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I am 23 years old. I have a 3 Year old and I am...

I am 23 years old. I have a 3 Year old and I am 5'6" 122 pounds. I am a 34B currently. While I was pregnant and all through breast feeding my son I was a D or bigger. Since stopping breast feeding and losing about 25 pounds in the last year I have lost all size in my breast and unfortunately they look saggy. I met with my PS last Thursday and we decide that I would get 390cc implants and fill to 420cc. He said I could accommodate larger, however I do not want to be to big. I want to be big enough that I look proportionate but not so big that when I walk in a room people are like look at those, Definitely Fake! I am afraid now that 420cc will not be big enough. My husband of course thinks otherwise he feels that 420cc will be plenty. I am getting saline with the incision under the breast and placed under the muscle.

Okay, only Two weeks and two days until surgery. I...

Okay, only Two weeks and two days until surgery. I can not wait. I go for my pre-op on the 12th and going to try on the sizers again. Still undecided on whether or not I am going to go bigger than 420cc. I just don't want to regret not going bigger but still want to appear natural. I am beyond ready for boobs. I had them while pregnant and breastfeeding and loved it. I am ready to appear like a woman and fill out shirts that I refuse to wear now because of how small I am. I will add before photos soon.

Okay, I am a week and one day until my surgery. I...

Okay, I am a week and one day until my surgery. I am super excited and already so anxious I am not sleeping that great at night. I am still not sure which size I am going to get. Right now I am getting 390cc filled to 420cc. I am not positive that will be big enough but am also terrified to go any bigger and look like Dolly Parton. :) I am having my surgery on Wednesday the 18th and plan to go back to work on Monday the 22nd. I work in an office at a desk all day so I am hoping that is enough down time. I am posting before pictures today.

So, pre op went well. I am more undecided at this...

So, pre op went well. I am more undecided at this point then I was before. I decided on 420 filled to 450cc. Simply because of everyone stating that they wished they went bigger and my PS confirmed that going under the muscle does usually appear smaller. I am scared now that I may think they are to big. My nurse said they would look great because of my height and long torso. Ugh... Decisions!!! I get more and more nervous every day that it gets closer to surgery date. I'm becoming an emotional wreck. Too many emotions for one person to handle. Should I do it? Should I not? Is it wrong to spend that much money for an elected surgery? So many different opinions about me getting a BA. Well, gonna go fix my hubby dinner. I will update as the day gets closer.

So, I have thought on it and decided I am going to...

So, I have thought on it and decided I am going to call my PS and stick with the 390 filled to 420cc. As the nurse mentioned my PS would put a little extra in and I would rather be a little smaller than I expected then much bigger and look like a porn star or stripper.(not that there is anything wrong with either look just not the look I am going for) I hate being back and forth but it is a big decision with lots of money involved. So dang hard to decide.

2 Days!! I can't wait. I am looking forward to...

2 Days!! I can't wait. I am looking forward to seeing the new girls. I think I am going crazy. I am dreaming about my surgery. I had a dream that when I wake up they are huge and really bad looking and they remain like that I hated them. I am so nervous that they are not going to be what I want. I did settle on a size finally. I am getting 420 filled to 450cc moderate profile. I hope that isn't to big! I will post more pictures soon.

Tomorrow is the big day. I go in at 7 in the...

Tomorrow is the big day. I go in at 7 in the morning. I can't wait. I am not really nervous more excited. A little anxious to see what they look like. I go this afternoon to get my surgical bra. I got all of my prescriptions filled. I can't believe it is finally here. I never dreamed I would be doing this. There is such a negative connotation on plastic surgery and it is hard to deal with people who have negative opinions. Really tired of the questions " what is your husband not happy with the size you are now?" I am not doing this for my husband or anyone else for that matter. This is for me and my self esteem.! I will update everyone tomorrow afternoon and post pictures as soon as I am able. I feel like a kid at Disney!!!

Today was my day! Everything went great. I have...

