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Tummy Tuck and Liposuction - Beverly Hills, CA

My surgery is in 2 weeks. I'm very nervous but...

My surgery is in 2 weeks. I'm very nervous but more excited about doing this. I think about it all the time, looking at myself and imagining my flat tummy and thinner thighs.

Since I am starting this diary before having the procedures, I can't rate the pain yet- I will update when it's time. My satisfaction with my doctor is excellent so far. Pre-op appointment was very informative and reassuring.


hi I think we all think the same thing, my mind is going 24-7 some night I can't sleep, then I tell myself nope I'm going to cancell then I tell myself I need this over and over for 2 months now god I just want it over with. My surgery is Dec 22 so I have a month to wait. I must say this web site is the best for information. any way take care.
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I know- I feel like I'm obsessed! I haven't told many people though so this site is really great for venting when the nerves get too much. I'm not worried about the pain as much as actually not making it through alive. Silly I know since that's rare and I have an awesome doctor, but still.....
pain for me is what I'm very nervous about, scar no problem, making it through alive it's ok, it's all the pain. I havn't gone under the knife before so I don't know what to expect, so i'm thinking the worst hope the drug are good lol

Well I'm 1 week away from my TT and Lipo of my...

Well I'm 1 week away from my TT and Lipo of my flanks and upper thighs (and an umbilical hernia repair) and I'm getting pretty excited. I only get nervous at night when I can't sleep - like last night it occurred to me that I don't have life insurance and since my husband is a firefighter, how will he pay for child care for our 2 teenage boys if I don't come out of this alive? OK - is that a bit over-the-top for nervousness?!?!

My body's history: 1-9# baby at age 39, 1-10# 3 oz. baby at 41- both by c-section; 2 hiatal hernia operations...my belly is crying out for repair.

My husband is 100% behind this surgery. He's taken 10 days off to help me and take care of the kids.

I really hope this week flies by! I can't take the suspense much longer!!


Hi Daffy!   You are almost there!  Time is flying by quickly now.  Next week at this time it will be all over with and you will be on the mend. 

Thinking about you and I know you will do great! 
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I know! I'm kind of in a daze about it. I am so happy to have found this site- makes me feel much less anxious. I'll be updating as soon as I'm up to it, but even with all my RealSelf pals, I have no idea what to expect next week.
Thanks for your support!
hey a few days omg....... what kind of meds did your doctor give you if you say your a junkie lol. Are you getting a pain pump too. I don't know if I'm having one, but most ladies say get one so who knows I guess I'll ask when I see my doctor.
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3 days to go - started the Arnica Montana and...

3 days to go - started the Arnica Montana and Bromelian yesterday to help with swellling and bruising. Hope it works! Not nearly as afraid as I was last week, but definitely pre-occupied.

I hadn't told my sister until after Thanksgiving so I wouldn't have to get lectured. Then everyone was talking about the show on tv the night before about plastic surgery and saying how awful it was to try and change the way you look. SO GLAD I waited to tell anyone!!

My best friend, my sister and my mom are all afraid for me. They tell my I look great but I don't agree. My husband and all my other gal pals are excited and supportive.


Hope your doing ok.
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Thinking about you and can't wait to hear how you are doing!!!!
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Hope you're feeling positive! You won't believe how quickly you'll recover and how your body knows just what it needs to do to heal. The narcotics will make the first couple weeks feel like a time warp; it will fly by.
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Very very happy today. Back in my son bed- foxing...

Very very happy today. Back in my son bed- foxing back to sleep now!

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Going, not 'foxing' back to sleep! Guess...

Going, not 'foxing' back to sleep! Guess that was a Freudian slip since my new body is so Foxy :)


Keep up with those pain meeds and muscle relaxers regularly. Peeing was torture at first. I think I sat there for like 20 minutes just to get a little trickle. It came in waves..or trickles...a little...wait 3 minutes..a little more...wait. It get better within a day or so. The first time I emptied my bladder all in one pee wave I was overjoyed. O the small things that are big accomplishments for us!

Sounds like your doing really good though. Hang in there..we r here for you!
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Oh I did the same thing.  Had to go but it just wouldn't come out quick enough.  I did that for about five days.  It does get better though.  I think it was a problem because it hurt to push.
hey girl glad you made it through, sounds like your doing great after being in surgery yesterday I hope I bounce back like you. Hows the pain today? and when can you shower? anyways take care.
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I saw the doc yesterday he said everything went...

