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Nervous and excited! Surgery date coming on...

Nervous and excited! Surgery date coming on Thursday. Hoping to actually have cleavage! Want to be more porportioned. Currently a 32/34B hoping for a D. At this point I'm trying to make sure I remember everything I'm not supposed to eat and take my vitamins everyday. I'm super ready to see my new addition!


What size and kind of implants are you getting? Congratulations!
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I'm getting saline implants. 500 or 525cc. I'm currently a 34B (barely) and hoping for a D. My ps said 200cc is a cup size on me. Have you had ba or thinking about it?

Counting down

OMG!! Another day down. Getting really nervous at this point.


Im scheduled for my BA for April 15th, also wanting to be a D cup
Congratulations to you also. Are you getting saline, silicone or gel and how many cc's are you thinking about getting?
I'm getting 450 cc's silicone gel, high profile most likely,


Did the rice test again to narrow down my size. Tomorrow is the big day!


I love Dr. Hedden. I hope you have a great experience....
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I'm sure I will. Did u have hp? What sizr were u before the BA?
Are you getting the TUBA? Is your PS Dr. Hedden?
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it's official

Out of surgery and at home. I'm sore and the muscle relaxers aren't much help. The procedure was really quick. Seemed like it anyway. Enjoying them so far! Got 515cc moderate plus.


Congrats!!! Can't wait to see!!
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Thanks. I'll post some pics when I feel a little better
I did not have high profile. Before surgery, I was a small b. I am now fitting into 34D bras.

One day post

One day since surgery yesterday. Feeling good but sore. Attempting to shower today the best I can.


Yay! I'm so nervous. Dr. Hedden is doing mine Monday at 9am. Question: why did you choose the crease incision instead of the TUBA method?
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Because i felt like i would need my abdominal muscles to help me get up and down. You don't realize how many things require you to use your chest muscles. I thought the crease incision would be better for me. There is barely a scar if any. That was just my opinion though.
Oh ok I see! How was the pain? I am freaking out! lol I am supposed to be at the surgery center Monday at 9AM! I am a 34B right now also... and I want to be a solid D cup!

Less sore

Soreness is less and they are not as swollen. Morning soreness is pretty rough but once I start moving around it gets better. Still enjoying them! The Danskin front closure bra was pretty rough on my neck today. Had to go back to my Fruit of the Loom one. So much more comfortable. My appetite is coming back some. Still drinking lots of fluids and reducing my meds.


They look gorgeous Hun!!!! Congratulations on a successful surgery & your lovely new additions!!!!! Xo
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Thanks. My ps said when the swelling goes down they will have more projection. I keep reading reviews where the women said theirs were bigger after also. Were yours?
I was a 34B also. It's more of a soreness than actual pain but the first 2 days you will need your muscle relaxers and Loratabs. Soreness gets better though. He told me 200cc is a cup size so I will either be a high D or a DD. Good luck on Monday and keep me posted!

still icing

Sorry I haven't posted more pictures but I will. Went back to work today and had to ice them when I got home. Hasn't been much change since the picture I posted. They do feel a little softer though but it has only been a few days so I don t expect much. Morning boob getting better.

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My girls


Mine were...
You're fine Hun! Like you said it's more soreness than pain. But morning boob is crazy!!! I have to take a muscle relaxer and then time my pain meds for right before I have to get up out the bed. I ended up getting 500 cc saline high profile with tuba method
Great! Hope u are enjoying them. I know I am :)

one week

It's been a little over a week since my surgery and they are getting softer. Most if not all of the swelling seems to be gone. I go back to my ps in 2 weeks so hopefully he will start showing me the masssges so they will drop some and get into place. I am still enjoying them and so glad that I got up the nerve to do this. I'm happy with the size I got. Sleeping on my back is rough and I my neck hurts when i wake up. Any advice on sleeping is appreciated. I might have to move to the couch. The Danskin front closure bra was not my friend! I tried it and when i woke up the top of my neck was hurting. It wasn't too tight so I don't know what happened. I might try it one morr time. Thanks for all the comments and support from the ba ladies! More pictures to come.


