I have been researching for over 4 yrs now but...

I have been researching for over 4 yrs now but wanted a breast aug since I graduated high school. But since I had my children..... Well you mommies know the rest. I was a 32B before my children now I am a 36A with the droop! I have been to 3 different consultations and I have finally decided to go with Dr. Hedden in Birmingham, Al. I've decided to go with 550cc saline, I did the rice test, the TUBA procedure. Anybody gotten a BA with the TUBA procedure? Are the results the same?
Hello! I didn't do the TUBA, but I did get 525/530 saline implants and I love them. Just make sure you are super comfortable with your doctor!! I hope you love your new additions and feel free to ask me any questions!
whoops.. 525/535
I did TUBA with the same doctor. Check out my review and send me any questions you may have.

Even more excited

I've seen many reviews and different outcomes with the saline implants. I know I have 3 1/2 months to go but can't wait. Seems like I'm sticking with my 550cc. I am 145lbs and 5'8. I would like to get down to 135lbs before my BA.
Congrats on your decision and best of luck!! xx

Saline vs silicone

Ok I have been on this site a little bit to much. I'm starting to like silicone. I originally was going with saline because if it were to rupture the problems will be less vs silicone. I also liked the fact that I can get the (TUBA) with saline....... But I like the fact that silicone feels natural. They seem to both give the same look. Torn between the two..........patiently waiting.

Patiently waiting!

Counting down the days 14 weeks to go. Seems so far away. I finally paid off my balance and I am gonna purchase my airline tickets within the next couple of days. I really haven't changed my mind I'm sticking with my saline (tuba) and 500cc overfilled!

Can't wait to fill it in!!

I did 600 saline tuba, and I couldn't be happier. My babies are a little over 8 months old and I'm so in love. I'm 5'5 and was 115 before, so you can see how they look on a shorter, smaller frame. You will love Dr. Hedden. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
We have similar stats, size and weight, and I have 550s silicon. They look different on everyone but I think you'll be pretty happy with the size. Good luck!

Still waiting

Ok 12 more weeks and I'm so impatient I try not to think about it but I'm to excited!!! I will have boobies for the summer!!!
I definitely understand your impatience! I am less than 2 weeks out for my surgery (March 10th) with Dr. Hedden and I'm so excited and anxious! I had my pre-op "do's and don't" conversation this evening with one of the RN's. I am thinking about going with 475-500cc's myself! Have you found any good sports bra's though? I went to my local walmart and bought a 2 pack but I don't think it's going to be enough support.. Anyways good luck!!!
Your so close!!! Are you getting saline or silicone? I haven't went bra shopping yet but it's on my list of things to do along other things. Seems like walmart might be the spot It seems to be where everyone went to get them. Are you gonna post any pics?

Walmart trip

Yeah it's March my time is coming!!!!Picked up some bras today I had no idea what size i was supposed to get. I hope they fit after my BA
They recommend the Danskin front closure. The girls look cute in them too :) Hard to find at the Walmart close to me. I had one but it wasn't comfortable at the time. Plan on getting another one and trying again.
I actually went back today but I am also finding it hard to find right sizes they only have B's and C's then it jumps up to 48 DD I only was able to find one. I hope you find one that's comfy!! Are you going to post any more pics soon?
I'll post some more tonight or tomorrow. I've been busy since I went back to work.


51 days and counting super excited I hope April goes by really fast!! Ready to look hot this summer!!
Hey girl I had surgery at Dr Heddens office although I used Dr Drew Schnitt on 3/25/14. Greatest experience. Dr Schnitt is da bomb. I thought I would go with silicone but ended up with saline and love them. They feel very natural. I had a lot if breast tissue before though. Keep us posted. So excited for you!!!
Thanks I can't wait!! What size did you get ?

30 days

Ok ladies I have 30 days remaining and I've been ready for months now and my bag has been packed. I was told to start taking a multivitamin and vitamin c. I already do with other vitamins I was told to stop taking for now. Now waiting to go do my blood work.

Blood work done!!!

I am so excited for you! You are getting so close! Since we have the same doctor I am looking forward to seeing your results!:) Good luck!
Me too so excited can't wait for it to be done and over with it! I will definitely keep my post up to date!!

Good bye

Medical History

So I just spoke with the nurse!!! She just went over the basics you know if you have any history of high blood pressure, diabetes..... Etc.... I'm so ready!!!! I did change my mind on cc's I have decided on 600cc saline and moderate plus profile. With me being 5'8 and 144lbs I hoping that it will fit me perfect!