I saw the doc yesterday he said everything went really well. Took off the garment and cleaned my incision which made me horribly woozy so I couldn't stand up to take a post op photo. Had hubby take one while I was in the chair. Doc told me to take the garment off a few hours a day and told me to get prilosec for the reflux I'm now having- which he says is temporary. It feels great taking it off for awhile, but I'm such a wimp I can't be bear to look at my tummy yet! Drains coming out Monday. So far so good. Sleep is tough due to the low back ache, but that even improves a little every day.

I have a better system going for my meds so I'm comfortable most of the time.

How's everyone else doing out there? Chinababe?


Today I feel so much better than I have for the pastbfew days. Looking back i can see I was in a daze when I first got home. I have put my meds schedule into my iPhone calendar so it alerts me when I need what. That has made it much less confusing. I'm eating little meals and taking prilosec so no more reflux and little puking. I can stand upna little straighter too. Things are moving along well and I'm getting really excited about seeing my progress when I get the drains out Monday.
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So awesome Daffy. i looked back at some of my posts after just a day or 2 after sx and I was just laughing cuz I dont remember writing half of them!!! For a sec I was like "HEY....what the....someone else wrote that...."
I know- I saw some texts I sent the night of my surgery and they are hilarious. That Demerol was potent. My mom said they came in and cleaned me up, pushed and pulled and I never woke up.

I'm hoping to get my first post op pics tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Took a prilosec tonight but I'm having some reflux right now. Yuck.

Still sleeping on the couch and the muscle relaxers are just kicking in so.......nite nite!

Today I washed my hair, put my contacts back in...

Today I washed my hair, put my contacts back in and put on make up. I'm dressed and ready to go see the doctor. I Looked in the mirror and said "hey I remember you!".

More when I get back from the doc- maybe even my first post-op photos. Hopefully no drains and a showerntonight!


Hi Daffy
How are you doing? sounds like you are going great.
I am sure that when drains come out you will feel much more like normal. I had my strapping off yesterday (day 7) & having a shower was like heaven.
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Sunshine- I walked up my street and back- a small hill without about 20 homes. It's the hunching over part that's so awkward. And it seems to remind you that you have muscles that you just got sewn together!

But I got myself up today and went to the PTA meeting after all. Just sat and ate some fruit and a bagel and put my two cents in when I felt the urge. It was good to be back in the world, but I must say I didn't feel well when I got home. Even had the chills for about an hour so I've been back in my cocoon on the couch since noon! Guess it really does take some time to let your body heal. You feel so great when you're just lying around so you start moving and then- pow- you're not ready. Just listen to your body and rest when it tells you to.

Trena- there's no rule that says you have to be nervous! I was more excited than nervous most of the time. When I first found this site I was 2 weeks from my surgery. It flew by! You'll be on the other end in no time.

I'm most anxious to get the drains out so I can slip some cute knickers on and take some flat tummy pics!

I can tell that my drains will be out tomorrow. Much less is coming out now. Patience is a virtue- right?!?
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hey daffy sounds like your doing well for day 8 I think, other then the drains being a pain in your ass but hope they will come out soon. I got 2 weeks to go and I'm not nervous at all, I hope there is nothing wrong with me for not being nervous. I guess I got a few days to get that way right. I have to pay the big bill tomorrow so I could get nervous then maybe, I just want this so bad as of all of you ladies do. anyways hope your doing well take care.
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Well after measuring my drain output today I just...

Well after measuring my drain output today I just knew they wouldn't remove them so I called the office and read off the numbers. I was right, so they rescheduled me for tomorrow. It's a 45 minute drive each way so I just couldn't see the point. I've waited a year for this surgery; I can wait a couple of days for the drains.

In the meantime I stripped off all my garments and gave myself a good sponge bath. I taped up my drainage tubes and bulbs and stood naked in front of the mirror and took a good look at my new body. Even with the swelling I must say I look awesome! I feel so boastful saying that, but at this point I am really looking at it as the brilliant sculpting of my artistic PS. Once I'm out in the world I'll take ownership of it, but for now it's his work I'm admiring.


