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I'm 45 and I'm having "jowling" and my lips are...

I'm 45 and I'm having "jowling" and my lips are wrinkled. I've considered doing this for about 2 years now. I want my jowls lifted and my lips smoother..I like the shape of my lips; not the wrinkles. I am feeling very nervous and will be glad to have this behind me.
I am having a facelift. The dr is suppose to also lift my neck a little..My neck doesn't look bad. He will do fat transfers to my cheek area and areas that I've lost volume and SMAS in my lips to make the smoother, not bigger.
From reading all of the reviews here I am and trying to psyche myself up and realize that I'm going to have bad days ahead of me...but it appears many people like their results after a full month.

Yesterday I had my surgery. Arrived at 8:40 am...

Yesterday I had my surgery. Arrived at 8:40 am and the dr was ahead of schedule so they prepped me and started my the surgery early. The surgery took three and a half hour.

We got home at 4;pm. We lived about a hour away from Biloxi.

Biggest complaint as of now is my ears heart. But nothing that the pain pills cannot take care of. I have two drains that will be removed this morning, my lips are swollen and I have some bruising where he put the fat in.

My had is wrapped and I look like at a Eskimo.

Glad it's over with

Just got back from seeing Dr. Diaz. They took off...

Just got back from seeing Dr. Diaz. They took off my bandages and removed the drains. I was astonished to see how much different I look. He told me that I could shower and my husband could use some cotton swabs to clean my ears. He said," now let me warn you. You are going to start Swelling for the next 3 days so don't get alarmed." I can handle things if I know ahead of time so I really appreciated his comment.
I left with a band around my head and I feel pretty good. I think the pain I experience last night was from the drains. He told me to shower, not bathe, no lifting, walk around the house or yard every 2 hours and sleep uptight for the next 3 days.
So far so good.

Day #3 spirits still up. The only immediate...

Day #3 spirits still up. The only immediate concern I have is that I have a tiny spot of blood that bled through my head wrap. I don't think it's a big deal but will probably call my PS later this am.

Okay. My ears hurt and I'm having some bad side...

Okay. My ears hurt and I'm having some bad side effects from the lortab. When should I expect to get some relief.

I'm sleeping better but still having to take a...

I'm sleeping better but still having to take a pain pill for my ears. This morning's picture looks a little more like "me" but the sides of my face are so big. And my lower lip is still too big as well. Trying to be patient. It's only been 5 days right??

Okay just took a shower and fixed my hair. My PS...

Okay just took a shower and fixed my hair. My PS told me that I could shower the next day. I find a warm shower and the warmth from my hair dryer feels good to my incision. I like my progress. No regrets

Day 7 you can see a little bruising on my neck....

Day 7 you can see a little bruising on my neck. Face still swollen a good bit

One week out. Feeling good. Ears still hurt when...

One week out. Feeling good. Ears still hurt when anything touches them. I've stopped weary chin strap. I'll see the ps on Wednesday to remove stitches. Red, patty0 and suz....go for it.

Nine days out. Feeling great posting two pic....

Nine days out. Feeling great posting two pic. Wish I had gotten my hair cut and colored before surgery.

Just got back from the PS to have a few stitches...

Just got back from the PS to have a few stitches removed. He was impressed that I had healed so well. No bruising except two places on my neck. I go back in a week for a check up. He told me that I could bend over now but he still didn't want me to exercise and get my heart rate up for another few weeks... FINE BY ME! LOL

12 days out. Probably wont post for a while. But...

12 days out. Probably wont post for a while. But wish everybody the best. Happy healing
Biloxi Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Diaz was my 2nd PS to see. He explained in detail how PS has evolved over the years from stretching/pulling/cutting to what he does now. He will remove excess skin but will harvest my own fat to replace some of the volume that I have lost in my face due to aging. He will use SMAS in my lips. He was so much more positive that the 1st PS I saw. The 1st PS told me that he could make improvements but I had a heavy face and not to expect much. Dr. Diaz was the total opposite. He came across as excited to do the surgery and he assured me that he wouldn't make my lips bigger and that I would be happy. Wish me luck!

