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Hello! I'm 30 and have three children. I'm going...

Hello! I'm 30 and have three children. I'm going for my consult Tuesday! So excited. I have been looking into getting boobs ever since I never got any in High School. Now that I have been married for 10 years and done having children thanks to the Ezsure, its finally time. So excited, did I mention that. I'm currently an AA, but wear a 36 A with some major padding. I was wondering though about the healing time and having young children. The boys are 7 and 6, but my little girl is 17 months. Any tips? I have plans to send her to our local daycare for the week after surgery and the boys to ride the bus to and from school as long as I can't pick her up and put her in her car seat! Any other tips would be so helpful!! Thanks a ton!!


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I'm excited for you!

What is EZsure?

Do you know what sort of implants you're getting and when surgery is yet?

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Good luck!
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Hello again! I had my consult yesterday! Went...

Hello again! I had my consult yesterday! Went great. I scheduled for February 11th. Right around the corner! I want to do 375-400 cc's. I would like to be a good C. Not sure if i will go silicone or saline yet. Would love some insight. The dr thinks silicone, but i really hate to put that in my body. Do you really have replace it every 10 years? Who really goes and gets a MRI every 3 years? Having no insurance, not sure i want the added expense Saline might ripple, but since i have no boob now, will I care? Ahhh! Any insight would be wonderful. Thanks girls!


I think im going to go with silicone! I go next week for 2 consultations! Hopefully in a few weeks for me! I want my preggo boobies back! Lol
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EZsure is a procedure you can have done not to have any more little ones. They take small springs (like what's in your ink pin) and the place them in your tubes. Over a 3-6 months scar tissue forms and you can no longer bring your ovulation down. Super easy and quick recovery way to sterilize your self!

Today I booked my hotel, since surgery will be out...

Today I booked my hotel, since surgery will be out of state for me :) My best friend called me yesterday and demanded to go with me. Which is so wonderful. The hubby now can stay home with all 3 kids. Saves him from missing work for 2 days to take me and lots of juggling of the kids. So excited she's going with me. Still keep waking up several times a night, worrying about saline or silicone ahhh rippling no rippling!! Just breath I keep telling myself.....


Hey I just had my surgery done by him out of state. Where are you staying? I recommend the Candlewood suites because it has a little store and a recliner (you will thank me later). He did an amazing job, splurge the extra 800 for the silicone
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If you are thin at all you don't want saline. I can totally tell the difference in any of my friends. Dr. Hedden's words are those of wisdom
Thank you for your comment! I booked the Dury hotel. It had dinner and breakfest! I did call before booking and they will have a recliner in the room! Thanks again!

Today I received my pre-op papers in the mail....

Today I received my pre-op papers in the mail. Wow, so much to ready and sign. Learned even more than I thought there was to know. Still very excited! To think this time next week and I will be the new me!!!


I have daycare plans for my daughter the 1st week. My boys will go there too and catch the bus to and from school there. Hubby will be Mr. Mom that week. Second week I have 2 days taken care of for the 17m old. I have been working with her about going up and down stairs and sleeping in her big girl bed. I think I will be ok! I hope. Thank you or all your input!
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Just be careful because I'm a home care RN and lift all day. I went back to work at 5 days and thought I was well enough to help stand up or ambulate patients at day 7, well I paid for it that night and had to take off the next 2 days. I wasn't even lifting just stretching to help them stand and leaning over a lot
Thank you! If I'm not doing well I will put my little girl in daycare for another week! :

Ok! I called the office today to make sure they...

Ok! I called the office today to make sure they got my lab work and I paid for the rest of surgery. I'm excited and very nervous at the same time. I think my biggest mental issue is I just spent this much money on myself. I have never spent this much money in one lump sum either!! I keep telling myself to breath!!


I sure hope so!
I have one more question. The day after surgery when do you come in for a visit and on your way home. I really need to be back at 1 pm Tuesday.

Alrighty! My BA is Monday at 6:30 A.M. Very...

Alrighty! My BA is Monday at 6:30 A.M. Very excited and starting to get scared of the surgery part and the waking up in pain. Just keep breathing.....

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ALRIGHTY! Surgery was this a.m. I woke up in some...

ALRIGHTY! Surgery was this a.m. I woke up in some pain. Just a lot of pressure! Once meds were in my system I was fine. Still doing great 9 hrs later. I love them. I did 400 cc's silicone medium profile, which should make me a good C cup. I will post pictures when I get home. Dr. Hedden and staff were amazing.


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Sorry, it has taken so long for me to post. Day 1...

Sorry, it has taken so long for me to post. Day 1 after surgery not to bad. Woke up with a heavy feeling. Once pain meds were in system I was fine. I sat in a recliner most of the day with ice and a heating pad around my neck to cancel out the cold :). I woke up night 1 around 1 a.m. in really bad pain. Burning pain on my left breast. More meds and ice. I cried a bit, but I was fine once meds kicked in. I then set a alarm on my cell not to get behind on meds again. I also maybe slept 2 hrs total. Bad night! Day 2 went to Dr at 8 a.m. and everything looks great. Bruising is not to bad. I'm cleared to have my Best friend to drive me 3 hours back home. I was very nauseated. I ended up puking on the way home. I also slept the whole way if I wasn't puking :).My girlfriend met up with my hubby and he drove me home the rest of the way! I took a anti nausea pill once I got home and tried to sleep. Hubby had new firm pillows for me. I laid in bed propped up and smaller pillows under my arms. A heating pad around my neck and peas on my boobs. My day 4 I felt great. Stopped taking pain meds day 4 and 5. Day 6 (sat) all 3 kids home and hubby. Did way to much Saturday. Had to take over few things for my oldest son Banquet that night. Did way to much. I was in so much pain. Took meds when I got home. I even got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and on my way back ran into my tall dresser! O! Did I cry! Hubby got me back in bed. I did not move Sunday and Monday called Dr. Office, they gave me more pain meds and more bed rest. They also wanted me to email them a picture of my Left Boob. Never taken a nude photo and now emailing it out! Felt a bit silly, but they wanted to make sure the dresser run in didn't cause a bleed. They thought it looked great. Today is day 8 and I can say I feel so much better! Still taking it easy, taking pain meds. Just my left one that hurts, The dresser really set me back and Saturday! I'm in love with my new girls! So, worth it! It was nice to catch my hubby checking me out last night to! I will post pictures soon!

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