Hi Daffy!! how's the drain thing?? hopefully over for you that's a big turning point can't wait to see the new goods!!!
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Still draining too much to remove the left one (30cc) so I'm just waiting to take them both out at the same time. I think Friday will be it though- they said "lets get them out for the weekend" so I'm hoping that's it. So frustrating!!!!!
how many did you have and how long were they on? Am I just a very fluidy person or is my doctor extra cautious?

Daffy - so sorry about that.  They will come out soon.  It is better to be cautious and not rush this.  My first drain came out two days after surgery and the second was in for 9 days.  I just kept pumping out the fluid at a steady rate. 

Soon my friend...soon.

I can sing it from the highest mountain top - I...

I can sing it from the highest mountain top - I got my drains out today!! Wow I feel so free and unemcumbered now. I am still all bruised and scarred, but man do I love that silhouette.

I was going to go back to work next Thursday but my doc wants one more full week of no driving - fine with me! Since I work only when I make myself available...I will not be available until the 20th - a full 20 days of recovery. That sounds so much better.

My husband is going back to work tomorrow so I'll be relying on my teenage boys to keep things together around here. Hub is a fireman so he's gone 24 hours - that means the kids have to make breakfast, lunch and dinner - AND clean the dishes. I know they can rise to the occasion. If not - hubs can clean it up when he gets home Sunday. (He's making a big pot of Pozole today that we can eat for a few days) I can always call my BFF to take the boys away or feed us. I'm not worried at all.

I'm just so elated to have those stinking drains out!!!!


looking good girl.
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You look amazing!!!
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Hurray no more drains!  You look great woman! 
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I am taking my first shower now. This crotchless...

I am taking my first shower now. This crotchless security blanket is going into the wash finally. I don't know why, but I'm a little nervous about seeing my scar- I tend to get light-headed at stuff like that. Thankfully we have a big seat in our shower so I'll stay low in case I feel woozy.

(But I think I'll take a couple of pics of my scar to look at later.)


Just saw your updated pics Daffy and you look fantastic!!! It's all starting to pay off, huh? I was looking in the mirror this morning and thinking that I will only have to look at that nasty tummy for only 2 more weeks. Incredible and so hard to believe. I hope you are enjoying it and the VS underwear!!
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Thanks. It's still a bit hard to believe. I haven't bought any new VS undies yet- the ones in the photos are from years ago when I was thinner- for some reason I saved them(?)

I remember standing in my shower, pulling the flab up and trying to imagine a flat tummy. These weeks will fly by for you. You'll look back at your photos and shake your head in disbelief. Such joy!!

I agree with you Sunshine..daffy looks wonderful!

Today is starting out well. Yesterday I only took...

Today is starting out well. Yesterday I only took 2 extra strenth Tylenol and it was a very uncomfortable day. Today I took a percocet right after I got up and I am feeling great. I do worry about the day when I won't have them anymore.....don't want to become another Rush Limbaugh or Melanie Griffith (only not rich and famous.) But I am only taking one in the day, and one at bedtime, so I don't think it will be a problem.

I'm adding a photo of my incision line to show how it looks. I've noticed others' photos and my belly button area still looks very red and funky compared to everyone else's. I hope it heals well so I don't have to have that re-done. I think it may be some bruising though....we'll see over the next few days. I don't see the doctor again until Friday 12/17.


It's funny because sometimes they seem over the top but some of them I can really relate too! I guess it would be really nice to have money like that but I wouldn't want to have to live like someone that I'm not. I love jeans and old running shoes, I'm a t shirt and Diet Coke kind of gal :) I don't think one of these ladies has not had some kind of work done but I'm not judging LOL As for calling it the OC, I loved that show and was really bummed when it died :P But I can understand why the term would bother you. I live in Michigan, I can't count the times people have said Yooper like it is a bad thing :)
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What does Yooper mean?

"OC" has come to mean privilege and shallowness. They used to say we lived "behind the orange curtain". It is a very conflicted place down here. I came from LA so to me it's a bit too conservative, but I love living in a beach community so I'll suffer. It's more t-shirt and diet coke here. Actually it's flip flops or Ugg boots and shorts all year round. My husband's idea of dressed up is corduroy shorts instead of cotton. Someone made fun of me once for wearing make-up to the market. I like casual, but I have to draw the line somewhere!
ok...so when i come visit daffy? I wanna go to the beach.

Today I'm a little concerned about my meds....