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now you look 45 great results
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Just saw your wonderful pictures. Looking at all of these before and after photos is so fun. The person I see with the jowls and sagging chin looks like a nice person...then, when the facelift is done, I think, "That's what she must have looked like when she was young!" In your case, I think, "You must have been a beautiful baby!" You have great bone structure. Very nice results...know you have to be happy.
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Thank you so much..that's an awesome compliment. I had acne at a teen and surely wasn't a beauty queen in jr. and high school lol My PS said the same thing about my bone structure. Thanks again! you are too kind!
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Woaw, nice pic. You look really good!
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Thank you, I'm happy with my results. Anxiously waiting to see how much of the fat transfer survive.
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Hi Nervous..1st of all want to say thank you for the posts and pictures. I haven't seen any other site that is as informative as this one. I had surgery on the 9th (lower facelift, necklift, laser around eyes, fat transfer and a breast aug). so am in the "beginning" of the healing process. I was wondering if you felt that your face is pulled tight or had swelling in your mouth from the fat injections? I have not had to wear any kind of bandages since 2nd day after surgery (when I was allowed to shower and wash my hair) but it feels like I am still bound up. Trying to take this all in stride and not worry but the right side of my face looks pulled tighter then the left (the right was definitely my droopier side pre surgery) and I am hoping it will relax. PS says it will but feeling nervous because I don't see that in pictures.
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My face was swollen and is still numb near the incisions. My neck still feels tight. But to be honest I'm glad is does. That's what I paid for. I'm assuming that as the swelling subsides it will feel normal. My PS was adamant that I wear my chin strap 24:7 for the first week and then only at night and when I eat for another week. He said that the skin was separated and needs to adhere back in the right place. I know every surgeon is different. But I think I would wear it a little more.
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@gettingalittlehelp, I'm also having a lower facelift, upper blepheroplasty and BA on May 13th. How are you feeling? I'm nervous about the recovery process. I should mention I also have two little ones; a 2 1/2 yo son and 6 mos old daughter (!). I'm 44 years old and also want to interrupt my genetic destiny (turkey, "hooded" eyelids and post-baby boobs!). I can't see your full profile but would love to see pics!
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So glad you're felling ok! Do notice improvement day by day? Are you pleased? Your pics look great as I've said before! Can't wait to see the healing as you go on!
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Hi Twobabies, Definitely understand the "genetic destiny" scenario. :-) Are you going to have some help with the babies after surgery? You are getting a lot done at once and it takes a few days for most people to shake off being "under" for that amount of time. I found the next day or two (partially from surgery and partially from medications) that I kept getting tired and couldn't keep my eyes open. Took many cat naps. I know with little ones that's going to be hard to do. I haven't been in a lot of pain except the first night (which had to do with swelling in my mouth pressing on gums and made all my teeth hurt) but have been restricted a lot. Not allowed to bend over, weight restrictions and can't drive myself for a few more days. I did a neck lift...and it doesn't look like you are doing maybe your head movement won't be as restrictive as mine. My biggest advice it to get as stocked up on everyday items, and some special items you will need to be comfortable (straws, liquid smoothies, soft food, extra pillows for sleeping at a 30 deg angle and anything else you PS has mentioned having on hand) so you don't need to worry about going to the store before you are up to it. And, if you have some help that can stay with you (at least for a few days) or stop by daily to help with the little things that come up. These really are "big" surgeries and you want to be able to heal and get your best results possible. Good luck and I look forward to seeing some before & afters if you post them.
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Yes I will have lots of help for the first 10-14 days (my husband is taking off work for me) and even after that, I think between my husband and my in-laws, we should manage (I say, teeth chattering!). I've been under general several times before and the only reaction I suffer from is vomiting in the recovery room (regardless of anti-nausea meds :( ). I'm not having a neck lift like you did per se in that there will be no incision beneath my chin. He says I only have mild "turkey" and he can rectify it by the behind and in front of the ear incisions. Thanks very much for the reminders of what to have on hand...I remember things and then forget to write them down. I should just sit and make a master list. Again, I am astounded with your results! You're a gorgeous woman (before AND after)
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Having that support will make all the difference in the world for you. I can't imagine having gone through this trying to watch after 2 little ones at the same time. :-) I don't have an incision under my chin (yay) but do that lots of stitches in front of and behind ears and into my hair line. Then under the breasts. Other then trying to do the stretching exercises the breasts are kind of forgotten about. Get a little achy when the advil starts to wear off and have to be mindful of lifting but other then that I kind of forget about them. Then again...the face is kind of the "bigger" surgery and is taking the most TLC. I'll post some pics soon.
