For Bikini Line - Not Worth It!

I had one year of electrolysis on my bikini line...

I had one year of electrolysis on my bikini line and upper leg area. This was once a week with a tech. on each leg at the same time. Paid double for each visit. 5 years later you can't even tell I had it done. Back to thick course hair, shaving bumps, etc. Not worth it.
Sounds like you weren't getting proper electrolysis because I had my legs completely cleared 15 years ago and have never had hair come back! You should only be going in for treatments every 6-8 weeks in between clearings. Electrolysis is permanent if done properly.
i am so sorry u did not get informed of how it is absolutely a life journey, they did not talk to u the truth, girl. ask any doctor any DERMATOLOGIST. u just found the wrong one, babygirl so sorry u did not know me :)
once that hair follicle is killed? it does not return. but there are 6 DIFFERENT SETS OF HAIRS THAT GROW AT THREE STAGES. U HAVE TO KILL IT WHILE IT'S IN THE RIGHT STAGE TO BE PERMANENT. SO MAYBE IF U DO A BIT MORE RESEARCH OR ASK A DERMATOLOGIST, THEN FIND ME. CUZ I WILL GIVE U A VERY AFFORDABLE RATE. AND IT IS PERMANENT. u just have to understand how many hairs that u think is actually one hair. when u pluck a hair, it actually takes up to 3 WEEKS TO REPRODUCE. the hair u soon see is a whole other hair. so, yeah u just got misinformed. Brandi White P.C.E. whitesburg ky., look me up on facebook. thanks
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