I'm just a little over one week post but did u ladies boobs still feel tight like they were about to pop? They are softer but they just feel tight. I'm ready to start my massages. I think that would help. Is this feeling normal?
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Tightness is normal. Massages will help
Ok. Thanks. I was worried about capular contracture. I've been reading too much.

New pics

New pics as promised. They are softer and have dropped a little from the first picture. Feeling tightness so I guess my muscles are healing.


I'm loving your boobs!!
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Thanks. I'm still adjusting to them and waiting for them to drop some but going good so far :)


Ok ladies... I'm slmost 3 weeks post and I'm paranoid that I have capsular contraction. My left boob has been bigger than my right since I had my ba. For the first few days it was numb on the sidd of my boob and when the feeling came back it would hurt when I moved my left arm towards my boob (if I was driving or something). The left one also has always been further over like under my armpit than the left one. It isn't shaped any different than the right one. It just hurts more. I hope it's all in my head. I've followed everything I was told to do and I've been careful not to lift anything heavy for 2 weeks. Still being careful. I don't go back to my ps for another week. My hubby said they look the same to him too. Any wisdom from the experienced ladies on here is greatly appreciated :)

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New bra

Went bra shopping yesterday but I didn't want to get too many since my size will change. I won't start massaging until next week. I guess my ps is just really busy. It will be one month post before my appointment but that was the first one that was available. One of the ladies at VS told me she started massaging a few days post but I know each ps is different. She said if you wait too long to start sometimes it makes it harder for them to drop. I'm following what he tells me to do. I have them now and I don't want them to not drop properly so I'll wait. She sized me as a 36D but because they haven't dropped I had to go up a size.


I would love to see more pix of your 36DD as I am wondering if I want to be 36DD or DDD. You look fantastic!
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They have dropped some since I posted those pix. I will post more today.
Thanks so much!

dropping nicely

Wow! It's been a while since I have updated my profile. I went back to my ps for a follow up and I have started my massages!! Yeah!! They feel sooo much better. My left one is barely sore and they are dropping nicely. Seeing more projection and I'm glad about that. At first the massages were really hurting but I'm fine now. Looking for comfortable and reasonably priced bras if anybody knows where to get them.


What is the best way to ice? I feel asleep with a ice pack on yesterday and it made me worry because I know you are not supposed to leave ice on that long. I want to ice the sides but it feels awkward holding the ice pack s there
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Put them in your bra is you can. I bought some ice packs from Walmart because my ice maker wasn't making the ice fast enough. Lol. It's hard not to fall asleep when the ice relieves the tightness.
*if you can. Sorry

Still unbelieveable

Ok ladies....I don't know about you but I am still loving my boobs. Here is my updated picture I took a few minutes ago. They are really dropping nicely and I haven't had any problems. I looked at my before picture and the difference is jaw dropping. Happy healing ladies!! Anyone that knows where to find a good and reasonable priced bra other than Victoria's Secret please let me know. Cheap bras did not fit well. Might have to go with a different line of bras at Victoria's Secret if I can't find anything.


Hi there. Your results are awesome!!! Glad to hear they are finally starting to soften up. Do you mind sharing where you purchased your danskin bra? I need some low cut bras. Thanks!
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Thanks. I bought my danskin bra from walmart. It's a little big though because I couldn't find my size. Good luck :)
Wow! Boobies look awesome so soon after surgery! Best wishes and keep healing well. I personally never liked VS because I think they are super overpriced but that's just my opinion. I'm sure many ladies love that store!
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Everything has been going good since my last update. The girls are softening up stilk and looking more fabulous! Got new bras! The lady and VS said she had hers done a few years ago and that mine have more dropping to do. Also....FYI... she said my bra size would not change but my boobs will drop correctly in the bra. That was good to know. I hate wasting money. No push up bras. This is all me

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posted too quick


Just stopped by to look at your amazing photos again. Do you mind sharing your measurements? Feel free to PM me if that is more comfortable. Thanks!
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Your cleavage look sooo good! Congrats :)
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Your breast looks amazing! $3000 for a new set of racks are awesome as well. If you don't mind can you please provide me with you doctors info? Thanks
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Dr. Hedden

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