Today I'm a little concerned about my meds. Intried to make it with just extra strength Tylenol on Sunday and that was not good. So I went to one oxycodone in the morning and one at night. Then today I decided to try just the muscle relaxer- again- not good. So finally at 2 pm I took a percocet and I feel so much better, but a little dopey.

I am worried that I can't be comfortable without the percocet. It's been 2 weeks since surgery. Am I too concerned? Is this still close enough to be taking meds? I'm so freaked at the idea of addiction.


Ditto- you should stretch your legs and wiggle your feet. I got up every few hours and walked to the bathroom. That's about all you can handle the first few days. Especially walking hunched over!

I spent the night at a recovery place and they had those leg squeezers on me. I never liked them before, but this time I loved them.
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ok thanks well I'm so ready for this, I thought I would be a basket case but I'm happy and ready.
I would get up to use the bathroom every couple of hours, yes you really do go that much LOL The nurse also told me to do foot rolls in bed to help with blood clots. So I would lay there and just roll my foot around in each direction and repeat with the other foot. I tried to do that every few hours. The next day I started walking down the hallway and back to the bedroom. I really tried to keep my legs moving as much as I could stand.
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I am so excited today! I went all day yesterday...

I am so excited today! I went all day yesterday without a pain pill, just Extra Strength Tylenol, then took a pill after dinner and felt great all night. Slept well and woke up without any pain. Took 2 Tylenol this morning and so far, so good.

I drove my car for the first time today. I think I could have before, but the doc told me to wait until after my appointment today (which isn't until later) but I had to take my car in for service...only a 3 mile drive. Man, it felt great to be out and about independently!!

My biggest thrill is being off the pain meds during the day. I'll try sleeping tomorrow night without them and see how it goes. Not ready tonight! We have a Christmas party and I think I'll need one to sit in a chair at the restaurant all night. The chair thing is still uncomfortable.


Love the pic...who is with you??
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Well my doctor appointment went very well. He said everything looks great and my scar is healing well. He also said the swelling is going down well. Turns out it was stitches, not glue. He said they're internal so they're hidden. He put new steri strips over it so I can't take a picture, but I think he did a great job.

I also learned that the soreness in my upper chest is most likely something to do with my ribs. I can't actually remember what he said other than that I can take motrin or advil. Yay! I hate Tylenol- it has never worked for me.

On the way home we stopped for fish tacos, chips and guacamole. It was heavenly!

I think tomorrow at the mall may be a bit ambitious, but I really need to pick up a couple of gifts there. I'll bring my boys and take lots of rest breaks.

I'm going through my Spanx collection to see if there's something a bit more comfy than this garment- something that has a little boobie support.
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great that both of you are on the road to recovery, driving how exciting to get out of the house on your own,to feel better to get some fresh air. good job happy shopping
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Yesterday I felt like a million bucks. Today...

Yesterday I felt like a million bucks.

Today I feel like $1.47

What a roller coaster ride this is! But SO worth it.


Daffy saw the flooding in CA and knew you were talking about the rain. Hope you aren't in that area with flooding. Thinking of you and hoping you and your family are safe!
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Thanks Baby- I'm near it, but we came out fine. The neighborhood is one big mudslide though. When Chinababe talked about the world standing still when it snows in England- that's southern Cal in the rain. First we have fires and then when there's no plants on the slopes, we have mudslides. Then we get an earthquake now and then just to make it interesting.

daffy...now that is very scary..my nephew lives in Hollywood and I have not talked to him but am going to check in with him tonight through Facebook.

I am glad you are all ok :)   But what a mess that must be??

Wishing all my Real Self friends a very Merry...

Wishing all my Real Self friends a very Merry Christmas. I feel really blessed to have found such a neat circle of supportive women on this surreal journey of self-fulfillment. May you and your families enjoy laughs and love over these next days together.


WOW, Daffy...you look good! Worth it, ain't it?!
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Thanks June- boy is it ever worth it!
Yes, Sunday night at 9.
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Happy New Year to all my Real Self gal pals....

Happy New Year to all my Real Self gal pals. We've got an exciting year ahead with our hot new bodies! Have fun and be safe tonight.


Hey Daffy, check out Nervous1's review. It is a new one and she is asking about a PS in Orange County.
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I'm on the job!

Happy New Year to all! I am thrilled to begin...

Happy New Year to all!

