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I'm a 30 yr. old mother of 1 with 3 step kids. I'm...

I'm a 30 yr. old mother of 1 with 3 step kids. I'm 5'8 195lbs. My biggest weight was 300lbs so needless to say I have lots of skin and my boobs are pretty much gone so I chose to get a full tummy tuck and breast aug. my loose skin effects my sex life with my husband and my kids sure love to pick on me about not having a belly button because you can't see it because of my over hanging skin. My pre op is May 23rd I will let everyone know how it goes. I'm excited to feel good in my body for one in my life. I've always heard "you have such a pretty face" no more of that for me. ;D I hope I have a quick recovery so I can spend a part of the summer with the kids.

My before pics

It's getting closer

Feels like nothing i am doing is going to have me ready. kind of getting scared but I know it will be worth it and the pain is only going to be temporary. My OCD is kicking in when it comes to having a clean house and the kids cant wait till I'm out of commission so ill stop fussing at them to clean up lol. The kids were saying we're gonna starve there isn't going to be food for us (keep in mind my whole fridge is filled they just don't want the food i have) that's coming from my 15yr old who is unhappy with life rt now lol dang teens!!

Booked a hotel near the dr so can be on time for surgery. the day of surgery I have to travel 45 mins back home then go up stairs when I get home and do it all over again the next day for my check up. I don't know guess its just my nerves. And it doesn't help my husband showed me a video of the process ????????.

My pre op went great my doctor and his staff were nice yet again!! No complaints there I got to see before and after pics because his website doesn't show too many. I guess for privacy that's a good thing! The boobs looked good and the TT scars were low. I found out I'm getting 420cc I hope it's not going to be too big but I have broad shoulders so they said it will be just rt on my chest. I will update y'all Monday when I get there and after if I'm not too out of it lol.

liquid diet

today i start my liquid diet hmm 3 days of no food might have me on edge hope my husband and kids can handle me. Yes im saying this again but im happy i came across this website it has helped me prepare even though i still have so much to do. i did come across a few list on one especially that was a med. chart print out so i can make sure all my times are covered.

A bump in the road

So upset I'm down to my final day before my surgery and I think I have staph infection. My dumba** thought I should get a bikini wax so I don't have to worry about shaving down there after surgery and i think i have staph on my leg and down there :*( I have a feeling I won't be able to get my surgery tomorrow bc of it. I'm so mad at myself I just feel like crying I'm waiting on the dr's office to call me back to see what they suggest

It's just my luck ????????

Surgery canceled

The staff infection got the best of me gotta wait till is gone just wish they would of told me it was a no go yesterday.

New Date!!!

So after a week of hell I'm finally felling better and looking forward to my new mommy make over date of June 21st kind of scared but I'm not gonna worry myself to death this time and maybe I won't get sick from stress.

1 hour till surgery

I'm super nervous.. Not sure what to expect cant back out now I know it will be worth it I'm just scared :-/

Home finally

I guess today would be post op day 4 feeling a lot better after my scare I'm up moving around still bent over but feeling a lot less pain

Day 5 Post

I'm very emotional today think everything is finally hitting my first day home i passed out and stopped breathing for 7 mins. pretty much dying and coming back then by falling i caused internal bleeding and received 7 blood transfusions it was all scary yesterday was my first day back home I'm feeling good enough to get around the house. today i woke up sore guess bc it was my first night sleeping good but for some reason I'm super emotional. Has anyone experienced this? I should be happy not crying and sad.

Better day

I've been up and around today cleaning up what i can and washed my hair today has been a good day I even got out my recliner and went in bed for a little with my husband it was nice haven't got to cuddle in a week.

I made it a week!!

So I have a question for y'all?? my boobs are up in my arm pits does anyone have the same issues? they don't seem to be droping. I keep my sports bra on like the dr said. I got saline under the muscle 420cc in one and 450cc in the other.


My scar is very uneven it's low on one hip and really high on the other. And he left a lot of skin on my hips I still have rolls I would of thought he got rid of.. It's my first time looking in the mirror at the scar.. Just my luck nothing to do with this surgery is going right

I'm on the flat side!!

Feeling good today took my first shower post op day 8!!

More pics

No more pain pills

Is it normal for you to be in pain I ran out of them and not sure what I should be taking

Got my drains removed

Omg no one prepared me for that feeling. It didnt really hurt it just felt really strange. My dr crossed them and it really cought me off gaurd.

New pic in my old bikini

Able to do more

I'm healing just wish it would go faster so I could wear normal clothes :( my boobs still look deformed bc the implants are still very high

Pain in my right breast

I have this shooting pain in my right breast. It goes under my armpit to my nipple. If I move the Wong way it's a pounding pain. But it looks fine no redness it didnt start till my implants started droping lower. Anyone else had this problem??
Biloxi Plastic Surgeon

I have chose dr John miller in Biloxi Ms. Dr Miller and his staff have been very accommodating. I go for my pre op on thurs may 23rd. One thing that makes me nervous is my dr doesn't offer pain pumps but I'm So glad I found this site it has helped with my anxiety about the surgery.

