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My nose was fine right after Dr. Rousso performed...

My nose was fine right after Dr. Rousso performed the nose job, however over time, due to my nasal cartilages being over-aggressively trimmed during rhinoplasty, my nose is now pinched, has retraction on one side, the cartilage has an s shape and my nasal potency compromised. I have seen 4 plastic surgeons that have confirmed this was a result of the rhinoplasty.

I am overwhelmed at the cost to have this surgery...

I am overwhelmed at the cost to have this surgery revised. So far my quotes have been anywhere from $18,000 to $26,000.

I have been receiving private messages about my...

I have been receiving private messages about my surgeries and probably need to clarify. I had 3 surgeries from Dr. Rousso, all of them different.
The first was a fat transplant to my upper lip which had disastrous results. I had a revision surgery which left me still with uneveneess and lumps. Much unease has come from the way my lip looks, not to mention years of trying different methods to fix it. The second surgery was a mini brow lift which left me with such huge scars I had to have revision surgery on that as well. I was never able to wear my hair pulled up again after that surgery because of the scars. The third was the rhinoplasty.
Some private emailers have asked me if I would advise for them to go to Dr. Rousso now, considering my results. In all honesty, I feel he has certainly improved since he did my surgeries. That being said, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars with him, not including the money he gained from my referrals, and yet he has flat out refused to help me fix my nose. This is not the type of doctor patient relationship for which I humbly hoped.

To finish up that thought I would say whether the...

To finish up that thought I would say whether the mistakes we make are intended or uninteded, we only have a few chances in life to right our wrongs. Everyone makes mistakes. The question is, what do we do when are confronted with them? After all of my suffering, in the future I will make sure when choosing a doctor to ask him this: should there be complications (beyond 6 months) down the road, will you feel MORALLY and ETHICALLY responsible for your work? The AMA code of ethics says that a physician shall be DEDICATED to providing competent medical care, with compassion and respect for human dignity and rights. As far as I can tell, there are no time limits on that (until you bring in the lawyers!)

The most recent doctor I saw, a colleague of Dr....

The most recent doctor I saw, a colleague of Dr. Rousso's, said my nose had been "skeletonized". This doctor said he could not touch my nose, and very few people are capable of fixing it. I'm still trying to make myself believe someone can fix this nose locally, for less money.

Today is a big day! It is 2:30 in the afternoon...

Today is a big day! It is 2:30 in the afternoon and I'm sitting in dr achih chens office in Augusta ga. in about 30 minutes i will be rolled back for a 7 hour (or more) surgery. Please pray that I have chosen well! He will be doing the third revision surgery on dr rousso's lip and my nose revision from dr rousso's nose! Here comes the nurse!

Back to Sarah's question...Since I had not one,...

Back to Sarah's question...Since I had not one, but 3 out of 3 surgeries go awry with Dr. Rousso, I naively thought he would want to help me fix the worst of the outcomes, which was my nose. I asked him in a few emails, and was greeted with a letter from his lawyer, stating there was "no physician error" and he is standing by my results. Interestingly, every doctor I saw, including the best in the country via online interviews, said my nose was a direct result of Dr Rousso's surgery, one doctor even said I had been skeletonized by Dr. Rousso. We could have easily resolved my situation, but he did not feel compelled to help, but instead send me a letter from his lawyer, maybe thinking that would scare me.

On a good note, I could no longer depend on the kindness of Dr. Rousso and was so miserable, I went ahead with my operation last week. It was an almost 8 hour surgery. The doctor fixed my lip and rebuilt my nose with grafts, etc.! I am posting a photo exactly 6 days out of surgery and am very very excited about my new nose and my even lip! It's all still swollen.

My lower lip is bruised starting at the stitches...

My lower lip is bruised starting at the stitches in the corner of my mouth. I think I bit on it in my sleep the first night.

Hey Faith, My lips have stitches because Dr. Chen...

