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I have researched augmentations , implants,...

I have researched augmentations , implants, removals, reconstructions , enhancement pills, and any things to do with obtaining larger breast. I've been doing this for the last two years, on and off. I've become very interested in implants. I'm a 34a, grown woman, and can't wait to look at my full 34c breast . I'm scheduled for BA in three weeks and Im nervous and excited at the same time. I feel like saline is the safer route, yet the silicone feels more natural. If silicone ruptures I might not even know its leaking in my body . I'm thin, I weigh 135 and I'm 5'6, so I'm told I might feel the ripple of the saline. I'm so lost on which one to get and I only have a little over two weeks to decide. I'm very athletic , hard working, and plan to enjoy my implants as long as I can. I need to know what helped you decide on which ones you were getting( saline or silicone)? How long does it take to really be back to your normal active life, if you jog and play tennis?

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! You might want to read this post from Walnut Creek about what she wishes she knew before augmentation. Please keep us posted on what you decide to do.

I've always worn push-up bras and wanted my breast to look this way without the bra. Saline was the choice I made and I dont have any ripples as of now. Both saline and silicone can ripple, just depends on your breast tissue. These are things your PS should have gone over with you in the consultation. I too am 5'6 135, 34b (pre-op victoria secret bras) and an arobics instructor. I am now a D with 450cc. Good Luck!!
thnks.marie! i livein Memphis, tn but plan to go to BAMA for my newboobs. Its s 4hr drivet

Hi I'm 3 wks pre op. Im so excited. I have a new...

Hi I'm 3 wks pre op. Im so excited. I have a new dilemma! My PS is 3 hrs away and I'm getting nervous about the WHAT IFS! if I get a hematoma, capsular contracture, extensive pain.......etc...Sooo I have went for a consult in my city.the doctors here are more expensive( like $2000 more). WHAT IFS AND JUST IN CASE made me consider having my surgery in my hometown. My date will still be the same and if there are issues i will be close to my PS without incurring extra fees. So now I've paid 2 down payments and only have 1 wk for a refund... Heeellllllppppp! Who has had an out of state surgery??
Thanks, her tips are very helpful!! I appreciate this site!

Hello ! Tomorrow is the big day! Ive been making...

Hello ! Tomorrow is the big day! Ive been making out my list of things to get so that my stay at home is cozy. I'm not overly excited anymore nor am I nervous....I just keep looking at my chest.... Not sure what that means. Pray , pray , pray!! I went ahead an informed a few family members about my BA . I wasn't so sure who to tell because I don't want everyone to know. I will post before and afters tomorrow. Any advice , comments, or uplifting prayers you want to send my way, please do so. Thanks ladies and docs for the feed back, I really appreciate it.
In a Nut Shell...day 2&3 are the toughest....week 2&3 need Patience....week 4-6 are awesome cause you'll start to notice big changes. Thats all I have so far cause I'm only 6 weeks post op :)

Ok, I'm back! I decided to stay in Memphis . My PS...

Ok, I'm back! I decided to stay in Memphis . My PS is Karen Quigley. I'm 5 days post op and my chest is sooooo tight.
Thanks Marie. I'm 5 days in and my chest is really tight
I decided to stay in my hometown, memphis.I thought It would be better since thiS was my surgery. I felt it was safer

I'm 7 days post op. I learned three massages. I...

I'm 7 days post op. I learned three massages. I need these girls to fall in place ASAP. Any advice on different techniques from different doctors?
Everyone is different. Im 8months post op. No regrets. But one word - PATIENCE..for me the first few months were tough, an emotional rollercoaster. I too am atheletic, gym junkie and it took time to get back into my usual routine. I was bloated for 4weeks post op and lost my appetite. At 3mth mark i was still worried about the sloooow progress in them evening out. Best advice my PS gave me was to try and live my life like i used to....easier said then done but its true. At 8month mark I forget I had them done at times. Best wishes
Thanks for this comment, such a great help!! I was having a bad morning and called my surgeon , all worried. My emotions are everywhere, my boyfriend is enjoying his distance , and I'm missing my job like crazy!! I have to remember PATIENCE!!
I'm being very patient. The percocet pain meds have me throwing up, so I'm not sure what to eat. Any advice?

ToDay I'm exactly 30 days post op. I'M .so glad I...

ToDay I'm exactly 30 days post op. I'M
.so glad I made this move and got my implants. Right now they look really great in shirts and bras!The right has dropped a great deal. The left is feeling like its a bit smaller. Sooooo, I only told a handful of people and now three handfuls know.... Boy people really don't keep secrets anymore.What's that about? It doesn't master I'm happy with my decision and not ashamed at all. My boyfriend asked me was I ashamed because I told him not to make a family broadcast...
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I decided to stay I'm my hometown.

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