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Funny up until now, I have been obsessing about the breast augmentation. Now the reality of having my face and eyes done is setting in! My ps told me the biggest complaint from his patients is the burning around the ear incisions and eyelids. I'd imagine a ton of sutures; it will feel good to get those out! Sorry, I thought you had the chin incision...I've looked at so many profiles I'm getting loopy! Can't wait to see your pics if you post more!
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Hello Twobabies, Everyone is different...but for me (an Aug w/o lift) the breasts have def taken the back seat. I get twitches and the incisions (located at the bottom crease of each breast) burn a bit now and then but all seems pretty minor. Was very careful the 1st few days not to use my arms to hold up my body weight when I was trying to scoot back to a reclined position in bed or on the sectional. Biggest obstical for me right now is getting the mobility back in my right arm. It's def tighter then my left arm but doc said it's normal because I am right handed. PS was going to trim skin on my upper eyelids only but in surg PS decided that he would have to be ext conservative that he opted for the laser resurfacing (as I was already getting below my eyes) as a better option. So..I never have had stitches on the eyelids but have to use the ointment and moist to protect and keep the newly exposed skin from drying out. That does kind of blur my vision (prob a thin layer gets on my eyes). The other stitches from the face/neck lift are many but really don't bother me much. Had one night I didn't sleep much and pillows felt hard..which was really incisions..but since I have not been able to take any of my RX pain meds I have to think that prob would have cured it for me. Feel them getting a bit tighter but other then cleaning with hydrogen peroxide a few times a day don't think a lot about them either. Tightness in face, swelling in my mouth (from fat transfer and maybe lifts) and the oozing gunk from the laser resurfacing have seemed the hardest to me. One a really good note...I am feeling more energetic today. Even though I still have a lot of swelling and bruising my eyes have seemed to make it over the hump and look much better today and I feel I can smile and chew easier then I have been since surgery. Have seen many posts saying that the 1st week is the most difficult and I seem to be one more with the same experience. My surgery was Tue and today is Sun and I am feeling much better! You are going to do great. Sounds like you have a lot of help (which I didn't..1 night a hotel with nurse and my husband stayed home a little late to help me wash my hair and take me to post op appt on Thur morn) and that will make such a difference for you. You are also younger then I am which can't hurt! :-) Will be anxious to see your pre and post op pics if you post some and keep tabs on your progress. BTW...if you go to my profile I created a review so I could add some photos.
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Thanks so much for all your information Gettingalittlehelp! It's really helped me with perspective since I've never done this before. Sounds like the resurfacing may have been the worst part for you? I anticipate pain and suffering to some degree, but listening to others' augmentation stories, I was so afraid that I would be completely immobile forever! I like to believe I have a very high pain threshold (had jaw surgery in 2004 and was wired shut for 6 weeks--no pain meds except for T3 the first two days). So, I guess this will test my limits so to speak. It sure is nice to hear these views from you though. It truly does help a lot. :)
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GettingALittleHelp, I think you'll see the pulled look in my photos (along my left jawline). It has been the thing that has freaked me out the most, but I'm afraid it's the thing I'll have to wait the longest to see resolved. I'm trying to wait it out calmly, but you do worry, because it improves soooo very slowly!
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My friends told me do not eat seafood for 6 months after surgery because according to her, there is something in seafood makes the scars raised. I haven't ate shimps and lobsters since my surgery 4 months ago and my scars are not raised. I also put Mederma on the scars. You look very good.
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I have not heard that...My PS has not put any restrictions on me since the surgery. I did drink plenty of water though...and didn't eat a lot of salt either.
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does the Mederma really help?
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Not sure about the Mederma. I put it on the scars anyway. 4 months now , the scars on the ears sides are still red, perhaps it takes longer to shrink. I hide them with concealer. The scars on the eyes lids and the chin are very light, barely there.
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Whew...glad for all your posts. I am going in on April16th for lower face and neck. Thinking I will put a post up because there was NO info on my doctor. Wishing I knew someone who had work with him. He is properly accredited and specializes in face. I hope I don't regret this.
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Hang in there Kanobe! I know what you're FL is at the end of May and last month I had a few panic attacks over the thought - but lately I've been pretty calm. I'm sure I'll get neurotic again as the time approaches. However, that seems pretty natural. :-)
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I totally understand the panic feeling you are experiencing. I think that's totally normal.
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Did he show any before and after pix of his own work? Does he have any to show? A friend mine had used Dr. Diaz and he's well-known and liked so I trusted him from the get go. Good luck!
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Yes a few. He has a decent website. Not typical plastic surgeon site. He is Eng. Only does face. Does a lot of reconstruction facial work. I think it will be ok but face work is terrifying. Reading posts have helped. I feel better prepared for recovery ...swelling 2 or 3 days. Hope scaring isn't too bad. 4 days.
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