1 Month and 10days NEW Picures UP!!!!! Feeling Good Looking Good and Happy as Ever;-)

Im now 28years old and fast approaching 29 I have...

Im now 28years old and fast approaching 29 I have been planning my TT for a while but this last year has really changed my life I lost my job and that changed my TT dreams but know I'm back on track and I'm gonna get this done if it's the last thing I do! In highschool I had a killer body and it got me in trouble I ended up pregnant soon after graduation and that was the end if that brickhouse body...lol but really Im really looking forward to getting back my flat tummy my son will be 10 so it's been that long ago, my daughter just blessed me with even more stretchmarks when she came along.....So it's FINAL and it's time for Mommy to be Made over!!!!! I thank God for this site it has Been so helpful Iv been reading you ladies reviews with a pen and notepad you all have been so helpful and thank you for sharing your journey!!!! I will be updating you and Sharing my journey as well! I'm Getting More Excited the closer I get to April 2, 2012...,,,Have a Gr8t week Every1~:-*


We gonna b some bad bishes....lol I can't wait ...I will b right there with u in recovery...u deserve it
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Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery!
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Im feeling all different kind of ways... The days...

Im feeling all different kind of ways... The days are really going by fast I talked to the PS office and she is really great I didnt have all the money but she is really working with me, she said I could make payments on the portion im short.... No how many PS does that? that made my day Im really excited now. I have my pre-op visit on monday a week before my TT...I'm still counting down 12 more days:-)


Thank you Ladyshay504
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So today I went to see my PS and he wasn't there...

So today I went to see my PS and he wasn't there instead I saw his nurse she took my blood and gave me everything I needed before surgery they sized me for my binder and we discuss all the things I needed to do before the procedure!!! At first I was a lil pissed the doctor wasn't there but they said he had to do an emergency procedure but the nurse was really nice and took her time explaining every single question out of the millions I had to ask.... On my way home I stopped by cvs and picked up some healing creams and oils that was a little pricing! Lol... I'm feeling scared I haven't ate anything but two tacos today, and that anit me! Lol, I'm planning everything so I wont have to do much after my TT but I must admit I'm feeling a little bit scared with excitement added~ 6 days left and I'm counting down{•_•}

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I have been reading and looking at everyones...

I have been reading and looking at everyones amazing transformations I just cant wait to cross over to other side with my flat tummy!!! the days are really going by fast with only 6 days left I just dont know how to act!!! lol


Good luck today!!!! You'll do great!
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So excited for you today Ms. Fancy - you're in my thoughts all day.... best wishes!
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ms fancy tomorrows ur day hon..ill be thinking of u and wishing u the best!!im right behind ya!!
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Hello ladies Today is day 1 post-op Im doing good...

Hello ladies Today is day 1 post-op Im doing good just a little uncomfortable because in having gass pains... Besides that I'm doing ok haven't for much sleep so I'll try and rest tonight. I will upload pics soon! Thank you ladies for all the kind words:-)


How are you feeling today? My back is killing me but other than that I guess I can't complain! Hope your doing well.
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I cant wait to see your pictures, does the incision hurt you?
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Yes! I'm taking my meds faithfully! And I messed around and coughed and damn near lst my mind! Lol!
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Im so happy its day 4....April 6, 2012 Im feeling...

Im so happy its day 4....April 6, 2012 Im feeling gr8t getting up and down All by myself!! Yayeee I had my first BM yesterday Im so happy I feel good almost walking straight, I slept really good with no pain meds...lol
Im gonna try and post pics today

I wish all you ladies a speedy recovery and happy healing:-)

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Ok April 3 first day post-op I was really high...

Ok April 3 first day post-op I was really high don't even remember that update... Lol the typo's tell my story!! Hahahha that's funny

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Ok ladies finally I uploaded a pic Im swollen in...

ok ladies finally I uploaded a pic Im swollen in the middle I hope its swellling...lol


Looks great
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Thanks candyp7 It was my first time unwrapping the bandages I was scared looking at the wrinkles thinking omg he messed up but its from the binder...lol
When are you going to post your new pix... Can't wait to see how great you look.
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Post Op day 6 Im feeling really good today, I...

Post Op day 6 Im feeling really good today, I havent took anything for pain, Thank god Im not having any pain. I Spent Easter home all alone because yesterday I was so swollen from eating Ritz crackers I didnt want to be tempted at my grandmothers with all that Good Food, lol so today was a breeze I can feel the nerves growing back every once and a while I feel a sharp feeling but it doesnt hurt at all...I still cant believe its over and Finally I got my TT, I waited so long for this and Im a strong believer that anything you can do to make yourself feel better about yourself do it!! My PS went on vacation and wont be back till April 16 so I made a appt for that date to have my 1 drain removed Im draining only 15cc a day now and before it was 75 to 50cc a day, My PS has a nurse that can take out my drains before the 16 but Im in no rush I can wait for the Doc.
Im going to post more pis soon but the swelling really bugs me cause you cant really get the full effect on how flat the tummy really is but this too shall Pass!

Thanks again for all the support Ladies!


