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I am a mother of 5 including a set of 10 month old...

I am a mother of 5 including a set of 10 month old triplets. I had 11 year old stretched out implants which I totally destroyed nursing babies. I went to a famous tv doctor (the wacky one) who told me he could give me a tummy tuck and a breast lift but could not replace my implants for six months. I booked him believing he was one of the best. Eight days before my surgery his staff called me and cancelled my appointment telling me that he did not want to do my surgery and when I asked why he waited so long to tell me they replied "he can do that if he wants to."

I was so upset and put into a scramble being that my husband took off work and we had orchestrated a lot to do this with triplets. I called around and luckily found my Dr. His staff was amazing! They did everything they could to get me in on the crazy time frame I had. The Dr. was able to give me a tummy tuck and a breast lift while replacing my implants!

I am two weeks out and so happy with the way my body looks. I thank God that the brazilian ding dong cancelled and I have the exact body I ask for. BTW the new Dr. promised me nothing but in the end gave me everything!

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Added some before pics

added some before pics


You look completely amazing! Five kids...WOW you would never know it by looking at these pictures. Enjoy your new body!
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Thank you, I feel great. This whole process has been better than I could have expected !

You look awesome! Thanks for so candidly sharing your story. I'm glad you were able to find a surgeon who could do what you wanted within your time frame.

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Its been a little over three weeks and I am...

Its been a little over three weeks and I am feeling great.


You look amazing! I was wondering what size of implants you have. They look great!
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Great result! Congratulations! Your body looks amazing! Anyone who has 5 kids deserves it! Take care.
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Dr. Ritu Chopra

He was a miracle worker and was able to perform a surgery other doctors were not capable of doing. Great bedside manner as well.

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