in my 40's Wanted to Keep my Breast the Same Age As the Rest of my Body.

I noticed this year that the firmness in my breast...

I noticed this year that the firmness in my breast had really started to change and I decided to be proactive and instead of waiting a few years until I might be really unhappy with them and then make a change. I researched allot and found photos of befores that looked similar to mine and then looked at the after photos and liked what I saw. I then contacted a few doctors and patients and decided where I was going to go. My doctor was booked three months out but I wanted to feel like I was using the best doctor for me considering this would be a permanant change to my body. One is lower because it has had an easier time dropping this is only 13 days out and the other breast was more work and is still sitting higher. I did talk to the doctor and this was the expectation as he feels the higher one needed more compensation with the lift due to the individual breast. He feels confident it will drop as well. Implants are under the muscle.

14 days out

Seeing changes. wondering how it all will come out. Scarring is going pretty well considering 14 days out. Seeing my doc. soon to see if it is coming along the way it should.
Congratulations! It looks like all your research paid off. You look great for only 2 weeks post op. What type and size implants did you get? What additional work was needed on the one breast? Did you only get a lift on one breast? Take it easy and keep us updated as you heal!
I got 375 cc gel implants. I had a purse string lift on one nipple and a lollipop lift on the other breast. I didn't get a chance to get before photos because I really didn't even think about it. I may ask my doctor to e-mail me them so I can post a comparison. I was about a 32 b before. with a loss of fullness uptop.
Thank you for all the great updates and photos. You look great in the swimsuit tops! I can't even see your scars in your photo. Your surgeon did a nice job. I can see progress with dropping and fluffing...very excited for you!

15 days out

15 days out waiting for the squarer one to round out!

Day 17

Day 17 doesn't look as off when looking at the bigger picture. I also noticed that when the one that isn't as far down fills out the bottom more the nipple does change to the more rounded shape of the other. The higher one is the one that I had the lollipop lift on and it is dropping at a slower rate than the other and is to be expected.

pain and assemitry

I'm still in pain and still not even so waiting to see how it goes. Each breast went through a different procedure so I'll keep you posted.

Still Hurts

Hopefully will even out soon.

20 days out

Still have allot of sensitivity. I have found a warm rice pillow really helps. Seeing the doc. Next week for a follow up.

23 days out

23 days out. Seems to be progressing. Discomfort still there but soon much better.

12 days out

This is what they looked like in my clothes 12 days out. I'm happy with the results and think they look very natural.

20 days out.

20 days out in new swimsuit top.

Before and after

Red shirt with padded bra before breast augmentation blue is after augmentation of 375cc.

Before and after

25 days out

25 days out. Wish the lifted one would catch up to the other side. Have my follow up with the doctor tomorrow.

25 days

25 days

26 days out

If you didn't notice the doctor cut all the way around both my areola's and one has a vertical incision from the lollipop lift. Then there is another incision in the crease underneath. Everyday after my shower I put on the silicone ointment and then the scar sheets. The doctor did say he couldn't believe the scars were less than a month out. I do believe these products have helped so I am posting a photo of them.

26 days out

They are still uneven. This was part of the plan so when they settle they will be even. Doctor said to massage them and that they look great at this early stage in recovery.

scar sheets

I only try and take them off once a day to limit pulling on the breast. I also only clean them with warm water when they loose sticky power. Helps keep stuff from rubbing on incisions and helps healing. They last 4 to 7 days. Cost is about $20 per box. Generic is cheaper but stickier. I would use brand name for the first couple of weeks.

Day 28

Pain has become very manageable. Found out I went from a 32 c to a 32DDD. That was a surprise. Had lots of fun at VS today.

New bra

Got my new VS bra!
I'm getting the Natrelle also, Where did you get the cream that you use after showers? The scars really scare me a bit so once I'm allowed to start treating them I want to be all sorts of ready!
PracaSil is a silicone gel I got from a medical supply store. Drug stores offer some similar products but I do think this has worked well. I have used them together with the scar sheets. I would highly recommend the scar sheets. For one they keep the gel on your scars not on your clothes and aid healing.
Amazing results!!!!

Day 31

Love my new shape! I feel young again:-)

Day 36

Day 36. Feeling pretty good. Only notice minor discomfort at times. Nipples still ate a little to sensitive but getting better. Almost feel normal.

Day 36

Day 36
Hey love, I was wondering where were you able to find the moisturizing silicone gel? I love your results and I'm looking into treating my scars similar to how you did once my tapes come off. Thank you for your help. :)
I found it at a medical supply store. They do have similar products at the drugstores if you can't find it. I haven't checked to see if you can order it on line. But I do think that in combination with the scar sheets is what is reaally making the difference.
I answered your question below but also absolutely do not tan where yourscars are that really irritates them. They can be covered by a suit or even use diaper rash cream:-)

