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Restylane and Botox Looks AMAZING - Beverly Hills, CA

I decided to post a review about my experience...

I decided to post a review about my experience with restylane and Botox. I have spent many hours on this site and found it to be very helpful (and frightening) at the same time. I have terrible dark under eye circles and hollowness. Fortunately I live in S California so I was able to have access to excellent plastic surgeons. I found one that has amazing credentials and is actually a trainer for injectables and has written books on injectable techniques. That being said i decided to have my tear troughs and checks filled with Restylane and a little Botox for the crows feet. I also asked about my lips but he thought they look good as is and steered me away from that. I am so thrilled with the results. I can't get over how much better I look (the same only younger). The pain was very minimal and I have zero bruising or swelling. I did take Arnica pills and pineapple juice for 5 days prior. Hope this helps and good luck to everyone on their own personal quest ;)


HI 2935, 

Who doesn't love new cheeks :) I'm happy this worked out for you and that you were so happy with it. Did you deal with any lumps from the Restylane? It would be so fantastic if you also posted a review in the Botox community, you can do that here. We'd also love to see pictures. 



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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

His bed side manner is very comforting ands made my whole procedure very comfortable and pleasant. His approach is a very natural one and steered me away from injecting an area that I requested but he felt I may get an unnatural result. I will let no one touch my face but dr Azzizadeh. He is a bit more expensive ( I knew that going in) however, we are talking about my face ;). Also his staff is so kind and comforting and I had almost no waiting time. That was a pleasant surprise!!!

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