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My surgery isnt until May, but obsessing now! My...

My surgery isnt until May, but obsessing now! My greatest concern is post op complications. I have to move around heavy equipment for work, and i will only have three weeks to heal before lifting heavy equipment ( not including my toddler and heavy backpack). Am i setting myself up to fail? Has anyone else had a successful periareolar incision???
If you are getting your implants placed under the muscle, it is risky to lift over 5 lbs at all for 4 weeks and over 10 lbs at all until the 6 week mark. It takes that long for your pockets to heal enough that the tissues are strong enough to hold if you lift more than that. You will be risking displaced implants, hematomas, and other complications possibly requiring revisionary surgery and 6 more weeks of healing. Can you possibly get 6 weeks of light duty with a doctor's note? They would have to do that if you had many other surgeries, like abdominal surgeries.... And you definitely should not be lifting a toddler, either. Do you have a way to arrange for help at home? You would need to with other major surgeries, anyway. Take this recovery as seriously as you would with any other major surgery....
Yea, and you're right. Although my work only gave me 3 weeks maternity leave. I didn't plan on telling them what type of surgery I was going to have. My surgeon did say that my biggest issue would be displacement of the implant, but he didn't seem too concerned. Perhaps in just not a good candidate for this which really sucks. I wonder how active people who have to lift within 4 weeks post do. Thanks for your post jenfrog! Wise words!
I have a physical job and am a single mom with four kids...it just takes lots of careful planning. I had someone come stay with me the first couple of weeks (I had a tummy tuck and lipo at the same time), and then do all the housework that I wasn't supposed to do for another several weeks. And I took 7 weeks off from work with a doctor's note. It can be done, but requires lots of coordinating things... Your work note doesn't have to say what kind of surgery you are having, just that you need time off and then will have lifting restrictions. Good luck to you! PS - They are required by law to give you off as much time as your doctor says you need after surgery...same as if you had an emergency appendectomy or something....

146 days until BA!

I'm still avidly reading post on real self. I'm afraid I'm going to be obsessing about this until I get boobs! If anyone can give positive feedback on their experience and if it was worth the agony, I would appreciate it! I barely fit an A cup on the left and am even smaller on the right! I would looove to be a full c cup!

Any positive reviews for BA?

Hi ladies, I've been reading a lot of issues and complications come up in BA's. Is there anyone who has had a successful long term BA without bottoming out, infection, having upgrade/downsize, etc?

I've tried to post some pics through my phone but it doesn't support that feature. I see some ladies pre op pics, and I think I wish mine were that big haha. If you could picture a 12 year old boy, that's me. Oh, and my doc says they are slightly tubular. Awesome. I know I could really benefit from this surgery. It would be nice to even be able to fill up an A cup.
I'm not long-term by any means, but before my surgery I talked to several friends who are - all between 6 and 10 years out with saline implants. Not one had any problems or complaints and all said they'd do it again in a heartbeat. :) As for time off and being able to return to lifting, talk to your PS about the specifics. I was back to work on POD5 (inframammary incision, submuscular placement), and on a 50lb restriction for 2wks from that point then was released to full activity. Each PS has his/her own protocol, which seem to vary significantly.
So exciting. I hope the time flies for you! Someone else I have crossed paths with on RealSelf has had their work done by Dr. Schaffer and she looks great!!
Oh really?! That's encouraging! He seems awesome, and credentials are legit. I'll be happy if I don't get a botched BA. Maybe my expectations are a little low haha but at least they are not too high!

T minus 100 days until BA!

Its still forever away so I'm training for a half marathon to distract myself. I've read mixed reviews about Dr. Shaffer, and that freaks me out! Should I go have another consultation? I'm wondering if I should get moderate plus. I'm small and want a full C cup. I wouldn't be mad if it was a small D even. But I don't want the odd high profile look. Starting to doubt my decision and if this procedure is worth the worry, pain, money etc.

3 weeks until surgery

This past week I had blood work done ( cbc panel) , spoke with my doctor about last minute concerns and paid in full! So, no going back now. I can't post pictures because I have a stupid windows phone that isn't compatible with anything.

All Done. 350cc Silicone HP periareolar

Finally, done! Went in at 6:30 am. Met the doc about size and profile. And before I knew it, we were done. There was some pain when I woke up, but after taking my meds I feel great! They are not riding high. I can walk around, minimal swelling. First day has been great. We will see how the night goes and then at the post op tomorrow. Yay for smooth sailing thus far, thank God!
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