Surgery tomorrow am at 5!

So, I was supposed to have my surgery tomorrow and...

So, I was supposed to have my surgery tomorrow and the ps dad died, what are the odds, now rescheduled for the 17th but I am so upset. I had it all arranged with my office, with the kids, hubby taking time off, etc plus my emotions over getting it done, oh well, two more weeks to obsess. I am 37 with 38hh.

Welcome to the community.  This will all work out fine.  I know this is a big downer for you right now so try to look at it as a little speed bump.  Two weeks will fly by quickly and we will all be here for you.



I went to PS today for markings, need to be at...

I went to PS today for markings, need to be at hospital at 5am, will stay over night, no drains, surgical bra put on and clear plastic dressing over it that stays on until post op appt one week later, can bath on second morning following surgery, dont want to be too small, am a 38hh now, he said becuase i have so much skin he cant make me too small or else i will be droopy, so i am happy with how he marked me. i am a little nervous about nipple sensation since i am so large i hope i dont end up having complications but my dr is the bomb so i trust his expertise, overall i am exited, here are my before pics, i am nervous to post them but i am excited to see the after pics, all prayers appreciated for surgery tomorrow, thanks friends! i am 37, 175lbs, 38hh, married with a 14 and 7 year old
Is 350$ of what the insurance didn't pay?
Thanks ladies for all your support, I am in the hospital now and will go home tomorrow. Ps took 4lbs of tissue off, it doesn't sound like lot but think about hanging a free weight around your neck, Imy neck really does feel better already. I am sore but not in pain. I had a superior pedicle br. Hrd to tell size right now because I am wrapped in clear plastic and have on a tight surgical bra. I don't have drains and I won't have to do any sort of cleaning or caring for my wounds, apparently this plastic I'm wrapped in makes it low maintenance, ps will clean at my first post op visit next thurs, he told me not to ice may boobs, he said not good for the nipples, he came and checked me a little while ago and out glycerin and a hot pad on my left nipple to stimulate my circulation, but he says it all looks good, my nurses have been amazing, I have an Iv in and compression stockings and leg squeeze things on, taking Percocet every 4 hours and they ran antibiotics and a steroid thru my Iv, I won't take any antibiotics at home, big thing dr said was to not put pressure on my arms by pulling or leaning when I am trying to get up, I am having zingers in my right Breast bust not my left so I hope that works itself out, I am tired and have been sleeping on and off, I'm sure that's just from the general anesthesia , all in all, happy so far although I do feel like I look too small on top but I know it's too soon to tell anything
Good to hear you're doing ok. My PS also told me not to ice the boobs after surgery. And to use tape for 3 months.
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