Wish pics

Ok I haven't post any wish pics because I kept going back and forth so much but here are few!

4 more days!!!!!

So excited I can't sleep! Received my pre/post op kit from Edens Boutique and start my Bromelain, Quercetin and Arnica Montana along with my Boobie wash and Boobie butter tomorrow. My girls are on their way!!!!!!

Times A Tickin!!

You're almost there! Good luck girlie! Can't wait to hear how things go :)
Thanks I'll update as soon as they arrive!! Lol!
I can't wait to see your results!! Good luck lady :)

Sweet Alabama

Toady I arrived in Birmingham!! My pre-op was today at 3pm. Dr Hedden was everything that I heard he was and more. The oy thing that I didn't expect was downing my size. I told him I wanted 600cc he said 475cc. I don't have a lot of breast tissue and I'm very small. He did say he would try to go for what I wanted but I don't want to look super fake and stupid so maybe I'll go for 500-525cc. My surgery is scheduled for 6:30am tomorrow morning!!!! I'm so excited and nervous. See ya on the other side!!!
Good luck!! Hope you have a fast recovery :) Looking forward to hearing how it goes!
Thank you! I will update as soon as I can.
Congrats on your surgery. I hope the recovery goes well for you.

Big ole titties

Lola and Dutchess have arrived healthy and beautiful. Coming in at 525cc. Lol!! Today was a good day. I arrived at the center around 6:16 am and was called back around 6:45 so no wait at all. The nurse and Dr. Hedden came in and decided on 525cc high profile and shortly after the anesthesia was given I sat on the operating table and that was all I remember. I woke up in recovery drank some Gatorade and left back toy hotel! I happy about my new babies!!!
Congrats on your new girls. Go big or go home! ;-)
Thank you! I went as big as he could go with having little to no breast tissue at all. I'm pretty sure I will be happy with the result!!

Hello world

Hello World

Hey Hey

Hey Hey


Not only surgery but my period decided to start today so irritated!!!
Congrats! Looking good! I might get my period too! :-(
Thank you!! Yes it sucks I was not supposed to start until 3 days after my surgery. I think all the anxiety, stress and nervousness bought it down.

Pressure and Pain

Ok it's 4:00 in the morning and I'm up. Meds have worn off and I'm feeling it. Breast are extremely tight and it is uncomfortable to get out of bed and use the restroom. My back is already killing me and I'm starting to feel my belly where he went in at , kinda feels like I got my belly pierced. The pain is tolerable but just uncomfortable. The meds just make you sleepy more than anything. I think I will continue on them. Some girls get off after 3 days, not me! I have two children both under 5 years old and I know when I get home there gonna be all over me.

Post op

Just saw Dr. Hedden and he says my twins look great and I can start to ice as soon as I get home. My bandages on my belly stay for a week and the wrap on my stomach for 2weeks. Pain is cool still a lot of pressure but I love my girls and Dr. Hedden. I'm so happy that I decided to do this.

My Doc Rocks!!!!!


Looking awesome
Thank you!

Prescription sucks!!

So this morning was shitty!!! The medicine literally makes me go to sleep. I still fill pains and discomfort. I think I will take some extra strength Tylenol. I was able to take a shower today with help and I really don't have an appetite just soup and Gatorade. A lot of sharp pains mainly on my left side. Other than that Lola & Dutchess are perfect !!!!

Doing ok

Still a little uncomfortable but doing good just to be on Tylenol. Haven't had a problem going #2 and nausea us completely gone. The only problem is my back is killing me. I can't wait to sleep normal again. I'm using my Boobie cream and it's helping because my skin is doing some serious stretching. I also started back only vitamins agiain, I was out of it the first two days and didn't take them. So today I was my hair myself and attended my 5 yr old sons preschool graduation. I felt ok just took my Tylenol and took things slow.

Boobie contractions

My breast are seriously having contractions every move I make. I went to my sons first baseball game if I clapped or attempted to cheer they would get so hard, felt like Braxton hicks. I then tried to drive because I go back work soon then grabbed some things from Walmart and I'm in pain. I gave in and took a muscle relaxer so I guess I'll be sleep soon. They seem bigger today, I don't know if they just got extra swollen from all my activity today or what???

Pretty Hurts!!

