BBL July 12th - Birmingham, AL

I started working out religiously about a year ago...

I started working out religiously about a year ago and noticed that I was losing fat in certain areas and not in others. Big surprise? I lost my butt and still had stubborn fat all around my waist.

So I just scheduled my BBL for July 12th in Birmingham AL. I will be flying into Nashville (where my parents live) on July 3rd. My mom will be taking me to Birmingham for the surgery and I have the 3-day out-of-town package with the 1st day as consultation, the 2nd with the surgery, and the 3rd with post-op.

I am really nervous. I have been reading reviews and it seems like some people are in a lot of pain from the surgery. I really hope that doesn't happen to me. I will be flying back home at the end of July so hopefully the 2 weeks after the surgery will be enough to get me close enough to normal so that I can fly back without a lot of pain and suffering.

Any ways I will be updating this most likely around July 11th to let y'all know how the consultation went and then everything else.

Wish me luck! Agghhh so nervous.


Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Please keep us updated on your progress!

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Yeah I'll post pics once I have the surgery done to better compare the before and after.
Right now I don't feel comfortable coming to this page just to see my before pics for 2 months solid without an after. Hahaha

Well I'm 5'3'' 125 lbs 36-32-36 right now.
I really don't want a lot of projection, I just want a nice bubble butt so I was thinking no more than 500ccs each.

Let me know if you switch and your dates!
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Hey I'm thinking about switching from Miami to hedden could you please post pics the wait time down there is crazy!!! How big are you trying to go???
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So I can't write anything because they made me...

So I can't write anything because they made me sign a contract where I cannot talk about my surgery for the next 5 years on the internet. :-(


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Please email me cause I'm so interested in getting the procedure done..
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Me to need some information about Bham please email.
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