I Have the Worst Legs on the Planet. I'm 31. This Should Not Be Happening. New York, NY

So sometimes I think that maybe its not that bad...

So sometimes I think that maybe its not that bad and then I take a good look at my body. Its bad. I've completely messed it up. My skin quality is absolutely horrific. In my late teens when I should have been svelte and beautiful, I was 300lbs. Determined to lose the weight. I did. I lost 130 and became a model and aa principal dancer for a belly dance company. I also had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation (gummy bear) that I sometimes regret although it looks good. I just hate some of the drawbacks.

Anyway, this is about my horrible, disgusting legs. I seriously thing this is like my penance or something. I must have been the vainest person in my last life to get legs like mine. I have hardly any butt unless I constantly do squats and my thighs are out of proportion and filled with fat and varicose veins. I'm 5'10"
and let myself go to about 210lbs. I can only assume that is how much I weigh right now. I'm scared to get on the scale. When I was 165-170 I felt better but mostly because I was a dancer/model and no one could tell me anything because my body was close to perfect. Not that I knew this of course, at the time I was humble about it and still too fat in my eyes even though all my ribs and hip bones showed.

In the past two weeks I've hit an alarming wall. My boyfriend says I have to lose weight because even from when we met a year ago, I've put on 30 lbs and hes not happy about it. I still have been teaching dance classes however. Since my boyfriend is encouraging me to go back to dance class, I've gone back to taking classes in NYC and here in Jersey. I've gotten a reign on my eating habits.

I'll tell you what. I've fought and fought with this body to the point that I've thought about suicide. I guess that is how the moments come and go. I've started Velashape in the city yesterday. I purchased 3-30 minute treatments for $100 in NYC on lifebooker.com. I've found sessions for as low as $18 at other spas. I'm not so sure if these are going to work because I obviously have the the best looking cellulite on the face of the planet and dont forget about the spider veins too! Lest we forget...How the hell did this happen to me? . Lets see how this develops. Please pray for me. I'm at my wits end and I look at myself naked and I just want to cry. I dont feel good enough unless I'm in dance class. But my body is covered by tights and leotards. Class is the only time I feel like I am worth a damn.


Let us know how all your treatments go!  Also, don't be so hard on yourself.  You are beautiful regardless of what the scale says.  

Welcome to the community :)
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Please do not feel that bad about yourself, believe me cellulite is not caused by ANYTHING you did, even your excess weight was probably not the cause of this, 5'4 and 124 pounds and i have always been very skinny and my cellulite is worse than yours and the veins were pretty bad too but i took care of them. Be patient and good luck with velashape! please let us know the outcome
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Velashape update

So went back for my second session of velashape. I took the liberty of taking a picture of the machine, I thought it was a good move to make sure that it was legit. But anyway, I dont see any improvement as of yet...obviously, it might take miracle for any improvement to happen.
Shani, the clinic director was the clinician who did the procedure again. Last time she was able to upgrade me to the venus freeze but this time around, I did the velashape. She spent an hour on me like she did before, 30 minutes in front and 30 in back. I could feel the suction of the machine and it felt like a massage and started out warm. The skin would get hotter and hotter from each pass until I told her it was too hot to handle and I would just say "hot" and she would move onto the next spot. Super easy. I think she would depend on me to tell her this. I think, however that I have a very high tolerance for pain because all of a sudden that damn thing would get very very hot and I didn't realize it. When she was doing the back of my thighs, I was pretty close to falling asleep. In places where the skin was more sensitive like my inner thigh, although I just felt it more on my right thigh, it hurt more. I could feel the nerves hurting because I could feel it in other parts of my body. But I just dealt with the pain.
So far, I don't know if I am just throwing money away. I am really sad about the way I look. For two weeks I have been on a strict no carbohydrate diet in hopes that I could lose the weight that I put on.


Hey Jill, Thanks for the kind words, its just so hard to look at it. Like its a curse or something or a bad dream. I will definitely keep posting about this. Thanks. M
Hi Tambocha, Thank you for posting, I will keep you updated. Its nice to know that I have a few people rooting for me. ;-)

bruise update

By the way, that huge bruise I have is from falling although I have some bruising from vs


Hi, just saw your review. How are you doing? I am rooting for you and very interested in how things are going! XO
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Hi redmisery. Can I just ask why you are not doing the Venus Freeze course if that was considered an upgrade from Velashape? What makes them think it is better, and surely that is saying that they must think you are wasting your money if they can provide something better at that clinic does't it? I would be well cheesed off if someone mentioned a better treatment when I had just paid out for an 'inferior' one. Did they show you before and afters of both treatments so you can judge the best, or are you just going on what they tell you? Have you researched both, and also cellulase or know anyone that has tried it? I don't want you to be 'had' that's all. I've been looking at Velashape but it is a lot more expensive here in UK. £2000 for 4 sessions!! So want to see what else is out there. Please keep reporting on your progress as I shall be following with interest and good luck! Btw, what model of Velashape is it, as the model 3 is out now?
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Hi. I really understand your insecurity issues with your body. I deal with the same thing and feel the same way. I really hope this works for you. Please update me. Cause I may give it a shot. My legs look exactly like yours do, also former model. Mabey thats why we have such issues. Ugh. Keep me updated and the best of luck to you.
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Shani, the spa girl was very nice and professional. She was able to upgrade me to the Venus freeze because the Velashape machine was in use. I didnt mind. She took her time ironing the skin on the back of my legs and was patient and understanding. Since this was my first go at it, There arent any real results. I'll update as I go along. I'll be having a one hour treatment on the back of my legs. Shani says it is best to concentrate on one area at a time. She also insisted that I drink as much water and get some exercise after the treatment. I take a dance class on the west side of town soon after treatment to at least that is coordinated. Welll okay then. That seems to be enough. Cheers! ps. treatment is cheap but you MUST tip on the full amount of the treatment. Since each treatment is worth $200. I tipped Shani $80 for her time with me. (20%, in NYC, NJ....its always 20%) and I paid $8 tax.

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