Cartilage Rhino - Beverly Hills in Makati, Manila

Beverly Hills in Makati took a lot of money from...

Beverly Hills in Makati took a lot of money from me. I think when you go on their website those comments are not true, just saying about dr. del Rosario. I had my rhino last year and I paid for tip and alars and it didn't do it by dr. del rosario. During my surgery I heard them that they don't need to do it but still I paid for it. I paid 40thousand for that. Now it been a year and I'm not happy for the outcome of my surgery. I emailed them and it takes 4 days before they get back to me. I also asked for the email address of dr. del Rosario coz I would like to send him an email personally. I had his email address but I lost it they don't want to give it to me as they always says he doesn't have one. I''ve been depressed after my surgery as I wasn't happy. I have friends who went to rhino and they only paid 60thousand pesos and the outcome is really fabulous.
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Hi denden, sorry to hear about your experience and thanks for posting it. I hope you will get a revision in the future to offset the outcome. May I ask what you thought was bad about the procedure/results? Thx.
Dr. del Rosario

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