Bio- Alcamid Ruined my Youth

This product is dangerous and misleadingly...

This product is dangerous and misleadingly marketed. I had it injected into my lips and cheeks when about 7 years ago. The women made a hash of it and her only concern seemed to be injecting as much product as possible.

A few years down the line I developed a massive infection in my lips following a burst absess. I had to be hospitalised for three days and put on an IV drip but as is typical with infections linked to the product this did not work (neither did 10 other types of anti-biotics) because Bio-Alcamid harbours infection because there is no blood flow. I was told by several experienced surgeons that the only option was to remove the product completely.

Contrary to the manufacturers claims about Bio-Alcamid it is not easy to remove. I had to have major surgery to cut the product out with the aid of a suction devise. I was very lucky to find someone to do this and that they have done a good job but I have had to have healthy tissue removed because the product had started to fuse with it. I will need some kind of reconstructive procedure to remedy this. Using Bio-alcamid has cost myself and my family so so much.

Please don't make the same mistake as me, I only hope that this dangerous product is banned before more people suffer like I have.

Hi Sean, how have you been since you had the puncture and squeeze removal by the Dr you recommended in Yorkshire. Are you still happy with the result? Hope everything is going well. Would love to here how you are getting on.
I've been operated with both methods. The method that Sean describes was the first one. In the beginning I thought everything was gone. After a while I saw spots in my face again. It was infected also. After an MRI I was really upsat. The BA was still in my whole cheeks. It isn't possible to remove everything. So, it's an illusion to think everything got away by squeesing. Sorry!
I doubt it can all be removed by puncture and squeeze but I thought it might be worth having a Consultation with Mr Rhodes. He is well qualified but not sure how many removals he has done. I will go and get his opinion, but won't expect miracles. I have a lot of granulomas around my eyes which I doubt can be removed by squeezing. Thanks for your advice.
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She used an inapropriate quantity and product

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