TUBA Boob Implants 385CC Under the Muscle - Birmingham, AL

I received under the muscle saline implants...

I received under the muscle saline implants (385CC) via the TUBA incision. I had initially planned on getting silicone through the armpit using a Keller funnel. But, silicone requires a larger incision and I am prone to scarring. Besides, even if my implants do deflate, replacements can also be done via TUBA as well (in most cases....my doctor advised me of this). I already had a scar in my navel due to a tummy tuck so the plastic surgeon just went in through the same scar. So, I have no *new* scars by choosing saline.

The thing about saline that really bugged me at first is the fact that if they did deflate, I would have one flat breast. But, Mentor has a warranty for replacement implants and will also give you up to $1200 in doctors fees to have them replaced. And with the $1500 I saved by using saline combined with the warranty, I have more than enough money in my booby emergency fund to replace my saline implants if I ever need to. No matter whether you get saline or silicone, breast implants are not lifetime devices anyway. I did not want to spend a lot of money on silicone and then hate them and feel that implants are not for me. I did not want to spend too much money on my first surgery--because, let's face it, if you have implants, you are likely going under the knife again for replacements and revisions due to aging, breastfeeding, rupture etc.

They say silicone feels more natural. But, I am not in a sexual relationship right now anyway so I don't care about that. If I do get into a relationship, it certainly will not be with a man who is whiny enough to complain about how my saline implants feel! I am a thin woman...any man with eyes can see that. And thin women rarely have huge natural boobs because fat is a big component of boobs. If a man is too dimwitted to understand that, then I do not want to be with him anyway.

I am a big geek....I actually sat down with a pen and piece of paper and wrote out a list of pros and cons between my two choices (saline TUBA versus silicone through the armpit). Cost was not an issue for me. And even then, saline won out. Everyone is different and I advise anyone considering breast implants to do a list of pros and cons when it comes to which doctor to choose and which implant material to choose. If I did not already have a belly button scar from a tummy tuck, maybe silicone would have won out on my "pros and cons" list.

The day after surgery was rough....my stomach was killing me. But, now I feel a lot better. Waking up, your boobs feel heavy and hard. But, it is getting easier to move around. TUBA recovery is a lot easier than the armpit recovery and plus there are no tell tale scars on my boobs. I am very happy with TUBA. When they drop and fluff, I will be even happier!
             congratulations! your right about writing down the pros and cons of each type of implants! my first set were saline and i loved them! i didnt start to have problems until my next set! one of mine deflated after only having them for 4 and half years! i did use my mentor warranty to have both replaced! they paid for the ruptured one and hospital fees i only paid for the other one to be replaced! after that happened i just didnt feel comfortable with saline anymore! i didnt want to get silicone at that time because all that was availble was the runny gel and i didnt want that in my body! so i understand where you are coming from! i have cohesive gels now and i feel safer with these! if something does happen there is no leakage! the implant stays together! 

Congratulations! That's great you took the time to pencil out the pros and cons. Sometimes it literally takes this process to decide on an somewhat objective decision for your body. Wow, you must look like a new person with your weight loss, tummy tuck and recent breast aug. Will you be posting any photos? Thank you for your wonderful continued participation on RealSelf. Keep us posted on the healing progress!

Congrats! I went with Dr Hedden and had Tuba incision as well. I didn't have a scar for him to go thru before, and I didn't have one after. I love Dr Hedden! I am almost 4 months PO. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact me.

Boob pics

Here are the boobs before. Later I will post some after shots.
I understand what you are saying. I was really leaning towards silicone. But, my doctor specializes in TUBA. So for me, anything else is like going to a steakhouse and ordering fried fish. I feel that if you go to a doctor, it is in your best interest to get what he specializes in (the steak) instead of the fish. Do you understand? Nothing is wrong with fish of course. But I wanted the best of what he had to offer and since he is the TUBA king, I wanted him to grace me with his royal powers lol. Excuse me but did you say you had two sets of saline implants previously? If you did not have issues with the first set of saline, why did you trade them out for the next set of salines? I am not judging....I am just curious about making the proper choice for my body. Sorry to hear about the rupture of the 4.5 year old ones. That sucks. I have Mentor too. Did they pay *all* of your hospital fees? So you only paid for the other boob implant? Did they reimburse you via a check in the mail or did they pay the doctor up front? I might get silicone in the future. You never know. If they could do silicone via TUBA, I would be all over that like white on rice!

First Shots of the New Tits

I took this a few days later in my cheap hotel in my old robe. I am not that old or that fat. I just look bloated and had just woken up. I have one of those Dream bras in black with a front clasp. I ordered some more sports bras.
Thanks friend! I just posted some pics and will try to keep you guys updated. Realself has been a nonjudgmental way for me to make my decisions regarding cosmetic improvements so I will try to be honest and thorough in all of my reviews. If anyone wants to know something, then please do ask me!
How long did it take them to settle in? Mine are still hard and riding high!