Today was my day! Everything went great. I have 420 filled to 450cc. I really can't see them cause they are bound up tight. I was doing great earlier was up sitting in a wooden chair just felt like I did a killer workout, then the loretabs wore off and OMG I was hurting it hurt to breathe. I took more loretabs and have been putting Ice packs on all day. I am feeling better now that I have loretabs in my system. I go tomorrow for my one day post op appointment and can't wait to see them. I am going to post some more before pics and after pics tomorrow. I hope I am able to sleep tonight. I go back to work on Monday so I am hoping I will be recovered enough to go back. My mother in law has been taking care of my kids and house all day. She has helped me when I have needed it but I am not much on needing help so if I can do it myself I will do it myself. Nonetheless, she has been amazing. My kids have been great. It is so surreal to have it finally done. I will update everyone tomorrow as well as add pictures.

One day post op. I am hurting really bad today. I...

One day post op. I am hurting really bad today. I have been taking the pain meds every four hours as directed and still hurting quiet a bit. I hear it is common to hurt worse the second day so I am not alarmed at this point. I go in to see me PS at 1:45 and will finally get to see the girls. I am excited! My mother in law has been amazing keeping my very hyper boys out of my room so I can recover. She has had to open my medicine bottles because I can't it hurts to bad. I am having some itching, not sure if that is normal going to ask the PS today. I have been in and out of sleep all morning but I finally got up and brushed my teeth and got dressed as I have a doctors appointment and my mother in law is taking my oldest two boys to a friend and she is bringing me to the PS. I have been putting Ice on my chest and it seems to help a bit but not a whole lot. I have some stretch mark/ scar cream coming in the mail from when I am finally able to use it.
I can't wait to be able to wear regular clothes as I on have one button front shirt that fits right now. I will keep everyone updated.

Okay, I hate them!!! I can't help it! I am hoping...

Okay, I hate them!!! I can't help it! I am hoping over time I will start to like them but they are high and not as big as I was expecting. I also am experience some sort of allergic reaction under by the incision and all around the bottom of my breast. I have commonly referred to my breast as alien boobs. Gosh I hope they setlle nicely and I love them.

As far as the pain goes it has pretty much subsided and now I just am dealing with the allergic reaction to whatever it is I am allergic too. My PS said he has never seen this so he met me at his office at like 10 pm and prescribed a steroid pack. He has been great I have been able to reach him after hours and he has been more than helpful.

Can anyone please tell me about how long it takes for the implants to drop and start looking like boobs.

Okay all, I am in the debbie downer stage. I wish...

Okay all, I am in the debbie downer stage. I wish I would have never done the BA at this point. To me, they do not appear that much bigger. I am experiencing some allergic reaction that I nor my doctor have a clue of to what. it is below my breast and it is just getting worse. My doctor, however, has been great. He met me at his office on a Saturday night at 10 pm and put me on a steroid pack to try to counteract whatever the reaction is. I feel like I may be suffering from booby greed and I am hoping that this down in the dumps whiney stage will pass very soon. As for the pain I am still quiet sore but no need for narcotics or any pain medicine at this point. Anyone have any advice on the hating my BA at the moment. Does it get better? Is it normal to be feeling this way? ugh...... :(

I am 1 week post op. Things are going good. I am...

I am 1 week post op. Things are going good. I am having trouble sleeping at night. Of course, I can't sleep on my sides or stomach I have to sleep on my back. I am a side sleeper. Going to try the couch tonight. I returned to work Monday. I have minimal pain. Mostly just achy and sore especially by the end of the day. I no longer hate them as they have dropped and so many people have encouraged me that it does get better. I did break out in a strange rash under neath my breasts and not real sure what or where it came from. I go back to see me PS tomorrow. I can't wait till he tells me the status of the girls. I am also ready to start massaging them as they are so firm. I hope that gets better. I will post one week post op pictures soon.

Went to PS today for 1 week check up. He removed...

Went to PS today for 1 week check up. He removed the stitches and said that in about a week I need to start massaging them. I have a little air bubble that he stated would likely go away. I am dropping nicely and the rash that I had is starting to go away. I love his office the staff is so nice.

I am 3 weeks post op today. I am doing great....