I am thrilled to begin 2011 with a new sense of self. I look into the mirror now and see someone I thought I'd never see again. I am proud to have taken this step for myself. I know I will be a better wife and mother now that I have chosen to do something special for Me.

I thank my husband and sons for their support and love during this journey. I thank my plastic surgeon Jay Calvert and his staff for their understanding, compassion and comfort.

I am truly excited to enter 2011 with a renewed excitement about life!


I am thinking of buying a dual electric blanket. My husband is burning up and I am still cold at night. (except for hot flashes - for that I have a fan by my bed with a remote - I throw off all the covers and flip on the fan till it's over - probably like sleeping in the circus ;) You gotta know my husband is a real special man to put up with all of this without complaining.
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Well I'm past hot flashes so I'm just cold all the time. Right now it's 68 degrees outside so I'm sitting in the sun and it feels great.
Where ya at....I wanna move there!

Saw my PS today- I'm just past the 6 week mark...

Saw my PS today- I'm just past the 6 week mark. First the PA checked me out and said I'm a "good healer" and my scar looks great. Then she said the swelling looked normal. Then the doc came in - he admired my scar like he had created a work of art...but then he said the swelling down around my incision and mons is bigger than it should be. He said it could be a late forming seroma.

He asked if I minded him sticking a needle in to see if there was fluid. That did not thrill me...I asked if I could lie down as I'm a fainter when it comes to needles. He said I had to stand..yikes. I covered my eyes but i didn't feel a thing. And then he said there was no fluid! Hmmm?

So...he put me in a binder for 2 weeks. It's a bit uncomfortable (I didn't wear one before; just a full garment) but I like having my legs uncovered and just wearing my regular panties. So we'll see what happens in 2 weeks.

He has not cleared me to ski, pay tennis or do any core work. Walking and the elliptical bike and some upper body weights, pull-ups, etc. is fine. I really miss tennis. I broke my collarbone last Feb so it's been a year since I've played. I really miss it. But I'll be patient and follow instructions.

Before I went to see him I stopped at my favorite swimwear shop and tried some cute stuff on. But I wasn't thrilled with anything because of that lower swelling. Hopefully in a few weeks things will look better. But it was really fun trying them on!

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PS. I got to meet a fellow RealSelf gal today.....

PS. I got to meet a fellow RealSelf gal today...Beachgal is getting ready to go in February. She's really excited and it's going to be fun to see her before and after in person!


Thanks daffy! I went shopping and bought 3 bikinis today. Pretty excited. We have a pool so I wear them alot in the summer. Will check out the website too. I tried on some different styles today, so I pretty much know what I can wear. I was always chubby before and always spent months trying to find the most flattering suits. Happy happy!
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Hey frills- I found a great swimwear website through a fellow PS Survivor. It's called Venus.

Here's the link: http://www.venus.com/swimwear.aspx

They have tons of great fabric choices and styles, you can mix and match and the prices are great. She says she buys all her suits on this site. I can't vouch for quality, vut my friend has pretty good taste, so.....
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Ok I didn't type "frills". I typed GIRLS. Damn this intuitive spelling correction thing!

Hi all- for some reason I have not received any...

Hi all- for some reason I have not received any emails about any new postings for 2 days now.....anyone out there?


Last year I had a woman in my gym tell me I had amazing calves :) I have runners legs for sure! Well I told the girls at work about it and they asked if she was a lesbian...kind of a snarky thing to say. The husband said their jealous because you have killer legs and well...they have tree stumps LOL
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Oh and we should be able to give other women compliments without someone asking if you're a lesbian. And so what, so what if the other woman handing out the compliments happens to be a lesbian? A compliment is just that, a compliment and not a come on and even if it did happen to be a come on, I would take that as a compliment :)
Some women (and men) are just ignorant. Or they let their biases come out because they think they are right or they're too stupid to think before they speak.

If you're a secure person in who you are- you can speak without fear of judgment. Just always try to be nice.

Tomorrow I will be 8 weeks post op and today I...

Tomorrow I will be 8 weeks post op and today I finally had sex for the first time after the kids left for school! Yes, I'm a late bloomer- everyone else was doing it after 2-3 weeks, I know! (but in my defense...my husband is a fireman so he's not home every night.) Ok basically I was afraid it would hurt!