How are you feeling? We had our surgeries on the same day. I am doing pretty good, much better than I thought. Do you have to wear a binder?
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HI saxet yes we were the same day I feel gr8t I have been moving around more and things are looking good so far... yesterday I was eating ritz crackers and that just swoll me up I was really uncomfortable! but besides the swelling everything is good I have one drain and now I empty about 15cc a day...so thats good your healing well we are just about at are one week mark....Yayyee cant wait for summer!
Saxet yes I do wear a binder at all times

Post Op day 7 Im feeling so good today I woke up...

Post Op day 7 Im feeling so good today I woke up took all the wrapping off my scar and put on a two piece Oh how it felt so good to but it on withot a overlap.....lol Im still swollen but Im starting to see results

Check out the pics I uploaded this morning

Happy healing every1 :-)


look at u all sexy as hell!we made it through!!
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You look amazing...your flat...you look good girl...keep posting pix...Im jealous...I know your happy...congrats...welcome to a new you..
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Yes it's great and thank you, I cant wait till I'm ALL the way healed but I'm taking it easy I haven't been out the house in over a week... I'm about to go crazy.,lol
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Post Op Day 12....Hello Ladies Im so Happy I...

Post Op Day 12....Hello Ladies Im so Happy I finally got a real Shower this morning!! Im free from my Drain friday morning I saw my PS and really wasnt especting him to be there cause the nurse told me he wouldnt be back from vacation till monday. I was happy he removed my drain I felt more comfortable although the nures there are great!! Oh yeah I drove my self because I had no one to take me I did feel a lil bit of a strain so I will try not to drive to much so soon but I had no choice.....It was my first time out the house since surgery so I was really excited to get out, I went out to happy hour with my friends and watch them drink and it wasnt bad cause I wanted to be out the house it was fun to be out finally but I wished I could have had a Sip but I couldnt because of the anitibiotics...lol I think I over did it a lil getting i and out the car so Im going to take it really easy until my Las Vegas trip which is in Two weeks for my birthday......Do you All think its ok or to soon for a trip I will be a few days shy of a month post op when my Vegas trip come.

Hope Every1 is doing ok.... Happy Healing!!


You look great! I am in Day 5 of Post Op and I love coming to this site and reading/seeing results like yours!
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U look great! Las what's will be fine in 2 weeks I believe. Just relax until then. I will be 2 weeks Tom, and yesterday I came to the conclusion tht I hv been doing to much. Jumping in and out of cars, cooking a lil, wiping down a lil. So I decided this week I was gonna lay ard like week one. One thing my ps said.... Listen to ur body. But by looking at urs, ur the bomb!!!!!!!
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You look awesome! You are going to be totally fine for your Vegas trip. For me, during week 4, I felt a lot better. Have fun!
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Its Been a lil over 2weeks and Im feeling Great! I...

Its Been a lil over 2weeks and Im feeling Great! I uploaded pics at day 16 post op.....Im about 87% back to normal the only thing Im not doing is sleeping on my belly and thats hard being a Belly sleeper but Im really happy with my results so far so Good! Still Swell Hell but some days are better than others. I cant complain its been a smooth recovery....Im praying for you ladies hope everyone is healing Well!!

Happy Hump Day!!


Hey fancy! Your new pics are fab! Your are progressing nicely! Isn't it amazing how good we feel now that it's been 3 weeks? I remember thinking wtf? Lol! It was so worth it! You really do look great!
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Hi Fancy, looking good girl, happy healing to u!!
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We out here tryna function...lol....yeah mon I tink we need to go to Jamaica...soon
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I'm 3 weeks and 1 day post-op this weekend was my...

I'm 3 weeks and 1 day post-op this weekend was my birthday and I really tired my self out I partied like a rock star... Lol but I'm feeling great still swollen at times but that's it I'm very pleased with my results and I would do it all over again if I had to!!
Today was the first time I put anything on my scare I used bio oil but tomorrow I'm going to search peoples lawns for Aloe Vera plant.... Lol, I know that will lighten the scar really good!!

Hope everyone is doing ok,

Happy healing!!


Nice job!!!
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Looking good girl!
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Results are coming along nicely!
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Im Almost 100% back to normal I...Cant explain how...

Im Almost 100% back to normal I...Cant explain how glad I am that I did it...the healing process was fast and I didnt expect such a speedy recovery!!! So I went to Las Vegas for my Birthday and all I can say is OMG I had a Blast...Pool parties and Crazy dancing at casinos...lol I felt really good didnt over due it but when I got Home Boy was I pooped.....

It seems I been hanging out alot more latley and Iv been meeting people...My life has just Got better since my TT
Im really excited about summer:-)

I uploaded the latest picures on my scar Iv been using Aloe Vera and its looking really good..Im thankful for that!!

Enjoy your Mothers Day weekend Ladies and Speedy and Happy Healing to All of us:-)


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This is my BFF and we used dr. Malik
who was your dr in Beverly Hills?

Feeling Brand New

It's been awhile almost two years since my TT and I'm maintaining and enjoying new Body!! Here are some recent pics

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Move the skin your in!

New pictures!


You look great girl and I hope my results are as fabulous as yours
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Hey now summer 2014 here we come
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Wow you look great!
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Dr Malek Masoud

Doctor Malek is so funny he made me laugh with his jokes! Lol, his Nurse AMAZING the whole staff is Gr8t:-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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