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After unprofessional facelift and abdominal...

After unprofessional facelift and abdominal liposuction by another doctor I was looking for a help from Dr A. He had a good reviews so even I didn't see amazing before & after pictures, I thought he probably would be excellent surgeon. I was looking for a facial fat transfer and mini facelift so everything was good at the consultation because Dr A agreed. He was willing to fix my abdomen as well so we closed the deal with $12.000. I was happy for my decision even in some reason Dr A wrote on the procedure paper a Scar Revision - not a facelift. I did correct him by saying that I do not need a scar revision but he calmed me down. He said I don't have to worry about it because he will fix my unbalanced face with a mini facelift.

My surgery was on january 2010 and I was excited. Dr A put me under the general anesthesia so when I woke up, there was a huge surprise waiting for me. I didn't have a facelift bandage and my face looked good - too good, if you know what I mean. There was no bruises, no tightness from the facelift and my lips weren't swollen even fat transfer into my lips was part of the surgery. I was wearing a liposuction garment by the doctor's order so I didn't see my tummy area until the very next day. There was another surprise - no bruises or soreness on my abdomen. First I was wondering how great surgeon Dr A must be but soon I started to suspect he didn't perform those procedures at all.

I was confused so I emailed him for asking what was going on in my surgery. His response Feb 11th: "I did everything I told you we would do. I excised over two centimeters of face skin from around your right ear, and over one centimeter from around your left ear." and he continued "I told you we try our best to lipo your abdomen to make it better" and "I spent over 45 minutes on doing your abdomen". february 17th he sent another email regarding my 'not so pretty after surgery' earlobe: "Could the earlobe turned out better? Maybe, but it could not have been made better in the SAME procedure at the same time in the SAFE manner because of the fact that we did the minilift too". After these emails I was even more confused because my doctor gave me a specific details of procedures and I was sure - based on my after surgery face and body - those things were not done. He told me there was a mini facelift and abdominal liposuction but I did not believe him.

I ordered The Operative Report and learned - there was NO facelift. I learned also that abdominal liposuction never took a place so I was wondering what kind of person is Dr A. I never thought plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills can put me into sleep and trick me like this. I was dumbfounded. Thanks to Dr A I lost my money, I lost my vacation and top of that I was wearing an uncomfortable garment for ten days 24/7 even there was NO liposuction. Sad part is he never apologized or thought he did anything wrong. He was acting like nothing happened and refused return my money:(

Because so many members are wondering this review...

Because so many members are wondering this review I am willing to give more information. I understand your suspicious mind because this is a crazy story. Anyhow - unfortunately - this false surgery by this doctor is 100% true. I received wrong information about my surgery via multiple e-mails from him even there was no face lift or abdominal liposuction in The Operative Report. He tricked me in the big way and to be honest, I still feel silly about it. I really was wearing super tight garment 10 days 24/7 by the doctor's order for nothing. Okay, I was stupid... why on earth I didn't know right after surgery there was no face lift or abdominal liposuction. Reason is this: Dr A. performed fat transfer to my face and because so, he took fat from my abdominal. That was the reason there was a bruises on the tummy area and the face so even my tummy wasn't completely sore it took a time until I figured out I didn't get ANY result. He also cut open both of my ear lines but no because face lift. Based on The Operative Report, he performed me a scar reversion. Funny part is I received a scar revision from this doctor even I didn't have visible scars. After all these procedures my face was tremendously swollen and stitches were running front of the ears. Later, when all puffiness went down, I was sure all the details in his emails were false. Nonsense, right?

Top of the all these crazy things Dr A. put fat into wrong places and mostly I hated my funny looking "side" cheeks. Couple months ago I went through microliposuction so my situation is much better now.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr A's dishonesty thru the process: FALSE SURGERY.

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No pics posted? If this were true, you would have an open and closed lawsuit. Seems fishy.
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I hope you are doing better now, snowprincess. Not getting what you paid for can certainly be frustrating. thank you for taking the time to write your post and please dont feel bad about all the negative comments you're getting. I once wrote a bad review on at home TCA peeling and you wouldnt believe all the people who came out of the woodwork telling me that the negative results were my fault and that I was stupid...and the whole time I was just posting the review to try to help other people! Sometimes things just go wrong. Incidentally, with the TCA, my dermatologist said that I had bad results because my skin was too thin :-/
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I saw this in complaints board. I just don't get it?! Anything's possible...
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This is just too funny. How could any in or outpatient facility put you to sleep without doing any surgery. If you looked exactly the same why didn't you mention it to the Dr. and staff at the time? Your story doesn't make any sense to me.
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Simplysharon, I dont think her story is 'too funny' at all. It seems to me that she is very upset by her experience. You may not agree with her story, but your post belittles a fellow Realself community member by telling her what she should have done differently (hindsight is always 20/20, isnt it?) and that her story doesnt make sense. She took the time to write this review for the community's benefit and it is up to us to take it into consideration (or not).
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Lets see some picturesif it is true , can you post?
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Dear rubyslippers. With all due respect you don't have to believe me. My story is hard to believe...it's still like a bad dream to me because this doctor broke my trust completely. Dr A performed fat transfer into my face but result was everything else what I was asking for so needless to say I am not happy with a result of fat transfer. I will update my review when time is right.
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I dont think that a real patient wrote that, Sounds like a competitor is trying to get all a doctor against their patients, don'f fall for it...
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I understand my story is hard to believe but unfortunately all these things happened to me. This charismatic doctor, who has a practice in Beverly Hills, gave me a completely false information before and after surgery. He even emailed me specific details about multiple procedure even they were not in The Operative Report. Of course I was shocked because I never faced this kind of dishonesty...
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i do not understand any of this story after reading it twice. what exactly did this dr. a do for 12,000? didnt your face look the same as when you went in if he did no surgery? did you not wonder why you were not at all sore? and why did you not sue this doctor. the whole story seems strange.

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The whole story seems strange because it is strange. Dr A. performed a Facial Fat Transfer so my face looked good right after surgery but next day it was swollen and there was a bruises. Anyhow there was no sign of facelift but in some reason he performed a Scar Revision. He cut open my ear lines for nothing because I did not have visible scars. Obviously Dr A wanted to give me an impression that Facelift took a place even it did not. There was a minor bruises on my abdomen as well because he took out small amount of fat for the fat transfer...
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This entire review is nonsensical, I to had to read it a few times to understand what the heck was going on. He didn't perform a face lift but there were facelift ear-incisions & bruising the next day? He didn't do your liposuction, but your tummy was bruised & swollen the next day? He didn't do your fat transfer, but oh wait , he did. And your face was bruised & swollen the next day AND you don't like the results. This is ridiculous LOL! Sounds like you DID get the surgery you asked for but just didn't like the results. Also, with out before & after photos to substantiate your claim the story DOES sound fishy. You yourself must understand that. I was considering this physician for surgery but I will not just take EVERY review as fact, even the "good reviews". So I will continue to researcg this physician before I make a final decision.
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Oh yeah, that review your wrote 11 MONTHS AGO with "your photos" attached. There is no visible incision on either of your ears. Did they heal completely with no visible scars, like magic?
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