Upper and Lower Eyes Lift and Endoscopic Brow Lift

I have a long review of facelift I had 8 months...

I have a long review of facelift I had 8 months ago. I needed a small revision to the left jaw (as much as he could do, by jaw on that side I'd larger due to an old fracture). I decided to do my eyes and browlift. Wow! What a difference already, at six days. Amazing. I am having total numbness on forehead and top of head, however, while it's numb I get very achy in brow, temple, forehead areas. And weird creepy crawling sensation every once in a while. I think it completes my face work. I am not going to do fillers, peels, Botox. I set out to do a certain thing, I've done it, now I'm finished with all of this PS.

Good luck with your healing. I had the same procedures 11 weeks ago. The aches and creepy crawling feelings do lessen in a few weeks. I am just this week no longer as numb on the top of my head. Be patient and take care of yourself! You look good.

Staples and sutures removed!

Having a bout with headaches and cheek pain. I asked today why my cheeks were hurting, PS said he lifts on temple area that extends to upper outer cheek. On a side note, my large cat decided to head butt me on my forehead in the middle of the night. Ouch!
Thank you. This is not for the faint hearted, is it. LOL. I appreciate the encouragement. I notice one eye still looks crepey,he said it will settle and find it's position shortly. Hope he's right! I saw your review, you look fabulous!
Thank you. It has been a long road. I'm still healing, still having crazy thoughts. It's easy to obsess. Winter weather doesn't help my attitude either. Happy Healing. Take it easy, this procedure takes it out of you.

Before pics for comparison

Such a difference! I know my husband would be with me every step of the way! Took 2.5 years after losing him to take the plunge, but I did it :)


So, on day 8, I ventured out to Costco and a few other places. That wiped me out for two days! Today I'm feeling better though. :)

Two weeks

The reaction from people is so good! Glad I did this
You look really great, Leval....very very naturally beautiful. He did a great job! What are you feeling on the lowers? He did a transjunctival, I guess and with fat removal or tightening? Any laser? ...grace60
Hi grace. Thank you for the compliment :). I was so nervous about the brow lift that I almost cancelled it. LOL. to answer your questions, the lower eye lid was the least problematic. If I put eye liner on, I can't feel it yet, which is a strange feeling, other than that they are fine. I had no laser, no fat transfers, etc. through here, I have read too many issues with them. So I didn't want to risk it. I went conservative. I am 54, and not looking to be 30 again; just wanted the drooping and hanging lids and brows to be addressed. I am thrilled with the results. :)
You look fabulous! Your positive outlook is contagious. Happy Healing!

Three weeks tomorrow

I went back to work on Monday, the reaction to people there confirmed my good decision to get the eyes done. I also went to a function where I haven't been for a while, and was asked out on a date.......wow! I have dipped my toes in and out of the dating pool, but didn't feel ready for that, but I'm going to go on the date now. Minimally, it will help me to get experience with it once more. I felt unhappy about my looks, so that translated into an unhappy version of me.

I asked my PS when the brows would begin to fall again, and he said other than the swelling going down, they shouldn't fall. He does not use the endotynes or screws. He said he used to use them, but went back to the older way because there were too many issues with them later on. I think he made them look very natural, and not surprised looking. The goal was not an overly arched and elevated brow, but a gently lifted and more feminine look. I am over the moon happy!
you look amazing, thanks for sharing :-)
All I can say is "Wow"- you look fabulous, and you are glowing. Sorry, but you don't look a day over 30!
The brow lift...yours is very well done, obviously. I'm guessing you and your PS had some discussion about desired results. It looks that however it happened you got a very natural looking result, the proportional kind I guess you always hope for when you lay down your money.....And if you didn't want to look 30-something then you should demand a refund :)!

Week three photo

Exhausted beyond belief today. Headache and weird nerve pain as well. I know this will all pass, I hope sooner than later! I am loving the eyes and brow work :)
Leval, It was 9 month between your eye work and facelift. Were you better able to communicate your desired outcome for your eye lift after going thru the facelift AND after following the many results and reviews on RS for the past 9 months. I guess you know I am a firm (perhaps beyond firm) believer in a studied approach....:) grace
Yes and no. I knew what I wanted with the eyes at the time of the FL, but I was to scared to do it all at once. Now that I have gone through it, it would have been better to do it all at once. Less anesthesia , less time off of work, etc. with that said, I am a methodical and analytical thinker, and can drive myself crazy with over thinking; so my personality type wouldn't allow me to just jump head first in. LOL. RL has helped a lot with the browlift portion. Wanted natural, I knew I didn't want the endotines or screws. I was happy when I asked (after studying these items) that he does not use them any longer. At some point, if we are going to do this, we have to take that huge leap of faith!
Thank you so much!

One month

Doing good! Still have issues with swelling with ANY sodium.....ugh. And if I sleep on my side I get more puffy, and at times lopsided near eyes and forehead (browlift most likely). Look at these peepers though! So happy :)
Gorgeous, you look like a different person! Amazing how much effect the eyes have on your overall appearance. I can't wait til my eyes look like yours!
Wow you look fantastic! Your face is so pretty. Watch you tube videos on makeup, they are so fun!
(drive myself crazy with over thinking) methodical and analytical thinker" that's me too so I'm asking for a conservative approach because "my personality type wouldn't allow me to just jump head first in" also. you were braver than me getting the browlift done as well. Good for you. How's everything going?
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