spent thousands over the years on cortisone shots, various doctors, trying to use fillers on one side to fix my upper lip. People have literally asked me what is wrong with my lip.

Right after I had this done, I went back to him because of the lumpiness and uneveness. At that time, he offered to try and fix it minus the O.R. fees, but I decided I wasn't ready to go under anestesia and do all of that. Instead, I opted for all of the other options, trying to fix it on my own without going under the knife.

Recently I went back for a consultation, finally ready to go under the knife and get this fixed, and I was given a proposed fee of around $1800 or so.

I'm about to pay $2,000 to have the lumps taken...

I'm about to pay $2,000 to have the lumps taken out of my upper lip. You can also see in this photo how my nose tip is pinched and off to the side. You can see the alar retraction as well.

This lip is after a surgery and many procedures to...

This lip is after a surgery and many procedures to revise.

new lip

I just had my upper lip operated on and fixed! The lumps that were left by Dr. rousso forced my new doctor to cut my lip open, all the way across. He cut out all the lumps that were in my lip from Dr. Rousso, then cauterized them. He then sort of hemmed my lip and sewed it back together. I love it!
He also fixed my nose, as well!
Birmingham Facial Plastic Surgeon

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What an awful journey, but a truly happy ending! Your lips look perfect!
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thank you!!!!!
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Thank you! I'm so pleased to not look in the mirror with angst anymore.
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I like your after nose, I like when the tip is projected off the face but slightly below the nostrils (open nostrils are so ugg)
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My nostril was grotesquely open, and moving higher and higher! I will post a new pic asap
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Dr. Achih Chen in Augusta, GA. AMAZING!!!
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I just love it when someone finds a talented, honest PS who can deliver her from the egotistical docs who possess none of the aforementioned personal and professional traits. Great news ...I hope you wrote a review for him...grace60
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I did write a review for him. He is so amazing, he even promises if every detail is not 100% to my satisfaction, he will cover it.
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Rousso nose, So who is the doc that fixed the problem? When someone really gets it right we'd all love to know who he/she is...grace
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My biggest problem was LISTENING to a doctor tell me, after he completely messed up my lip, that fixing it could not guarantee a good outcome, and it could make it worse. So, I walked around self-conscious and chasing it with more and more money, for years! All the while, there was help out there all along.
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I would not suggest fat transfer. After speaking with several top surgeons, one of them actually said there is only one doctor of whom he knew that had truly successful results. Of course, I can't remember the doctors name, but he is in New York.
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If you ever remember the NY docs name please let me know....
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You really look great now, sorry it was such a rough road. I had transfer to my lips as well the procedure itself I felt was torture, I have minimal results.
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