26 Yr Old ,34A/AA to Full C/ small D

I am 5'4 and 104lbs. I am a 32A hoping to become a...

I am 5'4 and 104lbs. I am a 32A hoping to become a full C...maybe. Im still unclear on shape or CCs. Can anybody help? Advice is greatly needed. I am sooo ready to finally go through with getting my BA! It has been a long time coming! I literally feel so self conscious about my chest. Ive appeared to become smaller than before! So depressing. I am ready to feel like a woman again!
Hi , i had my BA 22feb 400cc and my chest looked just like urs. You can see my profile for pics
I was just writing u.. I see we both have 400cc but I'm in so much pain any suggestions, I damn near took all my pain meds nd I'm n slight pain anything u can suggest. Also Incision around areola
Oh wow your before was just like mine. You guys look like you all picked the perfect amount of CCs! Im dead set on 400 hp saline for sure now. Thanx a bunch! You ladies have been so much help and @Datbaby26 hope your healing goes smoothly. Keep in touch you guys because I will need all the support I can get to help me through this process!

Scheduled date!

So I talked to Heather @ Dr. Hedden's office and she gave me all the info I needed as well as scheduling my date. May 27! Im so anxious. I am worried about the aftermath of the surgery though. Questions...will it be very painful etc.?? What all will I need as far as the care package ladies?!

More before pics :(

Wish Boobs

One look slightly bigger than the other but some sizes I'd like to become. Not to big or small. Still having trouble deciding size. 400cc sounds huge for my frame. Idk :(

Rescheduling :(

I did everything as far as scheduling and paperwork but chickened out! I canceled knowing I won't feel confident if I don't go through with it so I plan to set a date in December. I'm so worried about the pain afterwards. Ugh! I need some encouraging words from someone as my family don't know. I don't want them to know until afterwards. Help ladies!!! Support is much needed. Anyway here are some more wish boobs!
Go for it! My surgery is Monday, my mom had hers done a few years ago. If you take your pain meds like you're supposed to it's tolerable. Just take it easy. My mom was putting her makeup on & doing her hair to go out for lunch the day after her surgery! I say do it!!!!!
Dr. Hedden

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