Will you be sending updates about how your day ended and about the next day of bobbie contractions and after.
The day of surgery I went straight to my hotel room took some meds and was out of it. About 5 hours later I went to Walmart but used a scooter. I felt to weak and still droopy from the meds which I threw up as soon as I got back to the hotel. After affect of the anesthesia but i felt find after that. I still have Boobie contractions almost everyday if I'm moving to fast or just doing to much. All pain gone just feel a lot of pressure still oh and stretching I keep em greased up!
Yeah with my first baby I had contractions that lasted months. It's probably because the muscles get so tight and have too stretch,but this does go away eventually .. your results are lovely. Happy healing

Bandages off

Talked to the nurse today and she told me to remove both tape and wrap. I got it all soapy and took it off in the shower. I can still see stitches which will dissolve later. My piercing is stool cool , I tried to put my ring in and it went right in, but I'll keep it out until it heals all the way.
Hey I have a question...did u go to AL alone?? I noticed u said when u went to Walmart u got a scooter so was just wondering if anyone was with u.
No my best friend was with me. Lol I was just to slow and drugged to walk alone so she guided me thorough the store. They won't allow you to come alone someone has to sign papers to be responsible to be there after surgery and drive.
Oh ok gotcha...yeah I was wondering about that. Trying to debate if I want my best friend or my sis n law to go with me when I go cus I'm about 99% sure I'm gonna go with Hedden...even tho I haven't had my consultation with him yet! Lol

11 days out!!

Hey ladies Lola and dutches are well besides the random muscle spasms!! I love them patiently waiting for them to drop and soften up. My belly is also healing nicely. Can't wait to throw on a two piece imma rock that baby!! I'm telling y'all Dr. Hedden didn't only create two beauties but I'm a monster now....

2 week update

So today makes 14 days. All is good with Lola and Dutches. Their still a tad high and I'm still waiting for them to soften up. Most of the day I have Boobie contractions and my nipples are so sensitive it's irritating. I'm thinking about buying the cream I used when I nursed. My incision has also heeled nicely but it still has some heeling to do. I'm ready to starty massages but haven't got the ok from my doctor yet. Anywho can't wait to rock all my cute summer tops!!!

20 day update

So today marks 20 days that old & Dutchess have been here! So far so good. I've had good days and uncomfortable days, more so just the muse spasms. I'm not taking any medication what so ever. I got the ok from Dr. Hedden today to start my massages even though I've been rubbing them anyway. They have softens up slit and even bounce but just a little bit lol! The nipple sensitivity is wearing off and my navel is prettying healed, I even have my navel ring back in. I have not been massaging my stomach which explains why it's so sensitive like I've been doing sit ups. Overall I'm in love with my results!!!
I just had my surgery with Dr Hedden also. I second him! Totally in love with his work!
Yes he is the best


Hey ladies it's been awhile but Lola & Dutchess are doing great!!!!! No complaint what so ever. I have healed perfectly and have still a ways to go. They definitely dropped but I don't think they are finished yet. They are softer and jiggle a little bit. Patiently waiting for the final results!! My navel has totally healed, you can't even tell. So happy I went with TUBA method. So far I have not been measured just because I will go crazy in the store and I don't want to end up with all different size bras. I can still feel my tracks into stomach but there going away day by day. I try toads she them along with my breast but I often forget or just get to busy.


They are looking great, congratulations! I can't get over how you don't have swelling! I'm 8 weeks and still quite swollen.
Thank you I have some days where they might be a lol swollen and my muscles are still adjusting but for the most part their pretty much doing well just waiting to drop and get more soft
Where did you buy that kit!?!

3month update

Hey ladies all is good in Boobie world. I feel great and they feel great!! No pain or discomfort what so ever. I'm slacking on massages but i do it whenever I can. They are feeling more natural each day. They even jiggle a little bit. I just started laying on my side again, I was sleeping up on a tv pillow for a while. I'm a stomach sleeper but it feels really weird, so my side it is. My navel had healed with no visible scaring. IMU right seems to be dropping faster than the left but nothing to noticeable. I really haven't went bra shopping I basically wear my sports bra all day and night. I do have bralettes that I may wear under a tank or shirt if I go out. I finally got measured at VS and I was measured at 32DD!!! They are perfect and I am more than pleased and we have been enjoying out summer!!!!
_Thanks for your recent posted.
Any updates and photos? Have they dropped more? Your breast look amazing on your last update post. Dr Hedden is on my choices of consultations list. But the out of state patient thing, I have to think a little more on that. California to his Clinic, will be a long flight. But California Breast Augmentation is out my cost range. Not affordable. Thanks for posted your ;)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

I love the facility, staff and Dr. Hedden himself. Very pleasant and has that downsouth mannerism. He answered each and everyone one of my questions and even gave my best friend a consult while we were there. I definetly and would highly recommend him. He knows what he is doing and is there to please his patients.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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