Biomedic Peels: Micropeel Vs. LHA

NOTE: I am not recommending that you try this at...

NOTE: I am not recommending that you try this at home.

I have had mild (glycolic) to mid-level (salicylic) peels done professionally and now I do them myself at home. The result I was looking for was clearer, smoother skin.

SALICYLIC: BioMedic MicroPeel Plus stimulates cell turnover through the application of salicylic acid. Skin begins to slough in 3-5 days and completes the rejuvenation process in 7 days. The result is enhanced skin texture and radiance. For maximum results a series of six procedures in 2-6 week intervals is recommended.

Last year I did a series of 4 (every 3 months) Biomedic Micropeel Plus (30% Salicylic Acid Peel). I worked my way up with both peels Micropeel from 10% to 30%. The peel burn felt slightly uncomfortable but not unbearable. My skin looked gorgeous after 10 days.

LHA: The BioMedic LHA Peel™ (Lipo-Hydroxy-Acid)procedure consists of 4 peel sessions spaced 15 days apart, combined with a pro-peeling complementary care program to use at home during the 15 days preceding the 1st peel session and in between each session to optimise tolerance and effectiveness.

This year I did a series of 6 (every 2 weeks) BioMedic LHA Peel™ (Lipo-Hydroxy-Acid). I worked my way up from 5% to 10%. Peel started in 3 days and skin was back to normal at about 7 days. My skin looked average 10 days after relative to the results I got from the Micropeel. LHA burned WAY more than the Micropeel for about an hour after application. The peel burn felt extremely uncomfortable so that my eyes watered. I put cold icepacks on my face until the burning subsided. On a scale of 1-10 it was about an 7. Peel started in 3 days and skin was back to normal at about 7 days.

SUMMARY: I thought that because the LHA was more aggressive it would give a better result. For me, the Micropeel Plus did a much nicer job in smoothing and refreshing the skin with an even tone and especially to get rid of blackheads and bumps under the skin. I do this every 3-4 months now to keep my skin clear and to prevent breakouts. I wouldn't say either was very effective in reducing sun spots or scarring, however the Micropeel did make my skin luminous.


I didn't know you could buy the Biomedic peels online. I was going to a Dr's office for this and had great results. Too expensive to do that so I bought other brands that were just ok. I have also done a couple of TCAs with good results for faster scar removal, but this peel really makes your skin soft. I will definately be buying this. If you have never had a peel done before then I recommend going to a Drs office first so you can safely work your skin up to this strength and learn what to expect.
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after the peel did you have to wash your face or is moisturizing all you have to do?
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I definitely want to stick with a well-known brand. In fact the only other trustworthy brand I know of is Skinceuticals($$$).Do you have other brand to recommend? I would like to start with a 10% acid peel, but it seems that Biomedic does not make it anymore(did not find it on their website, midwestern skin sells only 20 and 30% peels)... I'm wondering if I go for a 20% beta peel would it be too strong for a first time? What do you think?
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Have this done in an office or by experience skin-care expert.

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