32 Single Mom, Lost 100+ Pounds and Ready to Find Me Again !! - Birmingham, AL

I'm exactly one month away from getting my breast...

I'm exactly one month away from getting my breast implants (silicone) and a full tummy tuck. After having a 10+ lb kid and losing a 100 pounds I'm ready for my body to get back to some kind of normal. I'm looking to get 550 cc under muscle. I have a curve to my back due to a car wreck and breaking my back in three places and my hips protrude out a little bit. I'm super nervous but so ready for my outsides to match my insides. I feel like I'm living in a foreign body.

Getting Anxious - only 3 weeks away

Anyone else having problems sleeping ? I'm so anxious about this procedure. I definitely have a "known outcome" personality. I personally have to know and understand why I'm doing something, what it can or will affect, and what the end result will be. This is so out of my element though. I have browsed through thousands of pictures and thought "hmmm... I wonder if my breast/tummy will look like this one or that one". Not knowing how exactly things will progress is driving me nuts ! Anyone else had these issues and if so how did you overcome them ? Cosmetic Surgery to me is like a hair cut. Lets face it there are people out there that I wish I could emulate their body parts but realistically we just can't. What works for one won't necessarily work for the other one. My eyes are showing the stress really bad and I'm in some dire need to rid myself of this anxiety !

Detox Begins !

So I'm off all coffee and caffeinated tea. I never really drink sodas anyway so that wasn't an issue anyway. Coffee without caffeine sorta is pointless with me so I'm adjusting. My co workers in the morning get the worst of it because I don't hit that cheerfulness mood till about 10 now. I'm drinking two pitchers A day of water with lemon, lime, cucumber and a small amount of mint. Being hydrated is a must !

Nerves for days !!!

I have just a little over a week to go and the closer it gets the more my nerves are shaken. I'm having doubts and regrets; which is completely normal but I can't seem to shake this steady stream of nervousness that I have. I worry about being off work for so long and my boyfriend and mom having to help me. It's just getting all to me. I am super independent and always have been. A control freak might be a better statement to be truthful. I have some deep cleaning I am going to be doing this weekend but I am so ready for the 8th to get here! I don't take anti depression medicine or anything like that. Gun Therapy is more my cup of tea but even that is only offering me an instant calm down and not a lasting one. Did anyone else deal with this and if so how did you combat it ?

Constipation from Hell !!

Ok. So I'm doing the detox thing and started on the stool softners and today out of no where I get the worst constipation I've had since I was pregnant. The kind that leaves you bent over in the bathroom praying to God to please get that demon out of you kind of constipation. I thought the stool softners were supposed to help !! I've been eating lots of greens and fiber enriched foods ! What the crapola is going on ?? Anyone else had this after they started the stool softners ??

Patiently waiting for my call

So I'm patiently waiting for my call to tell me my surgery time for Monday. I'm super excited and super anxious. I have so much to do this weekend I know it will pass by so fast. Last weekend of uneven boobs and a sloppy stomach. Can't wait for the new me ! I'm actually excited about having scars, being swollen, and potentially feeling like I have been ran over by a tractor. No pain is No gain. Plus after that hard part is over with its all downhill from there. A flat downhill at that ;)

The old me....

This is what I looked like when I was a big girl...

Got my time !!!!

Scheduler just called from Dr. Hedden's office and I am scheduled for Monday at 6:30 am !!!!!! I am so excited !! My gut literally feels like its twisting right now.

Made it over to the flat side !!

So I'm gonna keep this short and sweet cause truthfully I'm on meds that will make me say anything. I had my surgery today and I'm in severe pain. I've cried twice and unfortunately I got nauseated. That hurt the worse. Getting up and down is extremely hard and I can't do it without work. Follow up appointment is tomorrow morning and then I get to go Home. Thank you Lord ! Before pictures below.

First POST OP shot

I just got up to use the bathroom and the second go around was much easier than the first. Here's my first pics !!

My markings

Here is my all drawn up

Pictures from day after surgery

My post are all over the place. Sorry it's not me, it's the meds. Lol. Here is my first unclothed post op pictures though. Boobs still need to drop and stomach is super swollen. When I asked how much did he cut off my stomach he replied with "more than could fit on our scale". Wow !! That's exciting and scary all in the same sense.

Took first shower today

Ok, it was painful but so worth it. That shower felt amazing. My wonderful hunny went and got me a shower chair and I was able to wash myself and shave my legs. My wonderful hunny washed and conditioned my hair and even blow dried it for me. Is it sleek and frizz free... No but it's clean. Lol ! Here are the pictures from before my shower.

Coffee !!!!!

First cup of coffee in almost a month and OMG I'm in heaven. Had a good night last night. I'm actually going to do my hair today, put on clothes (that are not sweats) and do my makeup. No meds since 10 pm last night and I haven't took anything but arnica and bromelin for today. I'm not going to overdo it but I feel so much better !!! Yay for the good days !!

Today's pictures

Here are the pictures from today. Thinking I am going to start to wear the band today. My boobs seriously need to start dropping. I weighed today and I am 6.6 pounds heavier than the day if my surgery. I know that's swelling and water weight though so no worries there.