Waiting for them to drop and fluff....

I am feeling okay actually. I am off of prescription painkillers. My left boob hurts near the armpit but it is more of a soreness. But, I just had surgery two weeks ago so I guess that is to be expected. I have began the massage of the breasts since I have been given the go-ahead from my doctor. They are still riding a bit high but I guess that is to be expected as well. I am waiting on the dropping and fluffing that people speak of so I will do a little online research on that.
What bra size were you before? I just went to a consultation today and Dr. suggested 350cc filled to 375cc. Sounds big!!
Congrats!!! With regard to breasts riding high, it depends. Mine took a bit more than 9 weeks. I had subpec placement and it sometimes takes a while. I am very happy now at 4 months.

Looking More Natural!

I am only having a little pain usually when I get up in the mornings. The pain is usually in the side of the breasts and is relieved by Tylenol. The breasts feel softer and look less "fake" now. I am going to be more diligent about the massaging so that they will drop and fluff and look more natural. I am cleared to take NSAIDS now but I am still nervous about that. I don't want to cause any bleeding around the implants and have that lead to capsular contracture. Better safe than sorry.
I was wearing a 36B before but the doctor actually said that I was an A. I was a nice full B before I lost weight which was not "big boobs" by any means, but I was satisfied with them. After I lost weight, I was left with an A. I haven't been shopping for "real" bras yet because I want to wait for them to settle.

Feeling Good!

I feel pretty good. My left boob is a little sore underneath when I try to massage. I read that massaging might not even be necessary for breast augmentation patients. I don't know. Anyway, they are softer and are looking more natural. I am pleased! They only thing I am not pleased about is the weight I've gained. I was 118 in the summer of 2012 and now I am 128! About two pounds of that could be from the new boobs and swelling but I need to reign it in. I have been eating and exercising the same though. Weird.....
Hi, your implants look a lot like mine. I was getting a little worried about their shape , I am one wk post op and they are just high a little squarish now an kind of flat on the top of the nipple, id that what it means when they say you need to drop and fluff? They will aventually take normal shape right? Haven't had my first post op apptm yet not till sat. And I'm still in a lot of pain already tired of taking these meds..:/
When I say drop and fluff, that is not a scientific term. It is just a colloquial term that people online tend to use. It just means that they don't look so high and swollen. They drop down to normal looking boobs and the fluffing means that they soften up (at least that's how I use the terms). Give it time. Mine look more natural now...I'll have to take pics soon.

I Must Hop on that Massaging!

I have no major problems. Sometimes I feel a twinge of pain in my boobs but I have had surgery so I guess that is to be expected. Sometimes I feel as though I went a little too big. No biggie! Breast augmentation is not a once in a lifetime thing anyway as it is well known that people often get revisions after aging or pregnancies. But for right now, I am happy. They jiggle a little bit now so that makes them seem more natural. Sometimes they look a little too high up and too rigid and square. I have to start massaging them more vigorously and more often to help them look more natural and to help them drop more. But, it is still early in the game. I have just had them for a little over one month.

Just checking in to see how you're doing and to hear if the massaging is working. Have you noticed any further dropping and fluffing? Hope you are well! We'd love an update to your review when you have a chance!


Finally Healed!

I have no more pain at all...no twinges or anything like that. I have been massaging and when my cellphone starts acting right, I will put up some new pictures. They have "dropped" more and look great. The only issue is that they don't really feel like real breasts but that is to be expected with saline. They feel more firm than real breasts. Overall, for the price I paid, I am very happy.
Wow I think they look great! They look pretty big.. Did they drop more? I'm going for 500-550cc, I'm 5'8 & 145lbs. Do you have a petite frame? I also heard about tracks in your stomach from the tubes.... Did you or can you still feel them?
Thanks. They have dropped more and when my camera stops acting up, I will post more pics. Anyway, I am about 121 and 5'4" so I do have a petite frame. I felt tracks for about the first two months. After that, they went away. I massaged them so I don't know whether the massage made the tracks go away or whether they were going to go away anyway. Good luck.
The more you massage them, the faster they will go away. I'm 7 months out. No track marks, and look very natural (even with having 600cc's)

My Boobs To Date

Okay, my phone is working again so I took some pictures and decided to update you guys. The implant on my left has dropped really well. However, I can see from the pictures that the implant on the right has not dropped as well and is still sitting a bit high. I must start vigorously massaging the right breast and it will be fine I think.
You look great! I had a MM and used Dr Hedden as well. Love him!
What is your current bra size?
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

He is a great doctor and is very friendly. The wait times can be long but he is a popular man and has a lot of patients so that is to be expected. His staff is nice as well. He does not push you into a particular implant material or incision site. He listens to what you want and he always encourages questions and encourages you to make the choice that is right for your body. His prices are awesome. Even with me having to travel, get a hotel, and hire a nurse, his prices are lower than the prices in my hometown. Plus, he is very skilled in different incision techniques. I am very pleased with Dr. Hedden!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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