26, PCOS Love Handles :-(

I really am going to be realistic but I cant go on...

I really am going to be realistic but I cant go on with these LOVE HANDLES. I have to wear jackets with everything just to not feel self-conscious. Time for a change & dealing with ALL the other issues of PCOS (infertility, hair growth in bad places), this has got to the beginning of rebuilding my self confidence. Count down has begun!!
Surgery is Feb 28th, exactly 3weeks away. Cant wait, just in time for my wedding anniversary in April!!
Leaving all my fears of General anesthesia in Gods hand. (Doc said i have to do general). Will be updating & posting the more I do research as well


Some not dome hardness
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Some not dome hardness
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Good 4 you. I am 5 weeks out and still having lumps and dome hardness that a I can see undressed but I look much better and sleeker with clothes on. No more muffin top love handles.
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I have two pages of questions for my doc on my pre op appt this Thursday because i am seeing alot of reviews on mostly liposuction for abdomen & flanks. But I am ONLY getting flanks done. Is there anyone out there that could give me any helpful info on what you went through, are your results what you expected? Did anyone get Lipo from Dr. Hedden offices, with Dr. Schaffer?? PLEASE!! Im a nervous wreck & kind of nervous to ask my doc all these questions.

THANKS a bunch!!!


Good Luck on your journey!!! Hope you post pictures we have almost the same surgery date I'm on feb. 27th
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Thank you. Good luck to you as well. & i most definitely will. What all are you getting done?
I'm nervous ready to get it over with lol.. I'm doing a lot My upper and lower abs, flanks, bra roll, and inner thighs.

2 weeks to go

Had my pre op appt today & I finally think I am Ready. Omg, the nurse was soooo informative & patient with me asking 3 pages of ?'s. I am a researcher, so i had Alot questions from every source I could think of. My doctor says I should see 'significant' improvement. I am definitely very realistic but praying for the best possible. I have been cutting back & drinking alot of water so that should help as far as a bit of weight loss before surgery. I even got a new hair cut for my new body Lol!!!
Will update day of surgery, tha 28th!!! Hopeful with Alot of prayers going up!!!


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Side view only

A lil hesitant to add this because im so self conscious but the should be a before & after to compare


Congrats on posting your before picture. I was the same way but i just got the courage and did it. Thanks for sharing I can't wait to see your after pics. I wish you all the best with your surgery and we are almost there less than 2 weeks lol.
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I really appreciate it & Yes!!! Super super excited, nervous, anxious, scared all in the same Lol
I know me too. Sometimes I even second guess it. But I know if I don't do it I want I won't be happy. So I'm just filling myself with positive thoughts.


Okay, We are 1 week away before the surgery. Going shopping today for my surgery outfit & post op clothes. I was told everything needs to be loose fitting & mostly everything i wear is tight or just IS because of my stomach LOL!!! Most of the nervous feeling is over, its more anxious now. Really wish i had a more understanding job to where I could take off for the whole week but i will be back to work in 3 days :-( Anyways, will still enjoy the fact Im doing this for me & I pray I will be in love with the results!!
COUNTDOWN!!!!! 6 days to go!!!


Congrats and good luck on upcoming surgery you right around the corner ma
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Thank you soooo much & yes Im counting down the couple days & hours now Lol!!! Ready to wear this dress U brought w/o a jacket lol!!
I meant, "I" brought. U kno how these "smart" phones are Lol


Okay, I was not nervous @ all until i got the call on what time to be @ the doctor. I requested an afternoon appt so my husband could be there after work. BUT i cant eat anything after 12am 2night :-( thats gon b suppppeerr hard but it has 2b done. I have great support & quite few people praying for me. I did not keep my surgery a secret because I am doing this for me & was not ashamed @ all because I AM tha 1 paying for it so thats how it is Lol!!! Sending up a prayer 4 all the sx people who had 1 this week, tomorrow & 4 tha 1's coming up soon. Will post 1 last pre-op pic. Coming soon!!


Can't wait to hear how you are doing!!!!! Let our know when you feel alive again:):)
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Thank u. Im doing better than expected. Im VERY sore & cant believe how much help i need getting n & out of the bed Lol.. Drinking all these fluids has me up every 3hrs but othan than that, it just feel like i was n a bad car accident Lol.. Im taking my pain meds every 4 hrs as instructed & pray things get better as time moves on

Its all done!!!!!

Wow!!! I did it. Still cant believe its done & over with & I am SORE as heck Lol... I had a lil bit of bruising from what I can see. I went in for my follow up this morning & I saw Dr. Hedden, (my doctor was not in) & said things looked great. Honestly, I feel as if i see improvement already. I am taking my pain medicines every 4 hours because I NEED THEM Lol!! I was told to walk quite a bit today & to not lay in the bed, only as needed. Im drinking so much water & gatorade that i am up & down every 3hrs anyway. So far so good. I have a high pain tolerance sovthe worst for me was getting in & out the car & bed. Im soooo excited i can eat real food 2dat because I was already burnt out on soup Lol!!!! Will update post pic once I take a shower!!!!!