Breast dropping a lil - new pictures

So tomorrow will be exactly one week since my mommy makeover. I'm getting around so much better. I haven't attempted to drive yet but I'm not in any rush to either. I'm getting up and down by myself. Bathing by myself (while my wonderful boyfriend is at arms length) and for the most part gaining my independence back. My kiddo has done laundry for me today. He's ten so of course I've had to direct and work the machines for him but I'm not complaining. My family and friends have been nothing but encouraging so I'm a very blessed girl. Swelling is starting to go down some too. I normally wear a 6-7 in pants and boy did I feel like a stuffed sausage when I couldn't even fit into size 10's. That's ok, that's what they make dresses for ;). My f/u appointment is on Tuesday and hopefully this dang drain will come out. So here's my new pictures and although I'm not patient but I'm pretty darn happy so far. Just need my boobs to get on the same page ! Lol
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

So far so good ! He was so kind to my mom and my boyfriend. My boyfriend (bless his heart) is from Chicago and doesn't trust Alabama doctors since his mom died at the hand of one. Dr. Hedden was more than patient with him and made him feel comfortable which was very important to me. Can't wait for my f/u appointment on Tuesday !

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow, MMs are cheap in AL! I got 550s, too... How do you like them? Sometimes, I think I should've gotten a tad larger, but then I really wouldn't be able to fit into any of my old clothes! How's healing for newly out? I'm 1mo/10d and things are pretty much back to normal for me. Nice reading about your journey! Welcome to the 500-club! :)
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Hello ;) My boobs are still not fully dropped are not even but I'm just a week post op today. I go get my drain out tomorrow so I'm thankful for that. I tried on some of my old shirts and I'm busting out of them. I'm good with that though because its time for a new wardrobe. Lol. I think mine are perfect for my frame. Normally I'm between 142-150 and I'm only 5'2 so I think if I'd gone any larger it wouldn't have looked right. I had no breast pain for the first few days. Now I have no tummy pain and all breast pain so maybe it's just the dropping that's causing the pain. I'm just glad I left the flat side for the boobies and joined the flat side for the tummies lol ;)
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Your looking great! Pics are good, will definitely show you how far you've come! Your incisions look really good & swelling looks right on par! Keep showering everyday, this will help keep incisions clean & dried blood off. Also, it helps with back pain! Not to mention mentally a good thing! Keep going your almost through the most difficult part! Congrats on your new look!
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Thank You ! The shower is my best friend right now. Also I hate being over obsessive about posting a picture everyday but it really helps me see the progress. We can only look in the mirror so much and remember so much. Everyday I'm getting stronger and stronger. I've been taking a q tip with peroxide on it and easing it around my belly button a couple times a day. So don't want to deal with infection. Thanks for the encouraging words. I remind myself daily this is a journey not a race.
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Flat!!! Looking good!!!
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Thanks ma'am. Part of me wants to cry because I want it super flat now but the other part of me looks at where I came from and where I am now and I think to myself to stop being a spoiled brat. Lol ! Encouraging words from here help so much !
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I can imagine! Lol I can't wait to see u all healed up how good it gonna look!! I'm glad we could be of some use with our positive encouragement... Good luck happy healing
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You look great, btw!
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Thanks ma'am. I keep envisioning this new body I will morph in too and keep positive minus all the swelling.
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In a few weeks you will be amazed. Stay positive.
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Hey girl. Just wanted to check on you. Hope you are doing well.
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Welcome to the flat side..... How are you feeling? Your girls will look awesome when they drop. Did you do over or under muscle?
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Under the muscle. He said it would take a few weeks for them to drop and the seeking to go down around my girls. My stomach of course will take longer for the swelling to subside. I'm cat napping less and I've been able to cut my pain and muscle spasm medicine into halves so I'm feeling better. Each day seems to get easier. I'm about go take my first shower so we will see how I am after it.
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The swelling will last you a while.... I will be 4 months Post Op on the 16th and I still swell up towards the end of the day..... Congrats on the weight loss and on your surgery. How did you loose the weight? If you dont mind me asking..... I want to loose about 10/15 lbs. and its becoming a task.
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I had a sleeve done. I was put on steroids for 5 years due to a bad car wreck that almost took me out. No matter how much I dieted and exercised the weight just kept creeping up. August of two years ago I had he surgery done. Truthfully though what's kept the weight off is drinking lots of water, no sodas, more protein, and eating the right carbs. A no carb diet will make you lose the weight fast but then what ? I found out for me that balancing is key. Plus I tried many different routes and I found out that when I had a whole wheat bagel in the morning (well half for me because of the size if my stomach) I didn't crave food by ten am. Adding good wheats in actually helped me and that's been the key for keeping it off. I am a true southern girl so no cooking out of a box for me. Brown rice with lots of veggies and chicken is my go to meal. Convince your mind first and everything else will come into play. Good luck on your journey !
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How ya doing ?
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Lol truthfully I'm in some pain but each hour gets better and better. My sleep is all jacked up though.
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Praying for you lady. And congrats on the most sexiest body. So, happy for you hunnie. Did you get moderate or high profile silicon?
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Lol truthfully I don't know. I think moderate. My boobs aren't to my chin. My follow up appointment is at 8:15 so I'll be able to see them and ask questions. I'll let you know as soon as I know for sure. I had pictures for Doc Hedden and said please don't make me look like I have two round basketballs. . Lol ! So far with the bra on, I think they are what I asked for.
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usually, 400 and up are considered large and they do high profile for those. You should have cards for them. you are gonna be thrilled once healing starts. I think they will be the perfect size for you!!! take care its a long process, and will be frustrating, but relax and enjoy the transformation. Even at a slow rate.
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Welcome to the flat side. Take it slow and don't rush the healing. Listen to your body. Take care girl.
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Thanks ma'am ;)
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Onto a quick and easy recovery!!! Hope you are liking the changes so far.
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My mom said my boobs look amazing but I can I only see through the bra. My profile is wonderful though. Thank You !
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Aww u poor thing!! Hang in there! Heal fast and rest, looking forward to ur results.
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