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Wow what a scary surgery experience you had! I'm so glad you're ok. I'm 9days po with 475 saline and they're so high. I've been wearing the strap and they've come down some but still not where I want them! How are yours doing? Dropping more?
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Mine are dropping slowly my breast tissue is starting to fill out slowly I'm only 4 weeks post I know it takes time. I wore the strap for a week and it made me have unbearable pains in my rt breast so I just stoped wearing it and I'm letting gravity do it for me. Good luck with your recovery!!
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Sounds like nerve zaps. I would say its normal, but u should prolly still talk to ur ps. Happy healing :0)
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Your transformation is just amazing! You must be excited!! I'm so happy for you!
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Wow such a scary ordeal but you seem to have bounced back so quickly after. I am so glad I didn't read that before my surgery and I am so thankful you are ok. My new salines are also very high. The dr told me they would be and that my natural breast would fall below for a while so I was prepared for that. He said 3-6 months for final drop. Are you wearing a strap to help them fall? I got one yesterday at my 6 day checkup and I really think it helps. Also told me to gently massage downward and also inward. He said they tend to want to move toward the armpit so keep massaging they together. He said at next weeks appt he would give me more aggressive massages to do. So I think you are normal this happens to women primarily who hand droop and opt for implants instead of a lift. Which so far I am. Very happy I did
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Never heard of the strap. I went to my dr yesterday all he did was take the drains out he told me next week I will begin to message them. I'm still feeling very sore in my breast. They do seem to Be in my armpits glad I'm not the only one. I read your story congrats grandma :) hope the surgery finest keep you from holding your new bundle of joy!!
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I have a pic of the boobs and ill post hopefully this evening my computer sucks -lol. This is my second day with the strap and I love it I can tell it is working. Ask your ps about it
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I had to wear a strap because my left breast dropped much quicker than the right one. My ps called it a sling though. You both look amazing btw!
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Thanks Toni !! You look like you are healing good. How is your husband is he coming along? Mine won't touch me he's scared he's gonna hurt me. My 15 yr old has been a blessing keeping things done around here for me and waiting on me. Did your daughter help you out? I thought mine would ignore me but he hasn't. I ordered a strap on eBay so if my ps doesn't give me one I can still use it. Do you have spots around your scar that are bulging more than the other mine is looking disformed I'm praying it goes away
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Oh my goodness! I am so glad that you are ok! Just hang in there. Everyday will get a little better. Accept the help and let others take care of you so that you can heal yourself up. You've had a lot to be emotional about. I'm sending lots of BIG but gentle hugs your way! :)
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Glad you are OK. I am a firm believer that the anesthesia remains in our system longer than we think. I had a partial hysterectomy a couple of years ago, no ovary removal so no reason for hormones to go whacky but I cried for days I even went thru severe separation anxiety with my children. I think as the days go you will feel more like yourself. I am glad you are OK after your fall. That's scary. (((Hugs)))
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Awe! Glad you are feeling better!!
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Thanks for the support. Im just on a roller coaster probably because of my meds. They cause me to have bad realistic dreams too. I'm very thankful to be alive cant believe how much blood I lost. Thank god for blood donors. I will keep everyone posted. So far I must be on track with everyone my boobs are still sore and very high and my tummy is having a lot of gas and its sore with zings of pain here and there
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Oh my goodness! I totally understand why you'd be emotional. That is a big, big deal. You let yourself cry. I'm SO glad you're okay!

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I can not believe that happened to you. That's everyone's worst nightmare. I couldn't stop thinking about it after I read your post. It's only natural to be super emotional after such a horrifying experience. Try to look at the positive aspect. You are alive to see another day! It also sounds like you have a great support system. You will get through this emotional roller coasting and you will look like a million dollars thanks to your mommy makeover. :) I pray that you have a swift recovery and can enjoy this summer. Happy healing!
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I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience. Glad you are okay and I hope you feel better soon. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for you.
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I have yet to get my surgery, but you have been through an awful lot on top of the first surgery. I'm imagining it will take a little bit to feel normal and also you were under anesthesia and everyone reacts differently from it. Hope all gets better!!
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So far I've been the 1% pretty much died in my living room I lost a lot of blood everyone was scared for me now I'm on day 2 at the hospital it's ok that I'm here don't think I can make it at home. I had internal bleededing the dr cut my tummy back open and stopped the bleeding. My husband and mom have been great helping me out.
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Oh no!! I am already having my pre surgery jitters and then I read your post! I am glad to hear you are doing well now and I wish you well with the rest of your recovery. Question, after your original surgery did you go home or stay in the hospital overnight?
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They sent me home right after
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I was really nervous too. But I can honestly say that it was the best decision that I made regarding myself in a long time. I can't help but look in the mirror every day. I am so happy with my results. Time flies by during the healing process. I think it goes so slow up until the day of the procedure and then before you know it, you are a month post op. I can't wait to see your results! Happy healing!!!! :)
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Looks like we have the same surgery date of June 21st. I look forward to seeing your before & after pics
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Good luck to you! Stinks you had to post pone and had infection. Glad all is cleared up now!
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Sorry about having to postpone your mm. :( I went and got waxed too. A lot of mom's do. So try not to beat yourself up over it. I never thought that could happen. How long will you have to wait before having your mm done?
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2 weeks... I was all checked in ready to go and the doctor took one look at it and said its better to wait. I wish they would of told me yesterday but its ok they lanced my infection and now I have a hurt leg lol instead of my tummy
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