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Beware if You Value Your Hair

Recently went for Titan treatment which included...

Recently went for Titan treatment which included intense pulsed light photofacial. Specifically asked doctor at consultation if treatment would cause hair burning or cinching. He told me definitely not. After treatment I was left with patches of scalp hair around face line that were burned off to the root (& I'm not talking just wispy ends -- in one place there's a one inch piece that was burned). He apologized, said it might or might not grow back, and seemed to be only concerned that I had cancelled my second scheduled treatment. Treatment itelf was painful & any possible benefit is not worth loosing the hair. Treatment was performed at a vascular surgeon's office by a nurse under doctor supervision.


Titan does absolutely nothing - read my review and subsequent follow ups - also it's proven fact that an extreme shock to the body's internal system can cause hair loss - it's called telogen effluvium - I am currently suffering from it.
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Yes, hair loss was caused by the IPL, not Titan!
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I can empathize regarding eyebrow loss. I was upset from eyebrow loss after an IPL session - right at the arch, awful. It never grew back properly, and it has been years. That is, until I used Latisse on my eyebrow. I finally have my eyebrow arch back! The application for Latisse is eyelashes, but it worked like a charm on my eyebrow. I do not believe it would work for the hairline. Good luck.
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