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Why Doesnt Anyone Complain of Standing Straight After Full TT?

Im 17 days post op from full tummy tuck and breast...

Im 17 days post op from full tummy tuck and breast lift and augmentation.

everything is good except i havent been able to stand straight. that is my biggest complaint. i have been reading everyone's experience and cant believe almost no one writes about walking bent over and back discomfort due to that. am i the only person experiencing this??? help !!

I did a tummy tuck 1 week ago and am doing fairly well. The doctor was very good, he did a great job, I would highly recommend him to anyone who need a good doc! His name is Richard w. Swift board certified plastic surgeon,and he have great staff!!! #212-828-9906.
I had surgery on march 25th. Slept in a recliner for 7 days and had my drains removed 1 week post op. I still can not stand up straight, which from what I read I guess is a good thing cause my tummy is tight as hell, nothing fits cause I am so much more swollen then I thought I would be. I was big into workingout pre-op and I am finding that all my downtime I am starting to have some depression. I broke down in the shower this morning asking why did I do this to myself. I know the results are what I will ultimately enjoy. But this recovery is definetly different and harder than any other surgery I have had, and I have had a few.
I know how you feel. At two weeks I was doing the same thing. Clothes wouldn't fit. I was depressed. All I wanted to do was cry. It gets better. I'm at 5 weeks post op now and I can fit into some if my clothes. Are you taking vitamins? I started a multivitamin, omega 3, calcium, vitamin c and L-Arginine. Drink a lot of water and it helps with the swelling. Also I started lymphatic massages which have helped tremendously with swelling. Make sure you clear it with your doctor first on the massage and make sure the masseuse is licensed to do them. I found this site at around the two week mark. I wanted to be able to read others recovery stories so I knew what to expect. Unless you've been through it yourself you don't know what to really expect. I've gotten great support off this site just by reading others' comments and questions. Keep your head up. The first few weeks are the worst. I would also lightly massage my tummy to help loosen up the tight muscles and used Aveeno lotion to moisturize my right skin. I have always been an active person and being stuck in the house with nothing to do was really getting to me.
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