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I have been awaiting this day for almost 6 years...

I have been awaiting this day for almost 6 years now and my time has finally come. After 3 years of research on doctors and results of patients, thanks to realself.com, I chose, Dr. Hedden.

Thus far, the staff has been patient and kind, and also very responsive to my emails. Dr. Hedden has been very straight forward with his opinion regarding whether or not a lift is needed.

I'm a 33 year old mother of 3 and the only time I have ever really enjoyed the look of my breasts if after giving birth. I'm 5'6 and 180 lbs. I'm told that I'm a 38c but I don't see it. However, I'd like to be a full D, high profile. For a change, I'd like to be shapely in a bikini and feel confident about it. Hopefully, Dr. Hedden will relieve me of my insecurities.

6 hours away and I can't sleep. I met with the...

6 hours away and I can't sleep. I met with the nursing staff and Dr. Hedden today and my consult was amazing. Dr. Hedden was very straight forward and advised that I should do a small nipple lift in order to correct my symmetry. I still want a natural look so I have decided to do 450 cc's and saline. I'm very excited.
Are you getting silicone: saline: or gummy bears?
I decided to go with 450 cc's in saline. I will be posting pics on Saturday.
Dr. Hedden is amazing! And his staff member are just as awesome. I have had a very fast recovery and hope you do as well. I also had my surgery last week and ADORE my boobies!!

Surgery was definitely not what I expected. It...

Surgery was definitely not what I expected. It exceeded my expectations. I initially met with the nurse and then my anesthesiologist just to go over my history and prep for surgery. After meeting with the two, I met with Dr. Hedden to go over final choices and to do my markings. By the way, I decided to do a Periareola Lift to get a more round looking result. I kissed the hubby and headed to the surgery room.

Dr. Garvey (anesthesiologist) truly is a nice guy. He made sure I was completely comfortable. After making sure I was warm enough, I woke up in recovery and putting on clothes to leave.

I was quite groggy the first couple of hours. Currently I have only experienced tightness and sharp shooting pain near the incision area. Nothing excruciating though.

I've been in and out of sleep since 10 a.m. I did eat lunch. However, I went straight to sleep after. At 7 p.m., per Dr. Hedden's instructions, I did get up and walked around. Well, I got on the treadmill at a very low speed of 1.8 for 30 minutes.

I've only had one pain pill which was 2 hours after surgery. But for the most part, I FEEL LIKE A CHAMP. My only complaint is finding a comfortable sleeping spot on my back and sitting up.

I go back for a follow up tomorrow. Dr. Hidden and his staff are great!!! I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking cosmetic surgery.

Congratulations! Sounds like your recovery is going well. How did the follow up appointment go today? Everything looking good so far? Can't wait to see your photos! Happy healing!

My recovery is going very well. Dr. H advised that I should leave the surgery bra off for a couple of days. I've been using warm compress to relieve some of the tightness and the spasms. I prefer the compress over the pills which works just as well

Well.....it's Monday and I'm well enough to be...

Well.....it's Monday and I'm well enough to be back in the office. I haven't taken any pain meds and last night was probably the best sleep on my back in the recliner. Thus far, I am so happy with my results. I can't wait until they drop a nd I can go bra shopping!

You look great in your photos! Were you fairly tired after work the first week back to work? Take it easy!

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