I am 3 weeks post op today. I am doing great. Still have days where I wish I would have gone bigger but hoping that will change once they are dropped and in place. They have dropped some but not nearly enough I still have what I call "alien boobs". I also wanted to state anyone having a BA and want it to go un-noticed then go to Victoria Secrets and get a bra or two that say that they add 2 cup sized because I am telling you I wore one before surgery for about 6 months and I got asked today " did I miss something? I thought you were having Breast Augmentation." It's amazing what a good padded bra will do. The funny part is they are noticably bigger. I went to 450cc. According to my PS and his nurse I should be a large C small D when they are finally in place. However, I will say that I am still in a sports bra that has them pinned down pretty good and I have been wearing clothes to hide them so I am sure that does not help much. Once they heal and are no longer funny looking I plan to let the girls free.

Anyway, overall I am feeling much better about the surgery opposed to how I was at the beginning. I feel like they are actually starting to feel like they are my own. I haven't posted new pictures yet but will soon.

I am 5 weeks and 2 days post op. I am completely...

I am 5 weeks and 2 days post op. I am completely back to normal. I am able to lift my 3 year old with no problems. I have not dropped as low as I would like but I have dropped quiet a bit. My PS recommended some breast exercises when I was almost 3 weeks post op and I will say they absolutely softened the girls up and they feel natural. I am beyond ready for them to drop into place and not be so high. I will post an updated picture soon. I do however have some doubts on the size I went with. I went 450cc on both sides and to me they are small. Most people that know I had a BA make comments like it doesn't look like anything is different, did I really have it done, etc. that is all thanks to my add two cup sized VS bras. I wore them religiously because I was so small before. I look at pictures from before and after and can tell a huge difference but I suffer from boobie greed!

My husband is coming around also. At first, he hated them. He said it was because I wouldn't let him touch them. I was so sore at first and had some nerve issues with my right one that it hurt to even touch that has subsided a bit since.

I look forward to 3 months post op.

It has been 6 months since I had my augmentation....

It has been 6 months since I had my augmentation. I love my new girls. They took about three months to drop into place but now they are beautiful. Often I have to look at old pictures to compare. My PS did an amazing job. I will post some update pictures soon. I have behind the muscle and I hear/feel a popping when my chest muscle constrict and then relax. If anyone has similar problems and could shine some light on what the problem is it would be greatly appreciated.
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Good to hear your feeling better about the surgery, I'm sure they look great :) Glad your hubbys coming around too. My boyfriend didn't know if he was allowed to touch them or not for a while lol.
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HappyMom, my PS just showed me to move them from one side to the other holding for 30-60 seconds and top to bottom for 30-60 seconds. I do it at least once a day but I try to do it 2 times each day. Best time to do it is in the shower. Mine are so much softer now from doing them.
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I am glad to hear your nerve issues are resolved as well as the softening! Often that is the thing we want quickest that takes the longest. i would love to hear what exercises your ps gave you to do if they worked, so I can do them too.
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hiya courtesy~ have your boobs dropped any more lately? I was in on Cloud 9 when mine finally did.....Patience is a virtue. Is hubby allowed to touch them now?? LOL Hope you both luv the new girls;-)
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Hey Courtsey,

Just read your update!

Glad everything is settling in and your nerve issues have calmed.

Do you have any updated pics to share? I'd love to see how they have progressed.

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I will post pictures up soon.
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How are you doing now? Have you dropped yet? I had mine done June 29 and I haven't dropped as much as I would like. I still don't feel like I have enough fullness in the bottom.