It was fine-more than fine- and we laughed and wondered why we waited so long. I must admit i had a strange feeling like a phantom belly hanging down when i was leaning over him, but then i remembered it was gone and it was really wonderful to feel uninhibited and free with myself again!

But then I got up to dress and my sides are so sore that it hurts
to breath. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary...just sort of lap sitting style so I don't know why I'm hurting so much. I took a muscle relaxer and we went to the beach for a nice long walk and lunch on the pier. A little cocktail, a seafood salad and some ceviche ....what a perfect day!

I am so happy with my new body and my new self-esteem! I feel fantastic! (Photos when my new bikini arrives from the UPS man this week.)


Big Bumper! I Love that suit! My scar is a bit high, so I am unsure if the higher bottom will be high enough. I think I will e-mail them and ask them for more details about the bottoms.
Check out this suit one of you wonderful girls needs to buy it! Does anyone have the nerve ....and the money? LOL
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That is a beautiful suit! Someone get it!

I saw that site when I was searching for swimwear stores in new York. I'm going next week...I may pop in there!
Gracey, check out the KGB-Thumbelina it has ruffles on top and bottom but it isn't a halter top:-)
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I saw my PS today for my 8 week follow up. 2 weeks...

I saw my PS today for my 8 week follow up. 2 weeks ago my lower abdomen was very squishy like a water balloon. He stuck me with a needle, but there was no fluid. He had me wear a binder for these past two weeks. Within 3 days, the whole area began to get hard. I wasn't sure if that was good or bad....

I was also concerned about some pockets of what appeared to be fat on my inner knees where I'd had lipo. He suggested maybe shooting saline in and re-shaping the areas.

Over the past week I noticed my upper abdominal skin was a bit saggy when I bent over and there was a tiny roll over my jeans when I sit. Standing up straight- no sag at all- perfectly flat.

We discussed all these things today. As for my knees- the litle pouches were gone...must have just been swelling. Yay! As for the loose skin and roll- there's just so much skin they can remove allowing you to be able to stand up straight- and allowing them to be bake to stitch you back together! As for the hardness- he said it. Was something that stared with a D- normal- I really should write some of this stuff down!

So all in all I am perfectly satisfied with the answers to my concerns. Things are healing nicely- my scar is nice and low (he measured- 10cm below my belly button is his preference.) he tries to keep the incision below the lowest cut jeans they make nowadays!

I am so pleased with my doctor. His professional but friendly manner are very comforting. He takes as much time as I need to feel good before I leave the office. And I am just amazed at how fantastic my tummy and thighs look now!

Oh - and a little birdie in his office told me that the Homedic handheld massager with the 2 heads works really well on the swelling. It is not FDA approved so it cannot be "recommended" but it works! I will be running out to buy one tomorrow!

As soon as my new bikinis arrive from UPS I will post new pics.


Sorry,the dance I was thinking of is the Merengue (where you drag one leg while you are dancing. ; ) LOL!
Many people think that you can increase you metablolism by raising your calorie count -once per week. Might cause you to lose weight. Just saying....it could happen ;)
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LOL..Love Ya Gracey :)
Drink some water, then some wine. Stuff happens. Please don't torture yourself. You could dance it off. ...even with yiur knee. Look up basonova online- lol.
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I ordered a new bikini for the first time in about...

I ordered a new bikini for the first time in about 15 years! Here's the very blurry photo...


You look great!
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Thanks....so do you!
Hi Daffy! Sorry that happened to you. I swell within about 30 minutes of when I run -but it takes over 24 hours to go back down.
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3 months...still feel swollen in different areas...

3 months...still feel swollen in different areas every day. tummy feels hard most of the time, like scar tissue - not strong muscles, but it looks fine. time will tell. I'm very happy so far.


You look amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats
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Thanks. I do have some saggy spots that my PS will be working on in a few months. As the swelling goes down, the skin changes. But I am thrilled to have my old body back!
Love the blue bikini. I missed that last night. You are still looking great despite no exercise. I have a PS appt Monday hopefully I won't be up to high when I get there glad he doesn't weigh me. Went out tonight should have stayed in and studied and exercised. Tired of missing out so I have been doing other things instead of school. This weekend have to study but if it is nice I am going out walking maybe a run but I stink at running. My legs hurt today from the mile I did yesterday. So different to go out and do that compared to the treadmill
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Well it looks like I have a seroma -- we've just...

