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I've always wished I had bigger boobs and dreamed...

I've always wished I had bigger boobs and dreamed of getting a breast augmentation, but I didn't start to seriously consider it until a few months ago. I talked to my parents, researched plastic surgeons in my area and finally scheduled a consultation 2 weeks from now. I will be seeing Dr. Hedden in Birmingham, AL and I am so excited! I am leaning towards saline, under the muscle, and anywhere from 300-350 CCs. I'm unsure of the size and I hope that the consultation will give me some ideas.
*I am 5'3, 125 pounds and enjoy working out. ANY suggestions on size, implant type/location, etc. would be GREATLY appreciated! I will update again after my consultation.

First Consultation

I went to see Dr. Hedden last week and it went great. He was very friendly and answered all of my questions. Initially going into the consultation i was thinking 300-350 saline, but after talking to him i'm thinking 350-375 cc silicone instead. Thankfully i don't have to decide until the day of surgery so i have plenty of time to decide. I know a lot of people say "go with the bigger size" but i'm worried about going too big since i like to work out and i want them to look natural.

The next time for me is to continue researching and decide what i want to go with, and then schedule the surgery! Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

it's all becoming real!

I got my financing figured out and I also registered for classes so I now know the days that I could work around tests to have surgery. I can't believe I've figured everything out and all I have to do is call and schedule it! Still feeling unsure about what size I want. I may go back in and try the 350 and 375 CCs on.


I am now scheduled for October 16th!! Still undecided on a few things like size and saline or silicone. Since I have a couple of months I'm hoping I'll figure it out by then. I can't believe it!

Wish Pics

Here are a few wish pics! I wish i knew what sizes they were. I'm going to show these to my PS when i go to my pre-op in only 24 days!!
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

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You picked a great doctor. You will look great. Good luck!
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aw thank you!! do you have any advice or anything?
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The best advice iI could give you is not to stress over it. Everything will be fine and worrying isn't gonna do any good. You will be happy you did this for yourself. After surgery, get lots of rest, don't push yourself and listen to your body. Take care and good luck!
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Good luck! Your before pics are a similar to mine
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thank you!! I can't wait
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We're in the same boat!! I'm also a 20 year old college student & I have a similar shape to my breasts. I'm looking between 300 & 400cc to help me get a mid C cup.. I've seen a lot of pictures of 350cc that look great! Question: Why are you choosing saline over silicone?
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yeah I like 350 cc too! but I'm leaning towards saline because most doctors in my area require you to be 22 before you can get silicone. also I've heard saline has less health side effects. what are you thinking?
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350cc would look great on you!! Are you thinking high profile or moderate? & same, most of the doctors in my area require you to be 22 for silicone as well! Which is why I'm considering waiting another 2 years. I too have heard that silicone has more health risks but I've also heard that they feel more natural to the touch, like squishy and soft. I'm hoping for a very natural feeling result which is why I'm leaning more towards silicone for my surgery. but who knows!! I've never held an actual implant in my hand before, so I have yet to feel the differences. Fortunately for you, if you do end up going for saline you may be saving yourself a couple thousand dollars! Keep us updated on how your consultation goes- I will be looking forward to seeing what kind of implant your PS recommends! So excited for you :)
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Thanks so much! I actually went to the consultation and now I'm leaning more towards 375 ccs instead. My doctor actually suggested silicone instead of saline so I'm going to start thinking about that instead. Thank you for the suggestion! I'll keep you updated :)
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