Fat Transfer to Under Eye and Rhinoplasty - Beverly Hills, CA

I had rhinoplasty and fat transfer to under eyes...

I had rhinoplasty and fat transfer to under eyes 10days ago in beverly hills. i told the surgeons i dont think i needed the fat transfer, but they said i'm a little hollow, and after the rhinoplasty i will be more hollow, so they put 3Ccs of fat in under each eye. the bruise has gone down but all i see is lump onthe right eye, the left eye is okay. their b4 and after photos are good, but maybe i was not a good candidate for this procedure.

please i need to remove them b4 its too late, i want them out now,i have this feeling i will be left with lumps. what can i do to take them out now.i have been crying, i made the worst mistake of my life!

my rhinoplasty surgery is okay

the swelling has subsided but all i see is bags under my eyes, and when i touch it feels soft and its hard on my right cheek bone, both sides look diffrent, the right side looks more lumpy than the left, I know i will have lumps aft the swelling goes away completly, i'm just looking for a good occuloplasty surgeon who's done alot of fat graft removal from under eyelid. pls if you know a good one let me know. i dont want any steriod injection.

I don't know of any doctors specifically to recommend, but we have a community member named "Good Face Gone Bad" who is well-versed in different removal options. I think she's been through them all at this point. :-/ You might want to send her a note. (Here's her profile)


Thanks for sharing your experience so far, chocolate. How is your recovery going? Are you feeling any better about the fat transfer?


Hi everyone, its been 3 weeks and 4days sine my...

hi everyone, its been 3 weeks and 4days sine my surgery, my nose is healing very well, i have a little assymetry nostril at the moment but my doctors told me it will be even when all the swelling goes down.

my lower eyelid fat transfer bruise is clearing up and the line of lump i have on my right eyelid is reducing and I pray it all goes away, my left side is fantastic! no lumps, and the black bruise is almost completely gone, i just hope the right side becomes thesame as the left in another months time. I was bruised more on the right side though.
I just got fat transfers 2 weeks ago to my cheeks and both sides are uneven. One side I look full and wide and the other cheek looks nice and high. I have been hiding the wide side with my hair, but my friends have noticed. I really hate it and would love it if you continue the updates to what you will do later on. I am just waiting it out until I see my doctor again. It is depressing...

Its been 4 weeks now since i had my rhinoplasty...

its been 4 weeks now since i had my rhinoplasty and fat transfer to my lower eye lid, only God knows if my lumps from the fat transfer will dissolve completley on my right eyelid
Just got lower fat grafting done 11 days ago with same exact result.. left side healing smooth and looks great.. right side is lumpy and looks odd..

Is your right eye lump absorbing? Is it getting smoother like your left side?
My dear, sometimes i can see the lump, somedays i cant see it, I applied hydroquinone on the dark circles my rhino and fat transfer gave me, and i had a bad reaction, my lower eyelid was swollen, i stopped it and it went down.

i hope it all goes away though.
i have attached ne fotos.
hello, my swelling around my eyes has really gone down, though is dark but not very dark, cos i had rhino at thesame time, anyway the right side lump is not showing that much like it was 2 weeks ago, but i can still see it, i think my doctor didnt inject on my right side properly, i can still see the injection site, but i cant see the injection site on the left anymore.

I pray all the fat dissapear before 3 months, i visited a very good eye surgeon after i noticed the lump,his name is dr kami parsa (occulo surgeon)he did an eye test, he checked my eyes and told me i'm still swollen and he told me to wait 3 months and if the lump is still visible then it can be taken out through bleph. he
dr jason litner and peyman solieman

they might be good in fat transfer, but maybe i heal poorly or i was not a good canditate

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