Well it looks like I have a seroma -- we've just noticed it so now it looks like I'll be going in for draining. I'm going to talk to my PS about doing some revisions and more lipo at the same time. I think the seroma has been there since the beginning. It was an area of pain for me (upper right abdomen) and now that the swelling has gone down I have a bulge. He's poked it with a needle twice and nothing came out so I had an ultrasound and they spotted it that way.
My incision sags on one side and my knees are still pudgy. I'd also like a little fat removed from the lower tummy/mons area now. I just don't know what to expect money-wise. I would hope my original price would include the revisions....especially since he didn't do my knees right!


Hi Daffy,
Don't have much time because we are heading out to the movies but I was looking at updates. I just realized you could get them sent to you immediately not just once a week.

Sorry to hear about the seroma and the revisions. I am doing well. My last class is tomorrow night and I plan on getting my butt in a regular exercise routine in the next week or two. I should be able to check in more with everyone soon. June will be 6 months for me so if I can get exercising here hopefully my results will be looking fabulous and I will put in 6 month pics. I need to get my ab muscles tightened can't wait to be able to actually see results rathar than the flab hiding the results.
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Oh NO!! I am sorry to hear of the late forming seroma. I wish you all the best and please keep us updated on how all that goes. You look fabulous too by the way! :) Good luck!
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Thanks. I don't think it was late forming. I think we just discovered it when the swelling went way down. I had pain in that area from the first week but my PS thought it was tightened muscle rubbing on a rib. Now we know!

I saw your photos....you look great too!

It's been just over 6 months since my surgery. ...

It's been just over 6 months since my surgery. Last month I was dealing with a seroma in my upper right abdomen. I'm sure it was there from the beginning since I had a very sore area there early on. It showed up on an ultrasound so the doctor sent me to have an ultrasound-guided aspiration. When they used the ultrasound to start the procedure, they had a very hard time finding it, though there is a visible bulge in the area. Two techs agreed that it must be dissipating and they didn't feel they could get any fluid out. They felt it would do more harm than good to attempt to drain it.
Being afraid of needles...I was fine with that so I left. But the bulge is still there.
My doctor seems to be avoiding the idea of any further surgery, though there are a few spots I would live touched up (sagging incision on one side, still have fat pockets on my inner knees that I wanted lipo'd during my first procedure. I know I'm being impatient and that I should wait longer for more swelling to go down, but I am still concerned about the bulge. My doctor isn't happy about it either (nor is my husband - he says I look "lumpy")
So - my doctor has recommended I go for some "Accent" laser treatments to help smooth the area out. He has offered to pay for the first treatment; if I like it, I can pay for more myself. Well first, I haven't read too many positive reviews about the treatment - especially being able to see results with just one treatment. I'm not sure how much more money I want to sink into this project! Second - I would like to have him do the touch-ups without my having to keep paying for things.
I'm scheduled for the Accent treatment tomorrow afternoon. I'll report back - but does anyone have experience with this as a post-tummy tuck treatment?

I will post some "pre-accent" bulge photos tonight and then some "after Accent" shots tomorrow night.


Hi Daffy
how ae you doing? Are you happy with your results now? Don't come on here as often as before.
hope you are happy with the laser treatment.
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Hey Daffy! I had a couple of areas that were sagging so my PS did a little lipo and it helped quite a bit. My biggest problem is on the side where I had my old scar - she did a great job but that side will always sag a little more. Even so, I wore a bikini top in Cancun :) Thankfully revisions are a piece of cake compared to what we've already been through!
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I think you got a great result! You look beautiful! I work in a PS office and it's normal for complications to take up to a year to resolve. But in the meantime, you look rockin!
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I am at about 8 months since my surgery. I am...

I am at about 8 months since my surgery. I am comfortably wearing a bikini in public (YAY!) but I am still not 100% happy with the way my tummy looks. I had an Accent treatment to try and smooth out the lumpy appearance but it didn't impress me. Call me a sceptic, but my feeling is this- if Accent worked to smooth skin and erase cellulite, why don't all the stars have perfectly smooth thighs? Surely they can afford the $300+ per section, per treatment price to have perfectly smooth skin...but they don't!