Hey Faith,
My lips have stitches because Dr. Chen also fixed a very unsuccessful fat transfer that Dr. Rousso did to me upper lip. If you look up fat transfers, I have posted a review on my upper lip. Since Dr. Rousso's fat transfer, I have had 3 revision surgeries, as well as cortisone shots, fillers, steroid injections, anything I could do to make the huge lumps dissolve. My new doctor cut open my upper lip from corner to corner and cut and cauterized big chunks of fat, then sort of "tucked" my lip under (like a hem) and sewed it back together. It is very swollen still, but will be much smaller and back to the normal lip God gave me.

Pic of my old nose!

Here is a photo of what my nose looked like....

More posts and pictures to come!

For some reason, I'm receiving notes, but not able to respond personally! I'm not ignoring anyone, and will keep you posted with new photos! I'm so happy!

New nose photo!

5 days out!

New photo!

The lumpy lip and crazy nose from Dr. Daniel Rousso are gone! I am so happy!

2 1/2 weeks after lip reduction and nose revision

still very happy

4 months post surgery

I could not be happier with my lips, and the swelling of my nose is going down even more!
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What a happy ending. I am so happy for you. I am considering Dr. Chen for a minor revision rhino, among some other surgeries. Would you be able to give me a rough idea of the cost of yours? I'm trying to figure out how much money I need to save!
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I just send you a private message. But there a way to pay that everyone should know about called Care Credit. If you have good credit, you can ask Dr. Chen about it! It is like an interest free loan you can use for medical care!
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You look amazing. I can't imagine how good it must feel to just look normal again. So happy for you
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Thank you! I feel very very good!
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Looking beautiful! Thank you for your updates.

