Beware of Invisalign!

I hate everything about the invisalign

I hate everything about the invisalign. I speak publicly on a daily basis and opted for the invisalign because I felt it would be less invasive. If I wear the invisalign, I stumble over my words. At least with regular braces, people would understand why my mouth was in such pain. I was not told about the scratchy buttons in advance. Nor was I told about the filing that would take place between my teeth. I was told that I would get used to the trays in a few weeks, but I am at twelve weeks, still in pain and see no relief in sight. My gums (which were as close to perfect as one can get) constantly feel like they are on fire.

I am in so much pain that I cannot eat regularly so I am exhausted all the time. I must take prescription sleep aids to get any sleep and I take pain killers daily. I highly recommend against the invisalign.


I do not recommend Invisalign. I was told it would take 13 to 15 months. I am now on month 27 and still there are a couple that are not straight. Invisalign don't have the control of metal braces and cost more. If your teeth are too high or low or twisted they do a poor job. If you have a bit problem they will not fix it. Most of the time you don't even know how your bit is because you are wearing the trays. Dentist like them because they make a lot of money off them and take a minimal amount of effort on their part. Two of the clips that were ground off for the next set took tooth enamel with them because the tech supporting the ortho. didn't know what he was doing. High cost, poor control, greater risk of cavities and take longer than metal. I would not use them if I knew now what no one talked about three years ago.
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I'm sorry to hear about your trouble. I just started week #5 last Friday, tray #3. Already I am 50/50 with Invisalign. The two hours I can relax & eat are not a lot. I feel like it's not good for my gums. My program is scheduled to be 38 trays or 76 weeks. I am hoping all turns out well.
Sometimes you get what you paid for depending on where you go.
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