44 days out

44 days out. One with the lollipop lift is still higher. The doctor said it could take about 6 months. I am the only one who notices. Nipples seem to be looking note alike. Still using scar gel and silicone sheets. Sheets don't look cool but who cares under your clothes and I want good long term results. Lollipop lift on one and purse string lift on the other.
Hello! I hope everything is going well. I haven't heard from you in a while... :)
Everything is going well. Just working on healing. I just want scars to be invisible. They are doing well buti can still see them in some spots. How are yours coming along?
Hey!!! I'm so glad to hear from you.. Your results are amazing. But I understand how you feel, I'm the same way. I'm thinking about starting pracasil + silicone strips today but I'm kind of nervous that my scars will get irritated since they are so young... I know you started early in the game and I keep thinking about how great they worked for you so that's a motivator.. So far they are all closed up and is my 25th day post and I have been without tapes for a week. :)

scaring on 3/11/14 vs 4/11/14

It's amazing how well the lollipop lift had healed cannot be fast enough for me though. Here are two pics with a month in between. Surgery date was 2/20/14
You look great and very natural. I'm about to look for and buy my scar cream, so thanks for the info, btw all ur pics look good but I'm so diggin the one in the white top and jeans! Amazing ;)
Thank you. That top is from White House Black Market. It's on sale online and they have a black one too. I got it for Christmas and I can say i like it better with my new breast.
Girl I seen a bunch of cute tops on ebay of that brand thank you bc u know I'm going look;)

2 months out!

Yeah. Two months out and they look way more even. Scarring continues to improve. Love the Victoria secret dream angels demi lightly lined.

Two months

They keep getting better and feel great!
Damn ur body is Hott!! Sexxi lil mama!!;)
Thank you
It sure doesn't get easier in your forties. I want to have a nice body into my sixties if it takes more help than just the gym and diet than so be it. Sometimes we need extra help only surgery can provide!

Love bra shopping for 32ddd

My new favorite bra! Bra shopping was fun before but I got the look I wanted until I took the push up bra with all the padding off. Now no padding! !!! Yeah.

fun stuff

Okay just one more I love the new bras!
DDD holy crap lol! you look beautiful! An amazing figure for 44 years old too! God bless you girl! youll be getting guys half your age if youre not careful lol
Thank you. The guys half my age try and it's flattering for sure but for some reason I like older ones that make me look like the young hot chick instead of the cougar:-) I was once told always be the prettiest one in your relationship!
Was just rereading and seen that you're in Montana, baby we might have the heat, but I bet y'all's scenery is amazing . With ice cold streams and creeks with sweet water and things of such. Farthest I been north was Tenn. And that trip caused my second divorce( not complaining ). Me and hubby always vacation in Florida but we wanna go where the snow is this yr. what time of yr does it start snowing there?

Finally evening out

Boobs are way more even my body is slightly tuned in the photo.
Omg , girl you look effin amazing!!! I love that top, the clothes in our closets I bet look very similar. Your body is beautiful. WOWsers;)
You look great as well. Thank you. We both have 14 year Olds too:-)
Whew on the 14 yr old , sometimes shes dramatic and sometimes youd swear shes ten lol. Girl got some cooking skills tho. No facebook or any social sitesin our house, except this one. Its 95% drama free.

2 month side profile

Finally feel like they are sticking out the way they are supposed to. When they were high the nipples were more downward. Feeling great. Back to my old self.
You look really great!! I love the way you look in your cute tops!! I anxiously looking forward to go bra shopping =). I hope I can keep your stamina in being consistent in my exercising. You look Hot!!!
Thank you! I'm sure it helps that my husband is a 68 year old built like Arnold Schwarzenegger. My son's father owns an athletic club and I started going to the gym when I was 18. My first husband was very absent and I got married at 18 so the gym was something to do after work and I kinda just stuck with it. It has been a struggle with working and trying to be super mom. I have a 14 year old that I am there for all the time and I hate time away from him. He is old enough now that I am getting him to go to gym with me. My husband works in Kentucky so he is only home in Mt every other weekend. It's so worth to keep it up. When you try your best even when sluff off a little your body comes back faster because of muscle memory. Good luck on your journey you look like a beautiful lady! Children are wonderful and well worth the toll they take on our bodies. Thank goodness there is surgery for the things we can't fix ourselves if we choose it; -)
Both my husband and I have not found the motivation to exercise :( he was recently diagnosed w diabetes so we know it's a must to incorporate into our lives. We don't have an excuse to be lazy. Keep it up girl! You look fabulous!! You inspire me:)

9 weeks

9 weeks out and happy
OMG your new bras are HOT and look SUPER sexy on you girl! you look incredible for 40...actually about half your age!! you look great!
Thank you so much! I try hard to keep it up:-)
Your incisions look amazing.... barely noticeable. You are healing so well. Love all your updates. I can't wait until my girls fall and start to soften up. =)

2 months and one week out

Loving my results
Hi beautiful Angel, how are you?
What size and profile did u get
I got a 375cc high profile.

6 months out

Feeling really good about my results no longer think about size or compare myself to others as much. I feel I have the right size for my body and my personal style.
You look amazing! Us over 40 girls gotta keep it hot :)

almost 7 months out

Feeling great.
amazing results! I can't believe how nicely your scars healed. What are the exact names of the product photos you posted. I am definitely going to need to buy those. :) can't seem to find em through google.
I used PracaSil Plus and silacone gel strips. They do work great.
thanks so much!
Billings Plastic Surgeon

I have had many questions went back in and resized because I was unsure and they have had continual patients with me and I have had little pain and am very pleased with the way the healing is progressing. I have noticed quite a change in just the last day.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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