My Experience With Fraxel . It's worth it! Birmingham, AL

It's been 3 hour from my first session of fraxel,...

It's been 3 hour from my first session of fraxel, the doctor decided to do just the 1927 wave length to get rid of my pigmentations and then have me come back for the 1550 which is for acne scars since I really dont want any thing to aggressive on the first time!
Like the doctors some where in here said, it's better to be under treated than over treated, cause you will risk skin irritation and hyporpigmentation later on.
Like all other review, I have numbing cream on for an hour, then it be wiped off, and the nurse perform the fraxel on me with level 3 coverage which is 30%, and 10 mj and 4 passes.

I don't feel any pain, just a little stinging sensation. When it done the nurse put some aloe Vera cooling gel on top of my sunblock and I'm ready to go!
My face feel really tigh and tingling afterward, and I spray my face with some sun burn protection mist in the car to cool my skin down also added the moisture .
3 hour later my face I looked like a good tan from the beach! Already the fine coffee ground color already resurfaced on the skin. This is mean when all these skin flake off my complexion going to be perfect!! Bye bye pregnancy masks!!!
I'm so exited that I'm finally have the courage to get this laser done after reading all that horror stories about fraxel.
If you decided to do it , my advise is go easy on the energy level, don't go to deep that your skin have to work hard to recover all the damage skin. But do more session instead!
I paid 3,600 for 4 session. I did one session today! 3 more to go about 6 weeks apart!
I try to upload photo directly from my phone but don't know how! Sorry!

The night after fraxel, my chin started to bleed...

The night after fraxel, my chin started to bleed in to a pinpoint spots, i guessed its from eating and stretch the skin in that area out.
The next day, my skin feel like fine sand paper, a lot of dark ground coffee color on the surface. No peeling yet, no swelling or any thing, and when i wash my face its does not sting or feel sensitive any more.
hi, kjsulzener. My face started to peel around the mouth, and the nose. the skin look so soft and smooth. i can't wait for all of them peel off completly, so tired of them feeling so tight. no itching though.
What can you tell us today?

Thank you for your review.  I am happy that this is working out so well for you.


Today is 5 days after my first fraxel. My skin...

Today is 5 days after my first fraxel. My skin very nice and smooth. Most my dark spot is gone except for some really dark ones. My skin is not to pink, since the setting was really low. There was not any swelling afterward, skin just feel really tight.
From some reviews that posted on here, some are like to use vaseline or aquaphor on their face, but i do not think its a good idea since these product will clog pore and create those typical white head that a lot people was experience after fraxel. and they are very greasy. So i only use Aveeno spf 30 sensitive moisturizer for face and Neutrogena spf 110 for face.
I do sprayed my face immediately after fraxel with a sunburn relief Solarcaine with cool aloe, so its cool down the skin while its has some moisturizing ingredient in there too.
When i got home i wash my face and then put on a layer of Therapeutic after sun relief gel call SUNBURNT , then moisturizer and sun block.
Maybe that why my skin is not red itching, or irritated or have white head.Thanks god...!!!
Now i can't wait to come back and have the 1550 fraxel done on my face to address those acne scars that i hate too much. They look a little shallower with just the 1927 fraxel on my first time though. Good thing i have the before and after pics to look for the difference.
Hi Belledep. Btw, are you asian? I have pigmentation in my cheek both side for 10 yrs now and i can see its slowly spreading. I keep checking on internet how to get proper treatment of this and im happily found this website realself and read your rewiew it gives me hope. Thank you for the great review. I'm a Filipina living in Netherlands.
Yes! Dailan , I'm Asian! Yeah I have problem with pigmentations on my cheeks too! My doctor said the fraxel will remove all of that! But you have to always use sunscreen afterward to prevent them from coming back! I only did one session, so I need a few more for the spots to go away completely !
I read you pay 4 session for 3,600 is that euro or dollar? thank you for your reply. Greetings!

A little update on my first fraxel treatment. Its...

A little update on my first fraxel treatment. Its been 17 days, my skin feel completely normal, no itchiness, sensitive or anything. Two of my customers at my salon had seen my face right after i just get done with fraxel has commented how nice and clear my face look now.
As long as this continue to give me improvement of my skin, i will continue to do it until all my acne scar go away completely. As a long time sufferer of Acne scars im hoping every one who consider this procedure will eventually have happy and satisfying results.
Hey Belldep, I too have had laser treatment. If you can believe it i'm just learning now about fraxel. anyway so far the treatments look amazing!!! i have oily skin too - i use a simple neutrogena face wash , even just a simple bar of ivory soap just before bed NO MOISTURIZER !!!! but also do not move any expression on your face that requires it to move ie. SMILE ~ CRY ~ LAUGH ~ YELL ~ ect you know . just talk through your lips and let the rest have it's best! right on woman!
HI Jaguar333, im so happy for you! i'm suffering with acne scars since teenager, so ím alway on the look out for any new technology that can help me get rid of these ugly scars. Finally they have fraxel dual laser near where i live ( which is an hour away). Im just hopping and praying that every thing went well, no long term damage or anything, and we all will have beautifull skin.

Recently i just have too much free time and read...

Recently i just have too much free time and read too much of bad fraxel result stories on realself. So i come to the conclusion that fraxel is just like a famous expensive face cream, some use it and love it, some hate it, some don't have any thing to say to it. So it all come down to the type of skin you have. If you have oily skin, and come to use a cream was excellent for dry skin, ít will give your skin a bad break out. And it is not really the cream's fault. it's you that have no knowlege of you own skin. So is the laser, if your skin is sensitive and you like to use higher setting, it is certainly will make you skin worst then what its already is with more sensitivity, redness, itchyness, slow time to heal...ect. So it is important to find a Dermatologist really experience with this fraxel laser. Educated yourself with how different the setting will work with different layer of skin would not hurt either.
But on the safe side i probably wait a little longer then 6 weeks to have my second session.
Hi Belldep,and how much did you spent on one fraxel?
Hi Belldep,how many fraxel treatments have you done in all by now?
I had just one done, going for number 2 on Halloween ! And I pay 1000 dollars each time I go.

Its been 6 weeks since my first fraxel, my skin...

Its been 6 weeks since my first fraxel, my skin come back to look like before fraxel, blotchy with age spots and acne scars still pronounce. So i kind of discouraged. I'm supported to go for a second fraxel, but had no free time. And i just found out about a Plastic surgeon clinic really closer where i lived also do fraxel, probaly the refine fraxel, because they qoute me 5 session for only 1300, so i probaly will try them out, instead of driving 1 hour away to get them done.

Where do they offer 5 seesions for 1300? thanks

Hello Belledep, So the acne scarring came back? I'm thinking about doing fraxel for my acne scarring, would you recommended it?
Hi belledep. How is you skin looking now? Did you end up doing the 2nd treatment? I'm considering getting the fraxel too but I'm kind of scared.

One year after 1st fraxel!

After one year has past I'm thinking about doing another fraxel, so I decided to put a few more pics if my face so you can come in a take a look if you think there are any improvement of my skin. I do think that my skin does look better, except for those brown spots that I'm dying to get rid of!!!!

After a year of fraxel

hey Belle, You are being so helpful. I think you have right comment about the horrible stories of Fraxel. It does depend on what wavelength with certain skin type. Congrats for your improvement. I do think your acne scars look flatter now. I will need a detailed consultation in the clinic or hospital before making the decision of doing it. To be honest, I am so scared.
Hi bibichrissy! Just go with a really low level first! And pick the clinic that have the most experience!!!
Thank you for the advice. Do you think I should better start it in autumn?coz then will be cooler.what season will be the best time?
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