42, 34H, Insurance Has Approved Me! - Boston, MA

I started thinking about this a couple of months...

I started thinking about this a couple of months ago. My breasts have always been large, but as I got older and gained weight (in my 20's I weighed 145 at 5'9", now I weight 185) my breasts got much larger. I have pretty much realized this is the weight I am going to stay at (-10 pounds maybe). Even though I wear properly fitting bras (I swear if one more person posts that they are a 40DDD I will scream "you are not! you are a 34H!) they are uncomfortable, prevent me from running despite the best sports bras, and my choice of clothing is limited. I'm a lawyer so my outfits are important.

I haven't had kids, so my breasts are pretty full with the right one fuller than the left. I would be fine going down to a D, which I think is what I used to be. But since doctors don't actually know what a real D looks like (if they think breasts the size of a small baby are DDD) they will probably make me a C, and I'll fit into a D bra.

WIll post before photos soon.

before photos

a couple of before, clothed, photos. I'm wearing a 38G bra, which is not the right size but I sleep in it because the band is looser so it is more comfortable.

Thinking of post-poning surgery

My surgery is scheduled for July 8th, and now I'm thinking of postponing it until mid-September. I am moving my office in August, and will be in no shape to do so even with hiring movers. And I think I need some more mental preparation time.
Doing it later gives me time to save some money to hire home helpers for a few days (I live alone, and while friends will probably stop by and visit they won't be doing my laundry or dishes...) and just kind of get used to the fact of removing part of my body.
I will call the nurse tomorrow and talk with her about it.

Pre-surgery info came in the mail

I got my pre-surgery info in the mail. I won't need to go in for pre-op work, it will just be a phone interview.

I won't have bandages on when I leave - the incisions will be sealed with skin glue over the sutures.

I can shower after 24 hours. I thought it would be longer than that.

I have arranged for a personal assistant-type person to be the "responsible adult" who takes me home. It's in the middle of a work day so I don't want to ask friends.

So that's the update. Still thinking about it. It's weird. Now that I know I have the option to do it, I am less certain.

Made hotel reservation for the night before surgery (surgery is Sept 23)

I live in the suburbs of Boston, and my hospital is smack in the middle of the city which would have meant battling rush hour traffic to get there. So, I made a reservation at a hotel right in the medical district that caters to patients (I wish they had some kind of "stay here for a few days after and we'll take care of you" package, but no luck). I will have a friend drive me in the night before, and then she'll come back to get me in the morning. This way I can sort of relax the night before and not worry about getting there in the morning, since it is just a block away.

Nerves starting

Surgery is a week from tomorrow - the 23rd. I am going to pick up my hibicleanse (that I have to wash with the night before and the morning of the surgery) and some gauze that they recommend having on hand afterwards.

I bought some smaller soft bras yesterday, but then realized they are all the kind you slip over your head so I need to get some front closure.

I also have no button up shirts, so I will get some of those, too for the first couple of days.

I have started to prepare some meals for myself to keep in the freezer,

And since I live alone, I will probably hire someone to come and be here for a few hours the first 2 days, to do laundry or dishes or just help me. My friends will come and see me but I don't want to be like "Hey, can you scoop up at the cat's litter box?"

Hiring a caregiver?

My surgery is next Tuesday. I live alone. I have some great friends, but they have families and aren't going to be visiting for long periods and I don't have family near by who can come and stay. I have a friend picking me up, but do you think it would be wise to hire someone to come and be with me for 2 hours the first evening I am home, and then 2 hours the next morning and maybe even the next evening?

There are a lot of agencies around here and the prices aren't bad. I figure just someone to help me out with laundry or dishes and food prep and making sure I'm not getting an infection or anything. Assuming you could afford it and lived alone, would you hire someone to come in for a bit?
Arlington Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tobias came highly recommended by a colleague who had her post-cancer diep-flap reconstruction by him. He also did a reduction for her friend's daughter. His office staff was very nice. Our meeting was very brief but he seemed to know what he was doing, and he had a surgical resident with him who will probably assist with the surgery. He answered all my questions. His staff submitted the paperwork promptly and I had my approval in about a week and a half.

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Why do you say that people are not a 40DDD? 40 is the measurement around your rib cage. Yesterday was the first time I had to put on one of my court suits and I couldn't believe how big the jacket was in the bust area. It felt great and instead of wanting to hide behind the jacket I found myself wanting to take it off! :) Good luck! You will not regret this. It really is an easy surgery.
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Good luck I wish you a speedy recovery
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We are surgery sisters! I'm on deck for next Tuesday as well....the crazy thing is I just got approved and set up the appt today! It should be advantageous that I've no longer than 1 week to think on it! (Though truthfully I've been wanting this for 10 years!)
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That is soon! Mine was originally schedule for July 8, about 2 weeks after I got my approval, but I realized I needed a little more time to process it. I hadn't let myself truly consider it until the insurance approval came through. But I am looking forward to it!
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My surgery is scheduled for the 23rd as well. I am hoping to go down from my current 32HH to a 32C. I am starting to get really anxious! I can hardly wait!!!
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I know what you mean about the nerves, lol. I think it's just the anticipation of it all. I've wanted this for so long now. Can you believe that it's just 8 days away?! Where has the time gone?
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Hi Izzy Bella! We are scheduled for surgery on the same day. Unlike you, I have to go back for my pre-op. I will have another consultation with my PS and have all of my bloodwork done, consent forms signed, etc. I do know that I'm ready to say bye bye big boobies and hello tiny tata's! I will be turning 42 in September. I'm 5'3" and am a size 32HH. I think I made some typos in my review, lol.
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Cool! It's coming up! I have come to a good place in being ready for this, I love my body but I am ready for my breasts to be smaller (and hopefully more symmetrical, the right one is bigger and it annoys me.) May we both have great results!
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You know, people keep asking me if I'm nervous. I'm not nervous at all, just ready for this to be done. I love my PS and I believe that she is going to do a great job. She may be one of the best ones in the hospital. I don't think that they would have made her Associate Chief of Plastic Surgery if she didn't know her stuff, lol. I hope you have great results as well, and that you get the tiny, perky, tata's of your dreams : )
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Whether you decide to wait or not, good luck! I am super happy with my results and wish I'd done it years ago. I live alone as well. I did stay with my parents for one night, but it wasn't necessary. I was fine taking care of myself. The only thing you can't really do is lift things, so stock up on groceries and carry the laundry little bits at a time :) I had one much larger than the other as well, but the funny thing is that now they are reversed! The one that used to be smaller is now clearly larger - go figure!
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I also had one larger than the other before my BR.  They were able to take me from a DDD to a C and it was a super nice size.  
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Hi All I live in the UK, I don't think there are the types of insurance you have over in the USA :-( Thanks wendy xx
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