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@sherwoodparkgirl... the last pic is my pre op picture. That would be terrible if that was the after photo. Scrappy is right you can not shuffle them once they are up.
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@Sherwoodparkgirl_I think the last one is the pre-op pic. Its just out of order. Unfortunately the site wont let you shuffle them around.
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is the last pic what you looklike now? i dont get it...
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Hey! I'm with you, I am 4 days post op and right now I am wondering if I made the right choice. Right now I'm swollen, I still have my drains in (which is pretty gross....) and it's almost as though my breasts are pointing down because they are so swollen on the top. I've been assured this is totally normal and within 3 weeks they will feel like mine. I had over the muscle, so I don't have to go through the dropping process, but it looks like yours dropped nicely! Cheer up and let me know how you're feeling as you heal.
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Yay! am excited its looking better....Believe me, you are going to love them, it feels and looks better with time. your breast shape before was nice so once the implants takes the form of your native shape, it will be amazing to look at. Happy healing luv...xxx
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@wantboobs81 I did not really loose sensation in my nipples. Where is your incision located? I hated mine at first but the more they drop the more I am liking them. I would not say that having a breast augmentation is love at first sight. @ Sarah I tried the pillow trick that someone else had recommended last night and it did help a bit. I was losing so much sleep I was actually dozing off at work. Can't have that!!
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I with you on the side sleeping. That was the worst part for me. lol. My back would hurt so much, I just wanted to roll! I was able to sleep comfortably on my side at about 3-4 weeks. I am 5 weeks now and can pretty much lay on my stomach too. So you don't have much longer. Good luck! :)
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I would love to see pics. I'm having trouble posting mine. I had my surgery today. How long did it take you to regain sensation in York nipples again. I'm worried I still feel numb. I sure don't wanna lose my sensitivity. I'm so glad your happy now. Congrats to u. I hope ill be as happy as you are next week.
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Wantboobs- when did you have your surgery?
I am 11 weeks out and still have numbness. Its a weird half numb /half feeling thing. Do your nipples react to any sensation?
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Hi Courtsey!
One gal told me that she had an allergic reaction to the tape they put on her during surgery that holds the IV, and holds the suture area closed and stuff. I wonder if its something like that for you? She broke out in a horrible rash from it.
A suggestion for side sleeping is to put a pillow in between your breasts and compress in- like wrap your arms around the pillow to hold it in. I don't know if that will help you as I am not sure what is uncomfortable for you, but that helped me for side sleeping.
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I am not using the strap. I do not even know what the strap is. I have hope that they will fill out and look great. Lovelyone you truly are a boost of confidence. Thank you so much!!
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I agree with lovely, yours are just really high right now. Try to ignore them for a while. I know you want them to look great NOW, but that is not always how it goes. Its going to take a few weeks to drop significantly, then decide what you think of them.
I noticed mine got bigger as they dropped. Bras that fit me at 2 weeks, do not fit me at 8 weeks! So I hope that helps you to feel a little better.
I think yours are going to look really good, just give them some time. =)
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Hunnie, it will get better. i just added some pics..check my pics @ the first week and see the ones i added today @ 3weeks and 6 days. I too was so scared in the beginning. i started to hate them but with these surgeries, patience is the key here hun. They will drop and look so perfect that you will regret stressing yourself. Please take heart and just do your massages and all that youve been instructed to do. it will get better. Before i thought mine were too small after i was going against doc suggestive size of 425. i wanted to be in the 350-400 range. preferrably 375. But see i would have been so mad if i went with a smaller implant because they are not too big and not small either. They are perfect. Believe you will love it in the next couple of weeks. Are you using the strap?
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Oh, don't be sad & wish u never did it. Everyday they are going to get better. Hang in there and before u know it they will be dropped & looking awesome. I had my surgery on Friday and mine aren't as high as yours but maybe because I got a smaller implant(275cc) and they are def. way bigger than your befores and are going to get fuller as they drop & fluff :) think happy thoughts and stop looking at them ;)
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That was nice of your Dr . I never felt sad during my healing . It takes time for them to drop . It's hard not being able to do anything . I hope you will be happy after they drop .
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It's to early ! They will drop in about 4 wks and it could take longer . I hope you feel better !
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Aw, Courtesy, I feel for you honey. I wish I had an answer for when your "alien boobs" will start to feel and look more "normal," but I do know that riding high is to be expected. Please give it time before you decide you hate them. Each day should get progressively better.
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I hope your pain lets up and remember to give yourself a break...I am a doer like you and not doing will probably be my hardest part! Let us know how you're doing!
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