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I got my first filler and it was perfect. I wanted...

I got my first filler and it was perfect. I wanted more thereafter. The origional doctor didn't want to add more, so I went to another. They now look horrible! This 2nd doctor injected me with restylane and numbed me so much that the right side of my lip isn't fully back to normal in 3 weeks. My lips have visible lumps and feel horrible to me. I would do this again, but only with the recomendation of the best in Boston. I spent top dollar too. I went back, and the doctor said they are just fine. LOL. I want the lumps out so badly. Does anyone know what I can do to get them out? Thanks! Mass. Burbs

Hi, Thanks for your interest!..I haven't found any doctor as of yet. I did email a Dr. in Concord, Ma. but, I never heard from him. I know that Northeast Dermatology has a great reputation. They were the 1st to outline my lips, it was done perfectly!. I just wanted someone with more knowledge to make them fuller. By the way, I think all the restylane for 650.00 (what the Dr, called a deal because it's ready to expire), is now gonw. I still have the bumps, a little less noticible. I don't know how long I have to wait (if I even do) to have them done again. Thanks so much for your reply, if you hear of anyone good in Mass. I would love to know.
I'm sorry about your situation. Have you found a good doctor to help yet?
Hi, I had the outline of my lips done with juviderm by another doctor. I wanted them thereafter to be more full. I was told about this Dr. right in my city of Beverly, Ma. She used restylyn mixing the two. The outline that was so well done was even ruined. Now, I have noticeable bumps on the top and bottom. She (the Dr.) said it's just fine. Oh, by the way, she mentioned that she would give me a deal on the restylane as it was about to expire and went on to tell me that it doesn't expire in the lips. I was numbed so badly that it took 1 whole day to even feel as far up as my eye again. She told me because of the bumps that I can't have my lips done for another year. This bothers me as I have nothing showing as far as larger or plumper also after she did this. Sad case, 650.00 gone and a Dr. that honestly? did not care. The bumps are both inside and outside and they are driving me nuts as to how the not only look, but feel. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to spend more of my hard earned money to have what I truly want for myself. I need a true professional in my area. Thanks a million for any help that you can give me! Sincerely, Kath

I finally found a new Dr. in NH for lips, she's...

I finally found a new Dr. in NH for lips, she's unreal! Mine came out beautiful! She's a dentist not a dermatoligist.Dentists are by far better for the job! Dr. Schaffer? agai, a total rip off. Keep away for lips!

You should have listened to the first Dr who said not to do another injection..
I am so glad I listened to myself. I even went further...I finally, the 3rd time found a woman that did perfect!..Not a dermitologist, a dental specialist..She put the filler inside the middle of my lips that gave them what we called a cupids bow look...The others did only around my lips...WRONG!!!...Also, if there were any left in the way of what she did for me, they have a solution that can easily be injected to remove the other...By the way, she did a topical number, didn't bother me at all...I say the dentists that re doing this now are better than the skin doctors..I know another that;s tops in Massachusetts...Oh, the price that made my lips perfect?..500.00....Now if that isn't a great Dr. of what!!!!Your post has no detail as to what you said...I've been researching this to death!
I had o.5 of a ml of Belotero put into my lips to see if I liked it and could tolerate the pain. We left the topical numbing cream on for about an hour and kept applying it and it wasnt really painful nor did I bruise (i had no anaesthetic in the mouth). My lips look natural, just more defined. The person who did this only injects it in the mid lip, not the borders, as this is when you get the whole trout pout look.
Im going to get a bit more put in just for more fullness, not for ridiculous size lips.
Be conservative and do your research and check how they are going to do it and think about whether you can handle any possible pain or swelling after if it reacts.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

This doctor gives no help. Works faster than it takes to become numb. Works fast,has no feel for patients. She can't even help me with any information to relieve my visible lumps and I know that something can be done. Thumbs down to her. Only wants the money. She told me she would give me a deal because the product was ready to expire. I wanted Juviderm. She actually talked me into restylane. I feel and look horrible. BTW, she asked for 650.00. Was that a deal?.I think not. I made a terrible mistake chosing her. I now will only go to the best in Ma.Be careful.

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