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Looking great, love! I am so so so thrilled for you. You deserved this great result. I was recently thinking of you and hoping you would update... thank you!
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No more self-loathing!
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How is your nose coming along? Any new pictures you can post?
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Thank goodness it all worked out for you. Your first surgeon sounds terrible, to tell you the truth.
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I agree with you, my first surgeon, Dr Rousso, was terrible. Not even so much because he ruined my nose and my lip, but more so, because he was not humane enough to take responsibility for what he had done. I feel blessed now!
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Glad to see you smiling!
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:) !!!!!!!
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How are you doing with your new nose? Do you still like it? Was your revision worth it? Based on the last picture you posted your nose looks great. Can you update us on your progress? Hope all is well with you and you are loving your new nose.
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Yes, so far I love it. I love my upper lip, too. I feel like a new person and yes, the revision was 100% worth it, so far. The only complication that can happen is that your skin graft doesn't live, and it seems that mine is doing fine. I'm not sure if I mentioned this already, but the surgery was very long and complex. The doctor was so kind that he said if there was anything at all that I didn't love, he would make it even better. I will post a new photo from today, at the beach!
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That is so great to hear. I am glad that things are going better for you. When you say skin graft do you mean the grafts he put into your nose? I am glad you found a good and companionate doctor. What made you decide on him vs. someone else? Did you consult with more than one doctor for your revision? Also how long after your original rhinoplasty did you end up doing revision? You seem so much happier and your last picture you posted is amazing and totally natural looking. Update your pictures if you can. I am also working on deciding who to go with for my revision. I think I am close to making my final decision but I have to wait until after the summer as I have a lot going on and really should wait full year after my primary rhinoplasty. I think I am almost 8 months now. Luckily my nose is not terrible but in pictures you can see the issues in person unless I point things out they are not too bad but to me I see those issues every day and they bother me greatly. So I know I have to get a revision or else I cannot live with my nose the way it is today.
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Trust me, whatever you are seeing now with your nose will only worsen over time. THis is only 8 months out, then you will hate it in 5 years. I really hate to say that, but it seems that this is true in most cases. What is it that you had done, and what you do you dislike? A lot of people would be interested to hear! The skin grafts he put in my nose came from ear, along with cartilage from my ear. By the way, the grafts hurt worse than the nose! I was surprised after surgery, I kept saying "my ear, my ear", not "my nose"! I consulted with 7 or 8 doctors before I made my decision. I sort of had a mental checklist when interviewing doctors, and the checklist grew because I learned more with each conversation. Some items on my checklist were just proximity to my home. Other items were how much time each doctor estimated that surgery would take,...a wide range of things I wanted. The more doctors (and their nurses, sometimes) with whom I spoke, the better feel I would get. Don't feel alone. I have received many private emails from people in your same boat, who are just waiting for the year to be up, so they can get their nose fixed. Start saving your money, and you can take out an interest free medical loan like I did. Warm regards
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Yes, the doctors told me that with time it will get worse so I do know what you mean. My nose is not really that horrible I have a divot on one side of my nose and my tip dropped a little which makes it look unattractive when I smile. I went for a surgery because I broke my nose otherwise I never had any problems with my nose and most likely would not be here today. My bridge is fairly straight but 4 out of 6 doctors said they still need to break my bones again because one of my bones is a little fuller than the other and one surgeon explained it to me its because its sitting in the wrong spot so it needs to be shifted. Since you cannot only break one bone he has to break both of them. From what I am gathering I will need a spreader graft and an overlay graft. All that will have to come probably from my ear as I they are not 100% positive if I have enough septum left to work with. I have consulted 6 doctors already and still considering flying to see one more some time this year before I make my final decision. I am partial to this one doctor that I seem to like and thought he has the most experience to work on my nose and he has been doing this for many years. I just have a good gut feeling about him and probably the only doctor that I feel that way right now. The rest I just didn't feel 100% with and just didn't get a good gut feeling. I am doing a lot of research on doctors that includes past lawsuits, past patients before/after pictures, talking to past patients that are years out after their surgeries with ear grafts, etc. Did you speak to patients of this doctor that you went to? Did you see his before after pictures from patients that he didn't provide you with? I search for patients online and try to talk to them with good or bad results. I want to see both as I will know what his bad looks like. Have you spoken to any of the patients that were not provided to you by your surgeon? How many pictures did you see before you decided he was the one? What made you feel this surgeon is right for you? What was the final straw that made you go "he is the one"? Have you consulted with surgeons outside of your state? Thanks for all your responses. If you feel more comfortable responding to me via private messages please do so.
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I can tell you this in a nutshell. I spoke to doctors all over the country, looked at before and after photos, and looked for as much negative info as I could find. The thing I realized is that negative info is not really out there. After posting my case with Dr. Rousso, I've had MANY private emails about unhappy outcomes with Dr Rousso, but no one felt comfortable talking about it online. I went with my gut feeling. I was not 100% sure, just because surgery is scary, especially after you've been messed over, more than once! But I went with my gut feeling, I felt a peace inside, and it was the right thing for me to do. One of the the things I LOVED about my doctor is that he asks that you sign an agreement to please not post anything negative about your surgery if you have not given him a chance to make it right! To me, that's a WIN WIN. Most doctors make you sign something that says the doctor is not responsible for the outcome, given the nature of cosmetic surgery. Going in, I knew he would be meticulous in making it right, and be responsible for follow up. Ask your doctor if he will do the same!
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Oh my gosh, what a transformation! You look absolutely incredible, i'm so pleased for you!
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Thank you, I can't believe how much having a a new and bigger nose again has changed my face.
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The result is incredible!I'm so happy for you!I can understand what you went through. I had a bad rhinoplasty 3 months ago...and I hope to have a successful revision next year, like yours.
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I'm so sorry! How on earth can all of these bad rhinoplasties keep happening? You will do well, I am sure. It's too bad they make you wait for a year....
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WOW and WOW!!! You have breathed new hope into my life! I can't wait to see how your nose evolves but it is just perfect already.... is it even better than you had hoped your initial outcome to look? Because I think it is flawless. I am so thrilled that your nightmare is over! What led you to your surgeon and how did you decide you could trust him? It just must be so surreal to finally have the nose you wanted, even more surreal than when it happens for people the first time around. You so deserve this!
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Oh, and I would also like to ask how long after your most recent revision with your old surgeon and your latest revision with this new surgeon?
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