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Nervous/Excited in the ATL - Birmingham, AL

After years of HATING my extremely saggy breasts...

After years of HATING my extremely saggy breasts and months of research and finally making enough money, I've finally scheduled my surgery to correct my stage III ptosis breasts. I've gotta say that I'm pretty nervous but I've done so much research on Dr. Hedden and the procedure itself that I'm as confident as I can be. The hardest part was trying to decide if I wanted to add implants or not. So many doctors have such varying opinions on the subject but I have enough of my own tissue that I hopefully shouldn't need an implant.

My before pictures

Suck don't they :(

Less then a week to go

So I finally got my hemoglobin levels tested and paid for my hotel room, so there's not much left to do :). I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing because the more I do the more nervous I feel. It's funny, I've wanted to do this for so long and yet I'm so nervous. I just have to keep telling myself that I'm doing this for me and no one else and I'll feel so much better about myself and my body.

the time has come

Getting my iv as we speak

more pics


Trying pictures again

More pix

More pictures

Day 2 post op

So I had my post op yesterday morning. I was a little disappointed because we had towait an hour to see the doctor because he was in surgery. It wouldn't have been so bad if we didn't have to get back to check out of the hotel and get back on the road. But anyway Dr Hedden said I look good but warned me that they're not likely to stay this round and high, and not to invest in new bras for at least a couple weeks. But even still, anything would be better than what I had. And of the instructions that he gave me, the hardest ones were not having caffeine for a few days and not working out for several weeks :-(. Other than that I just need to make sure to take my antibiotics and apply some kind of cream to my deformed looking nipples every six hours.

Too much too soon

So yesterday I thought I was ok to spend a few hours walking around Midtown Altanta with some friends. BAD idea. I had a bit of chest pain from walking so much, and I was still feeling pretty tired and nauseous. I'll probably be taking it easy for the next few days, whether I like it or not. As far as the healing goes, I can't feel anything in my right nipple, but my left one is doing fine. And somehow the distance between the two has closed so now I don't have grand canyon sized cleavage anymore.

Finally took a shower

I've been bathing in the sink since my surgery because I was afraid of messing up my stitches. But then this morning I noticed that the skin in my cleavage area seemed to be peeling or something so my mom advised me to go ahead and shower. Then to add to my concern, after I decided to change my gauze I noticed that there were a bleeding hole on either side of each place, in the spot where the tape had been. I don't know if the tape caused it or not but it certainly not fun to see. Other than that there still hasn't been much pain, just itching that I assume means I'm healing. The shape and look of my boobs still seems to be satisfactory for the most part. The slope seems to be coming in ok, but I don't like the fact that both breasts seem to point be crooked and pointing outward.

Finally took my tape off today

I've been trying to get a Skype follow up with Dr. Hedden for the last two days since it's hard for me to get another day off to drive down to Birmingham, but I was so ready to take this tape off and see how the scars are coming along so I emailed him and got permission. Dude it was so gross it was almost kinda cool. The stitches are dissolvable so most of them came out with the tape. But the scars aren't too bad, I just need to clean the boobs up a bit and I'll be ok, I'm just scared to do so :(. They don't look bad either, they're just sooooooo heavy. When I go braless for a shower my back tends to hurt a little bit. But other than that I'm still pretty happy with the results, almost anything as better than what I had :)

Time to get back to normal

Hello everyone, I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. I'm feeling pretty well healed up now, I even went out without a bra for the first time EVER! That was pretty cool. On the other hand, I've had a hard time getting back into the gym like I want to. I tried going to a zumba class a couple weeks ago, after I hit the 6 week post op mark. The bouncing was a little too much for the girls so I gave. I have gotten back into yoga once a week though, I just need to build up to my old routine. And as far as the boobs themselves are concerned, I still have next to no feeling in my right nipple, but other than that they're good. And so far, I have NO regrets on my surgery
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. I've emailed Dr. Hedden multiple times and spoken with Heather, the out of state coordinator, and I feel comfortable enough so far.

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Hey CAndy can u post more pics from from and side please ty
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Just checking in...how are feeling about your lift these days? Are your scars healing well and are you back to your normal daily routine? Thinking of you!

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Thanks Beth! My scars don't look bad in my opinion. I'm trying to get back to my routine but it's taking me some time. I got lazy afterawhile
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You're not lazy...your body needs rest to properly heal. :) I still can't get over your before and after photos. And, that you didn't need implants. You're so lucky!

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You are looking so good!  So after the lift your breasts feel heavier than before?  It must because of the the different placement on the chest..
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Yes I think you're right. All the weight used to be spread out, and now it's all up in one place which just makes them feel heavier, but I think I've gotten used to it :)
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Please keep posting progress pics and sharing
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Thanks so much for sharing! your skin tone and shape is very similar to my own I love no implant and I am wondering how your scarring is healing? You look absolutely great congratulations on having the guts. I am working towards a breast lift too..
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Thank you :) The scars don't look bad at all, but they're raised so it's easy to feel them. I don't know if that's because my scars tend to keloid or not
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You look so great!! In Also thinking about that next...
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You look great! Thanks for sharing! I want to get a lift with NO implants too! Hard to find reviews out here with NO implants! Thanks again. :)
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├Łou look great, healing well! Glad to see again someone who looks beautiful with their own stuff, meaning no implant was necessary :)
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You look great!
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Thank you :)
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You look wonderful! I would have been thrilled to not have implants if I would have had enough breast tissue. Just think you won't have problems down the road! Beautiful results. Make sure to get lots of rest and let yourself heal. Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you so much, I'm still a little worried I won't be happy when they're completely settled but I suppose I could always get an implant later if I want to.
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Hey...nice job....its so scary deciding...Ive always heard that if you have your breast done you will lose sensation of your nipples *Scream!!* dont want that...however it would be nice to have nipples that are not facing the ground...I havent been doing alot of research however I have read where some do the "anchor" process did you get that? Its to be performed without implants...I DO NOT want implants either. the scary thing is you see sooooo many after pics and the boobs look weird. Yours come out look good. Stay blessed.
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Before my durgery my dR told me I could lose nipple sensation for up to 6 mnts or a yr. I said that might be agood thing. You could tell no one had ever told him that before. Lol.I'm always cold and my nipple let everyone in the room know it too. BUT, I didn't lose any sensatiion(darn).
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If you had to do it all over again, would you include an implant? I'm having a BL next Monday and I'm thinking to add implants because I don't think I will like the flatness on top and will be scared to sag again.
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I'm really not sure. So far I'm pretty happy with the look of them but they're not supposed to settle into their permanent shape for awhile. And some doctors say that an implant will hold off sagging for awhile but then others say the extra weight will make you sag quicker so it was a really tough decision for me. Good luck and make sure you do as much research as possible
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Wow, congratulations! You look fantastic! And no implants...good for you! Give yourself plenty of time to heal. I personally think a lift takes longer to heal and show your final results. Keep us posted and happy healing!

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Thank you very much! I will ;)
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Congratulations!!! Hope you love them!
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You look great so far! How are you doing?
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I'm not bad actually. I expected a whole lot more nausea and pain then I've actually had. The hardest part is reminding myself that I'm not supposed to do certain things because there's no pain to stop me
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