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Ultherapy Hurts! - Beverly Hills, CA

Ultherapy hurts!! I was not offered pain meds and...

Ultherapy hurts!! I was not offered pain meds and felt like I was being carved up with an exacto knife (and I have a high tolerance for pain). Had the brows and eyes done. Still tender three weeks later and I get shooting pains in my face whether I touch it or not.

I'm concerned I have some nerve damage - don't know if that's even possible - don't care about results anymore. I feel Ulthera has misreprented the level of patient discomfort. I see a lot of positive reviews on this site (mostly by doctors selling a service) and wish the rest of you fantastic results with minimal discomfort. Ask a lot of questions and have your doctor prescribe pain meds!!

PS I'd rather not share the cost but was unable to leave the field blank so I picked an average number based on costs I found on various web sites.

I had ulterapy done for the second time five days ago. The first time I experienced minor pain but did see a bit improvement. The second time was a nightmare. They were more aggressive with the treatment and shot my face up with lidocaine so it would be bearable. I had a bad reaction to this drug, but managed to finish the procedure. The worst part is that I now have nerve damage. Like the prior poster, my lower lip is now uneven. The doctor assures me that this will heal, which I hope is the case. I would NEVER recommend this treatment. The pain and the risk factor are much more than promoted. Stay away from it.
Thanks, San Jose! I am happy to hear that your treatment went better the second time! I will look for your post, too. : )
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