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Remove jowls, turkey neck and ends of mouth upward...

remove jowls, turkey neck and ends of mouth upward a bit. My procedure is May 30. It wouldn't let me put it todays date only from from May 31, on. My experience with the Straith clinic has been great . I am a 64 year old male and have thought about this for a while (hate jowls) I figured its now or probably never cuz would I do this in my 70"s?

1st day

So far so good hardly any bruising but quite a bit of swelling.

1st day

May 31 one day after surgery

First 4 pictures were before Surgery these next ones will be day after.

Day 2

Still a lot of swelling but I'm sure that will be around for awhile.

3rd day

Still quite a bit of swelling. My face is still round and I have noticed around my ears its a bit more sensitive.

4th day

Still about the same as day 3 but I know under my chin the neck muscles will probably stiff for a while.

one week

Got stitches and staples out today PS and I are pleased. Neck still very tight and PS said good thats the way for now it should be.


Went to my 5 year old grandsons birthday party today and 10 year old nephew said to me you look different. Thinking that was it I found out later 3 or 4 people were questioning my daughter if I got botox and one said he looks like he got a facelift he has no wrinkles. I had relayed early that I was getting some jaw work done but looks like they didn't buy it althought my daughter never admitted that I did.

2 weeks post

Well every thing seems to be going well. Massage person at Straith clinic says I'm healing very nice. . She also says I still have swelling and fluid which I can tell. Leval59 I told her to say hi to you.

28 days post

I feel like half my numbness has disappeared and overall I am very pleased with the results. One area of concern is I think is still a little puffiness around my jowls. It maybe just me or there still may be more improvement when numbness goes down. Not sure if some of the numbness is partly swelling or fluid. I'm hoping that in my jowl area it is swelling or fluid and if it is then I'll see more improvement. I will see PS in August and by that time if its still there I'll talk to him about it.

day 39

I feel like Puff (swelling)Daddy this morning!

6 weeks post

Jowl area is concerning me somewhat

Around 7 weeks

Healing continues I believe slowly getting better.

2.5 months post op

Seen PS today for checkup. My jowls are still a little puffy (but better) He said it will still go down and it will take around 6 months. I was glad to hear that progress will still be made and he said if there is still a little there he will suction it out.


Went and saw P.S. today and he is gonna lipo my jowls. Going on Jan 28th.
Detroit Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sabbagh was great and did everything I asked for. I will definitely go back for more when needed.

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How are you doing Doer?
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Leval doin good. Suction of jowls tweaked it down a little further. I still think I need a little more and I see him at the end of March. I'll talk to him then. Your pics are lookin good and you seem quite please. I drove over to Roseville on Monday and when I pulled up to customs she got up from her chair and said the computer is telling me to check front bumper. She walked around poking the bumper and then said go ahead. That was strange. Hope your doing good.
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You look super amazing, you really do!!! I am so happy you had such good results.
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Thank you
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Update on your lipo wanted. :). Is it as cold in Windsor, as it is in Detroit? LOL. As a side note, I finally received my dual citizenship to Canada!
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Yep cold this side of the river. Dual citizenship? Do you have ties to Canada?
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Yep. My fathers family went there after leaving Scotland. My dad never had US citizenship. I had automatic citizenship from when I was born, but no document was found. Family still in Kitchner., but I don't get there much. I need to find out what happens if I ever move there.
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Doer you look amazing!
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Thank you very much and so do you. I go on the 28th and he is gonna suction out my jowls as they didn't totally disappear. I'm hoping this will do it. I'm still looking to get my eyes done but I'm gonna wait till the canadian dollar rises a bit. I live in Windsor Ontario and the PS is just out of Detroit.
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Thanks! Good luck on the suctioning! Let us know how it goes!
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Wow! he did an excellent job! He turned you back easily 15 or 20yrs and male facelifts are technically more difficult I see. Thanks for sharing. You look great!
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Thank you
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I think you look great! Good for you. I am glad you posted an updated. I am 9 days post op and although I see some puckering under my chin I still think it was a good decision. Good luck to you.
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Thank you and good luck to you.
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Hi doer - How are you doing now that you're close to 3 months post-op? Have things tightened up on the left side of your neck? You looked great in the last pics you posted. Hope everything continues to get better & better as times passes.
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I'm doing fine thanks. The last pixs I think were just a bit deceiving still have puffiness on right side but more on left. PS says it will take 6 months and I should see more tightness. If its still there he said he will suction it out.
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Did you do any other procedures after your facelift? Your skin looks in all around great condition and texture. You've healed really great!
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Thanks. Just the lower facelift so far.
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You look great, and I detect no jowls at all in your latest pix.
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Doer, you're looking great!  Maybe your issue with jowls has resolved?  Anyway, it's great to get the male perspective on this process.  Kudos for taking the plunge and getting this done. 
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Still not completly satisfied with jowl on left side. Maybe its just me. I know it is better, maybe I might need a little more tightening. When my appointment rolls around on the 12th I'll have a discussion with him and thank you
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I believe that the area that concerns you is the last to have the swelling go completely away. It does look like you are making great progress. It has made a world of difference. What kind of feedback have you been receiving? All positive I bet.
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Thank you Connie. It's been all positive within the family that knows I have had this done. Elsewhere not much but I haven't been to any get together a yet like weddings.
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It is sort of funny, no one but my husband and daughter knows I had the work done. The comments I get from others are along the lines of, "You sure know how to take care of yourself" or my sister always tell people "She is a lot older than she looks". So, I am not sure where that stands. Nobody says I look good or any kind of direct reference to my appearance so I do not know if others think I look better or if they see no change, maybe I am just imagining that I look better. I guess it does not matter as long as I feel better about myself.
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I've never seen results of any male's facelift before. I would never have guessed your age in the after pics- good for you! I fully believe in doing what it takes when our bodies let us down.
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