Rhinoplasty w Truesdale and BBL w Fisher

Hi ladies, the lurker finally becomes the lurkee....

Hi ladies, the lurker finally becomes the lurkee. LOL. So I can't believe that I am writing a post!! This MUST mean that I am finally ready because 2014 is my year. Ever since I can remember I have been insecure about this big nose. I inherited it from my momma. Oh it could be worse, look at hers. But my body was never a problem. Had a little pot belly but wore a little garment that held it in and I was sexy in my clothes again. Until I had an emergency C-section. Now I have a pot belly and the dreaded hanging c section belly. Gaining weight over the years, gave my little waist a muffin top, and hanging pot belly!!! Eww. So 16 years ago I had a consult with Dr Truesdale in Greensboro NC. He told me that it would bring out my eyes. Never had it done, but always remembered that comment. So I grew breast and no longer needed the breast implants that he also consulted with me. But the older I got, more weight I gain, and the bigger this nose and stomach got. Not sexy, looking rather masculine in the face. So I went again for a consultation in Miami with Dr Salzhauer. He is the self proclaimed "nose guru" doing nearly 300 nose jobs a year. Needless to say I was quoted nearly 18k for nose and bbl which I didn't think I could afford at that time. So I have been working on my credit to be able to afford financing and he is where I am. Dr Truesdale is the most affordable. At 3,800. I have seen another African American female who he's done. She's absolutely beautiful and so is her nose. She taught me, more money doesn't always mean better. Now time off work is an issue, I can probably get a week off work if I push to do it. But then there's a sculpting issue. I haven't seen a doctor that gives you a drastic change except the DR doctors. Or the infamous Dr J Curves who I can't afford. But I was a Yily doll in the making. Had my quote and consultation and everything. Until I read a review of the lost of volume in her bbl. So l asked Dr Duran for a quote but never heard from her. So I can spend a lot of money in Bal Harbour and get both done but not the best BBL that I've seen. Or I can get my nose done on a Friday in NC, then travel to DR like the next day. That seems like a lot of traveling in that short time. Im trying to recover all at once. Any suggestions?


Welcome to RealSelf! So glad you decided to share your story. :)

I agree with what latnahc says, you are not going to want to travel the day after rhinoplasty, or maybe up until a week after. I would space those two things out if youre going to different doctors.

Please keep us posted!
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hey just a heads up since this is your first post and you needed to wait for it to be approved the post is now hidden under a bunch of other reviews. now that the post has been approved, if you just add another little update (maybe another photo of your nose) it will be at the top of the page and people will give you feedback! anyway, my 2 cents: once you get rhinoplasty you are notttttt gonna wanna travel the next day! everyone is different buy i personally had an awful recovery even though i had constant access to my bed. so if possible, i guess get both surgeries done at the same time. also, while i agree that more money doesn't always mean better, i stronnnnggggllly suggest researching more doctors first and going with your favorite, whether or no s/he is the cheapest. i wish i had saved more and gone to a different one personally. also, ask the doctors to show you MULTIPLE african american rhinoplasties, because just 1 isn't nearly enough to base a life changing decision on! i wish you the best of luck and hope to see more updates!
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day 1 post op

Hey I'm not a scary cat anymore. .I actually did it

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Day 1 post op...hours after my surgery Dr Truesdale in Greensboro NC

Day 1 post op...didn't freak out didn't feel anything. ..pain medication on deck only felt pain soon after coming to, but my mom was already filling my prescription. ...I feel good..can't breathe out of my mouth, so my throat is soo dry and a little sore. I can tell that I will love my results. .looks hideous now though. .but is the size of the pinch that I would do to my nose when I imagine how I would look with a nose job.

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pre op


What does your nose look like now?
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Congrats on your rhino! I'm glad you decided to just do the one procedure. I had a BBL in December with Dr. J in ATL and the recovery is really no joke! I did my rhino/chin lipo on Feb 14th and honestly, I should have waited a couple of months longer. You really want to be fully healed from one surgery before having the next. Keep us posted on your progress. Best wishes!
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Awesome. Who did your rhino?

Guess who's getting a BBL with Fischer tomorrow?

I am going with Fischer...6 months after my rhinoplasty. By the way...my nose isn't a huge difference from what it was..nostrils are not as wise. But my stomach fat will now turn into my butt fat at 1pm tomorrow


wow, I DEFF would enjoy going to see him to get my nose done!
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before & after pics. post op 2 day with Dr Fisher

Sore and pain is all I can write. I'm too old for this.


Very excited for you :) congratulations
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I'm searching for a doc for rhino! Do you have after pics?
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wow how much did all of your procedures cost? can u show some update pics of your nose?
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Dr Truesdale -nose; Duran-bbl or Dr Salzhauer for both?

I actually went with Dr Fisher in Miami

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