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I'm 5'2 130lbs currently a 32A. I have always had...

I'm 5'2 130lbs currently a 32A. I have always had a nice shape, small waist 23and hips 39 and a nice butt ????but I have never had any boobs and I've always felt like I wasn't proportioned correctly. The thought of having implants never occurred to me, I am married and have 4 children 13, 10, 8 and 4 so financially it seemed like it would be a financial burden. Anyway so last week my husband bought me a gown from vs I frowned when he gave it to me, I told him how I felt about my boobs and he said why don't you just buy some... I was like we can't afford it, he asked how much they would cost and I told him probably about 7k I didn't know. He said ok, make an appointment. And that's what I did...just last week! My consultation is with Dr. Hedden in Alabama next Tuesday the 3rd.


Ha ha I've been on Facebook to much, I just caught myself trying to "like" a comment lol
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Hahaha!! I have been trying to do the same!! Funny!! :)
Thanks so much real self members have really been my greatest resource. I like reading about real life experiences and seeing real photos without any editing. I trust what I see on real self over what I see on the Dr. Website, I dont think they're going to post pictures of less than perfect BA's. Theyre only going to show their best work... I won't to see them all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Let me be the judge!
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Twas the nite before consult lol :)

Ok so its the night before my consultation, I'm excited and a little nervous. We live in MS and we're going to drive to AL tomorrow for my consult. its about a 3 1/2 hour drive. Hubby didn't want to do the skype thing, we wanted to see Hedden and the facility in person.. get the feel you know. I cant wait to talk to Hedden about size and try on the actual sizers, I've made the rice sizers and 600cc looks good on me :) also 40Lovin40 has 550cc and they look great on her!!! We're about the same in frame. I think I want HP silicone. Well anywho I'll do another update after my appt. and I'll also be uploading before pics and also pics with some different sizers on. Thanks for al the support!


How'd it go? (Btw, I'm about 5' tall and just got my 32As made into 32Cs. For me, it was only about 280ccs that were required - I think the number of ccs is really dependent on your frame and your breasts, so don't let the numbers sway you too much!)
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Awesome!! How exciting!! :) goodluck with everything at your consult! I am glad that your hubby is so supportive! :)
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Consultation turned into Pre-Op :)

Super tired so quick update. Went to consultation arrived an hour early by accident, waited in the lobby only about 15 mins before being called to the back. Everyone I encountered were professional and friendly. Tried on sizers for about 10-15 mins then Hedden arrived in room, he's very professional, personable and gives it to you straight. He said my chest was too small to go as big as I had planned, but that he would get me as big as my body would allow. He also said I have a mild case of tubular breast and that it was a good chance of me bottoming out as my left breast sits higher than my right and he would have to lower my crease. Also stated that I have thin skin and he recommended I go with the silicone implants, he said profile would be decided during surgery. Went ahead and paid deposit and they did my blood work today since my surgery is sceduled for 10/10/ less thing for me to have to do :)


Good luck honey on ur upcoming surgery! Wishing u all the best! Keep us updated!
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10% down
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Good luck girl! If your procedure is 4000. What amount deposit did he require you leave?
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Still Waiting......

Ughh the wait is killing me! There's only so much cleaning, working, researching and planning a person can do! I' m going crazy!!! Ok my ranting is over lol :) But seriously I've been trying to keep myself busy hoping time will fly..not working. I still haven't decided what size implants to go with, thinking between 425, 475, and 500. I have googled my eyes out trying to find someone with my measurements to give me an idea of how I would look in different sizes..hard. I'm 5'2 125lbs measurements 30-28-39 definately not the best measurements small up top and wide on the bottom. The boobs are going to be a great addition to the hips and butt that I already have ;-) Guess that'll motivate me to do some crunches and get my waist back in line cause lately I've just been feeling like blah. Ok so ladys help me out if you or another lady you know is about my size let me know so I can check out your boobs :-)


Im looking into getting this done. Hoping I can find a facility that can take paymens otherwise im waiting 4 to 5 years.
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Hi ladies sorry to keep you all waiting. Ok so it arrived at the facility at 9:50am I was given some papers to fill out and my husband was given a form to fill out for being my care giver.
Was called to the back about an hour later, tried on some sizers because I was still a little undecided on size. Then Kevin came in and started my iv he was great, the next thing I know I was awake and being offered Gatorade and crackers by my sweet nurse lol! The end result is 450cc HP Silicone.


So happy for you! Pls post pictures! I am considering hedden or Schaffer. It hey said I will need a lift
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3 dpo pics


I'm 5'2" 113 lbs and I got 465cc on my right and 495 left. Hope you have a great recovery!
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10 DPO

Haven't posted since 3 DPO been kinda down. My left breast is higher and larger than the right and also looks like it may have the snoopy deformity...emailed my PS haven't heard back yet what do y'all think?


Give it time. I have seen boobs change drastically over weeks/ months
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If there's anything I've learned and didn't expect from having my ba, it was the "boobie blues". I think even though you go into knowing that its 6 months to get the final result, when you finally are the one going through it, you're not at all prepare for what you are up against as far as the waiting game. Mine are 4 weeks old and still uneven and such, but everyone has told me to just wait it out and they will work out great. So I guess I'll pass that along to you. I got very depressed after mine for a few weeks and I can't even tell you why. It wasnt just they way they look, it was the whole thing. I'm starting to come out of the funk now, but it was crazy because I'm not some who lets myself get down. Just keep your head up. I think they look great and will continue to improve.
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Thanks newshoes, I saw your boobie pics...nice ;) I guess we are our on worse critics.

13 DPO Update

Just some quick pics


I'm praying for you. I haven't had mine done yet. But hedden is a choice.. I keep reading it just takes time
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Dr hedden done my boobies to sista!. Im 3 dsys post op and loving them! I got 425 on tha left and 475 on the rightt. :) your boobs look great. They will change over timee. :) jus give them time to drop n fluff.
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I think they are looking great. The irregularity will shape out. Mine changed ALOT the first months. Don't be down :( in a month or 6 weeks you won't be able to keep your hands off them ;) Dr Schaffer at HPS did mine. Love his work! But had to lifted and augmented. ((((Hugs))))) sweet girl! Keep your chin up!
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