Beware of Lipo for the Over-40 Crowd!

My thighs were always a problem area for me and I...

My thighs were always a problem area for me and I hated when they touched. I am extremely active despite my age and I could work out forever and never see the results I wanted in my thighs. I had a consult with a plastic surgeon and he did warn me that you lose skin elasticity when you get older so I might not be happy with liposuction, but he didn’t recommend taking that much out so I went ahead with it. It was a gamble but I knew I would never achieve the results I wanted simply by working out (and believe me, I tried).

Your surgeon can prepare you for the pain – and if he’s good, he should – but you will still be surprised by it. That’s the biggest thing. It was excruciating, and not just for a few days but for a solid month. Only after that time did it become bearable, but I was still by no means ready to start running around again.

I only had lipo on my inner thighs (most people have it multiple places but I really was targeting just one spot) but my whole body swelled up anyway, from my upper torso to my feet. I couldn’t even wear shoes for a while, not comfortably anyway, but I wasn’t going anywhere. Trust me, the pain was unreal.

I went in with average expectations so I am not disappointed; however, my surgeon was right about the skin elasticity problem. The compression garments were supposed to help with the skin going back to normal but even with them I still have some hanging loose. My thighs don’t touch anymore but my skin is now rippled and lumpy in that area. I’m hoping this will change, slowly, with time.

Overall I’m still glad I had it done but I wouldn’t do it again because of the pain.

I have found some things that relieved some of my discomfort. Lemon Tea twice daily...the juice of one lemon in hot tea..this will help flush your system. Lymphatic massage you can do yourself or have a family member do it. A good compression garment made for tummy tucks... Arnica Flora gell for help w/bruising and arnica montana for help with bruising and healing. sleeping w/pillows under legs...walking..and LOTS of water. You should see some relief if you do all or some of these things....most importantly the lymphatic massage and water.

I wanted a tummy tuck but because of a large incision from a previous surgery I was able to have a "moderate" tummy tuck below the belly button so my dr. suggested lipo above which made sense and then a little lipo on my love handles. It has been five weeks, the pain is terrible and I am stiff, can't fit into any of my clothes. When I came out of surgery I was told we did a lot of lipo. I figured of course everyone knew what they were doing. The tummy tuck is hardly painful though the scar is so ugly. But the lipo is so so painful and the dr. will not give me any more pain meds saying take tylenol, right that really helps! The top of the my thighs is swollen and sore and I'm told that's normal even though I didn't have lipo there. I really wanted a tummy tuck and now have to worry about lumps and bumps. I don't work out that much so that worries me. I've had the connective tissue massage which feels good but wasn't prepared for the financial cost of that. I wish everything wouldn't of been so understated, I don't know if I would of done it had I known how much lipo was going to be done. I know if I mention it to my dr. he will say he was just doing his job to sculpt the body to the tummy tuck. I hope I can get into some jeans at some point. It's depressing. Slow going and no pain meds!! Also I agree that being older takes longer to recover.
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