I had a seroma that was too ill-defined to drain by ultrasound guidance. There's still a bulge in the area and I don't know what to ask my doctor to do about it. I am seeing him next Friday for the first time in months. I know he has wanted to avoid another surgery, but I am ready to get this behind me - I want either some lipo to remove the tissue, or whatever other procedure can be done. I also have some areas where the lipo didn't do what I expected (inner knees) that I would like re-done.

I also can't tell if I'm still swollen or just need some lipo down in the lower abdomen and mons area. Isn't 8 months a long time to be swollen?

I guess my question at this time would be - when do I put my foot down and ask to get the revisions done?


Daffy well look at you in that sexy little bikini!   You look amazing:)

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Hi Duffy,
I am so sorry to hear that things are still not well.
I am in the same boat, boldge on the upper left and uneven in different areas of the tummy.
I went to see the doctor July 5th, and he said to schedule any time I want to come in and have lipo correction. He agreed with me that there could be improvement.In May he said I would have to pay for the surgery center and the "twilight" anesthesia, about $1000, I told him I am not going to pay any more as I spent enough on the surgery which was revision and it should have been perfect,that I took his advise to have this 2nd tummy tuckto see results. On my last appointment he said he would do it in his office with just some pain killers and local anesthesia, and I can do it when ever I want. I am planning on the 2nd week of October. by then it will be almost 11 months, sufficiant time for everything to settle.
You paid a fortune, you should insist with the doctor it has to be fixed for free.He should have done a better job from the start, not every one has to go for corrections...I know Farz did but not others, so tell him my doctor is doing it for free and he is in Newport, so he should too, its only right...
I hope he agrees and make good on his work.
Please let me know how things develope.
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i know he won't charge me - we've talked about that already. i just think he doesn't want to put me through another surgery. he suggested i do another procedure to make the surgery time worthwhile but i don't want anything else done....or should i say, i can't afford anything else! i'd love to get rid of mhy saggy chin!
good luck with your procedure. email me next time you come down to his office and we can have lunch again!

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday to do the...

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday to do the final touch-ups and get rid of that mysterious bulge in my upper abdomen. The doctor is really puzzled by it. He figures it must be a little pocket of fat so he's going in to suck it out along with lots of other areas. He may pull the skin a bit tighter which could mean a drain (yuck) but I'm just happy to have this final step within my sights.

I go in October 11 - I'm not at all nervous. So different than last time!

So I'm back on my vitamins and zinc....I'll try to lose a few more pounds, though I've kept the 10 off that I lost last year so I'm feeling pretty good.

I wonder if a new season of Bridalplasty will be on to keep me entertained through my recovery like last year?


I had Septohinoplasty done with Dr. Jay Calvert in California. This was a third surgery for me. The two other surgeons made my breathing worse and made my nose crooked on the outside. Dr. Calvert just operated 4 weeks ago and my nose is looking much better every day. I still have swelling but I can tell my nose is shorter and more symmetrical. My septum is fixed now thanks to Calvert! I can breathe for the first time in my life. He also did liposuction in a few pockets of fat I had - not much because I am a size 2. I had no bruising from the lipo just some swelling and I wear my compression garment still to help with that. Look into Dr. Calvert. He was great and even came to the house I was staying at to check on me after the surgery. I also had the best home nurse which I needed because I had cartilage taken out of my ear and rib to help fix my nose and septum. Ask for her she is awesome - Afsaneh Tesolin. She set my mom up on a medication rotation schedule so I would be pain free after she left and I was! She spoon fed me yogurt with my meds crushed up because I was unable to do it myself. She iced my face every hour and took my vitals. Just an angel! Look into taking either Arnica Forte or Repair Gold as supplements after surgery this will help with your swelling, bruising and general incision healing. Also, hyperbaric oxygen treatments are awesome for healing. I went to Advanced Hyperbarics in Newport Beach. If you are not in the area research where a location is online or ask your surgeon. I did three treatments before surgery to prepare my body and 10 after surgery and bruises on my face were gone by day 7 and by day 10 people thought I looked like I did not have surgery. I healed 50% faster. If you cannot afford a lot of treatments if you do 4 in the 10 days after you will see enough of an improvement.
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I haven't posted in almost a year..... The revision went perfectly.  Turns out the bulge was from scar tissue built up after 2 hernia surgeries.  Dr. Calvert took very good care to get rid of it and now all is well. I love my body now. 
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Good luck with your revision. Hope you get results you deserve...I happen to think you look fantastic!
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