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I have jawline reduction couple of months ago. It...

I have jawline reduction couple of months ago. It took so much of my jawline muscles out that my shape of face has this strange distorted look and I am scared to look into any reflection. My surgeon injected so much units that I have to look like a freak for so long and pray that it would go away faster. With the amount of money you spend, got me into depression it's not worth it.!!!!!

I know this is three years ago, but has your jawline gone back to what it was before?
Hi jasmine1111 and 2574anon, This has happened to me too - have your jaw muscles returned and are your cheeks back to normal? I am so depressed about what this has done to my face. I hope things ahve improved for you both.
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smaller jawline doesn't necessary look better. do your research thoroughly before you hire your surgeon.

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