Glad your surgery went well and your healing- keep us posted!  Hope the pain goes down soon :)
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Thank you so much!!
Happy healing the worst of it is over we are now on the flat side lol we just have to keep taking our meds
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Here We go!!!! Before & After

I only got conventional lipo to my flanks & I already see the difference. I was SUPER nervous 2take this compression off, I didnt know what to expect Lol... I've always been able to tighten up my abdomen on my own so I cant wait til all the swelling goes down. So far so Good!!


Oh my God you are going to look amazing!!!!!! Just think how great you look just 48 hours out and then 6 weeks from now:):)
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Thank you sooooo much. I am very impressed so far & your right, the swelling is ALOT right now but I am already shopping for these cute lil dresses I couldn't wear before :-)

Moving Along!!!!

2days post op & things are getting better very slowly. The pain medicine is still my best friend & im slowly trying 2 'wing' myself off them completely. Have got out the bed twice by myself because my husband went back to work today :-(... The hardest part is sitting down & when I first get up, feels like my belly weighs a TON!!! I think it'll take about a good week for me to back to normal. My doc excuse is until Thursday & I probably wont be going back until then. I havent done any massages because the doc didnt recommend any, i guess cause i only had flanks done. Im still swollen & bruised but better than yesterday. I really must say being on this website, & seeing similar stories & we're almost going through the same things, REALLY has helped this process. Will continue 2update & pray 4 all speedy recoveries :-) :-)


Hang in there, every day get better.
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Thank you much! & that is true. I think im just soooo anxious 2feel normal again Lol


First day back @ work was yesterday & I could have stayed the whole time BUT this compression garment is HORRIBLE!!!! It digs in my back & even though I'm still sorta numb, I can feel that, ALOT!!!! So i went shopping for Spanx, (my doctor gave me the okay as long as it held me tight enough), & that was HORRIBLE too. I could NEVER get that Spanx on in my condition, even a size Large was EXTREMELY tight. So I had a Gold's Gym waist belt that I used when i exercised & put that on me extra tight.
Went back to work today & had to leave again from SO much swelling. My sides felt like they were going to explode, Like blowing up a balloon!!!! I didn't look it but I felt it. Sooo,... word of advice, wear your garment Lol!! My 2nd follow up appt is next Thursday & I will definitely express my concerns with my PS. He did not say anything about the massages everyone is talking about, but I heard they help with the swelling, Idk!
I must say, I love how I look in my clothes without the bulky uncomfortable garment so thats a plus.
Day 7 of this loooonnnngggg journey :-)


Hi let us know how you are doing! I have a feeling you are looking good and are to busy to post because you are out shopping!!!!!:):)
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LOL!!! I have done a little shopping but Im doing okay. Thanks 4 asking..If i could just take away the swelling, I would be great. The results are looking good considering how much I needed taken off, Im just ready to get out here & exercise & loose the rest naturally. My 2nd f/u appt is next week & im anxious to see what the doctor has to say. I hope all great things :-)

Cant wait

I can not wait 2b able 2exercise & tighten everything else right on up because I have already lost 14 pounds due 2diet after lipo & light walking!! My f/u appt was good. He finally mentioned the massages & gave me a complimentary 1 to the Spa located in the same building as the office. Im making my appt next week & i cant wait to see what the massages improve. I've heard GREAT things about them because i do have some hard spots. I really excited about my new change in lifestyle as far as getting healthier. I cant believe how good water taste now 2 Lol!!! It it giving me life & i know helping with the weight loss... Happy healing every1


i am 2 days post op on abs and flanks, but i got smart lipo which apparently much easier to recover from. it's really only sore when i transition between positions (sitting down to standing up, or laying down to sitting, etc). everything has been draining pretty well, but the pelvic section is still very bloated with the lidocaine solution and i don't know how to drain it other than light massage. i went to the gym yesterday to try to get things moving and did low incline, high resistance at a slow pace on the eliptical for 30 min. it hurt a bit, but i hate not being in the gym for more than 2 days at a time, and my dr game me the ok on it. does anyone have any other suggestions to drain this excess fluid over my pelvic region? my CG only covers my mid section, but i don't want to spend another $100 on a full body CG if i don't have to...
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1st Endermologie session

Okay, im here for my first massage session. I will be 3 weeks post op 2morrow so i think Im ready. Im nervous if its going to hurt or not because I still have lumpy areas. Overall though, Im doing great. I started exercising about a week ago, 30 mins a day, this wk im @ 45 mins a day, next week will be a full hour. I am noving around just like before surgery & have resumed all activities. The only thing is the lumps in my side around my pelvic area, if i bend a certain way, I definitely do feel them but nothing to even take pain medicine for. Im sooo excited to see the results AFTER endemologie because I heard it works wonders! Will update! Hopefully more comfort than discomfort * fingercrossed*


Let us know about your massage.
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Can't wait to see your latest pix & updates! Your looking great and sounding so positive :-)
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Thank you so much. I will be uploading pics soon :)

4 weeks post Op Pic :-/

I finally built up the nerve to post an after pic w/o a girdle or my garment. I have only have 2 Endermologie massages & my 3rd 1 is 2morrow afternoon. I personally, have felt they helped, esp with the hardness. I still have a great bit of lumpiness but thats expectex of course. To add, i have been working out EVERYDAY since 2wks post op 4 a minimum of 30 mins, watching what I eat & havent a soft drink in 1 month & 15 days so NOTHING but water. I have lost so far 21 pounds & i feel better everyday. I really hope I can be some motivation 4someone post lipo or pre lipo. Im going to change my stat 2 worth it now Lol!! Best wishes to every1


You look GREAT!!!!I am so happy for you! I have 12 days to go and I am excited and anxious all at the same time!You are so right I know this is not the time to rest on your laurels after the surgery but to use this great opportunity to keep looking better and be healthier. You are an inspiration even to "old folk " like me!:)
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Awww thank you!!! & thats exactly how i was feeling. Sometimes i still cant believe I did it lol! But your going to be fine & i will be praying for you
Hi! You look great! Sounds like you are doing well. 21 pounds lost! You are an inspiration :)
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6 Week post OP TODAY!!!!

5th Endermologie treatment tomorrow!!
I have hit a 'plato', no more weight lost but havent gained either so thats okay. I think I have build more muscle than anything with doing squats & some weight lifting. So far so good though. Still have sore spots that i contribute to exercise & sit ups but nothing I cant deal will.
Im super excited to fit in this dress for my anniversary next week & will def unload the new pic of the New me :-)!!!!


Great progress. So happy for you.
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Thank you!!! :-)
So happy for you!! Happy almost anniversary and congrats on the elimination of sodas and other flavored beverages! Plateaus can be tough and usually require a change to get things going again. Do you still eat dairy?
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3 months POST OP-Ouch!!!!

Today makes 3 months & there is still swelling if im out of my garment or cincher for more than an hr & i am having a bit of pain in flank area. Without compression of some form, it is very uncomfortable. Still exercising with a waist trimmer cause w/o I dont think i could bare it.
Is pain to touch & moving normal @ this point? PLEASE somebody help me out!! Im starting to get a lil worried


You are looking wonderful! Congrats on being so motivated and working out everyday! You are definently an inspiration:)
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Thank you so much. 4 months post op & things are still improving. Still some swelling & pain but I feel it gets better with time
Hey! How's it going now that another month has passed? Isn't it AWESOME not to have to wear a jacket everywhere? Even on hot days!! I had the same issue :)
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Almost 5 months post Op

I'm 2 weeks away from 5 months post op. This is probably as good as it's going to get. I'm like 80% satisfied. I always consider where I came from so that may make it 90% :)
I think if I would have had my FULL flanks done & back I would have had better results. (I'm pretty sure the PS only did the side of my flanks.)
I do feel better now, still some pain when I don't have anything on like a cincher or garment. I can wear different things now that I never have been able to. Next week is my summer vacation & I brought a 2piece (probably won't wear it w/o a cover up) Lol!!!!
I'm still watching what I eat & Exercise so I guess it will be continued progress.
Happy continued healing!!!


I can see ur difference but know how u feel. I am most likely 100% happy also but about 90% satisfied. I am happy that I look so much better in my clothes but my one flank is slightly larger than the other and I still have some hardness of the abdomen. Do I think a lipo revision is necessary? No. I am just happy with me and not perfection.
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Exactly!! I love how u put that & that's exactly how I feel.

6 months post Op

Just wanted to update since I'm 1 week away from the point where docs say "should be the final results". I still have good & bad days. Still pain in flanks & burning. Hopefully 1 day I can go w/o my cincher or garment but it is uncomfortable without them @ this point. Still wishing happy healing to every 1 :-)


IT'S UNFORTUNATE your ps was insensitive to your needs. I hope you do like the improvement,i think you look GOOD!!!!!! :) Have a good night.
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Thank you so much & yes if I could choose another 1, I would go back & do just that. But overall, a lot was taken off so There is improvement. Just wish the discomfort would subside so I am able to go w/o a cincher. But other than that, It's just a continuos work in progress.... You have a good day as well

1 week from 6 months post op


u have great results looking good
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Thank you so much!
Your results are great. Despite having a surgeon that seemed rude, you look fantastic.
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Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

1st... this PS is better known for breast argumentation NOT lipo. Dr.Schaffer explained what could be expected from the procedure though. I wish he was more positive regarding my results. I had alot of weight around my waist and he was not encouraging... In his words "I wont look great but there will be a significant improvement." Not something you want to hear when you are investing thousands of your hard earned money. Despite the negativity, I do look "GREAT" because of my determation to become more healthy & also considering where I came from. I never wanted the "skinny model" look results just to look & feel better in my clothes. Thats done so im happy I did it. If i could go back I would choose a different surgeon who cares more about the patients outcome when your not getting your boobs done.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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