Facial Fat Transfer/Grafting to Cheeks and Hollows of Eyes - Beverly Hills, CA

This has been really hard. I got really bruised...

This has been really hard. I got really bruised and also it hurt a lot. I felt like there were little bugs in my face that I could not scratch out. I am really swollen and look like a cat. Everywhere i go people stare at me and make snide remarks behind my back. Hopefully, this will be worth it but it is taking forever for the swelling to go down. It hurts really bad to smile and laugh too.

f you look at my rhinoplasty review you can see my videos I made and pictures too.

I am 6 weeks post-op now and I have improved a lot...

I am 6 weeks post-op now and I have improved a lot. I made a video for my 6 week post-op.

My congestion went away but now I caught a cold so it's back again. My nostrils are still kinda uneven but I can live with that. My skin on my nose and cheeks is horrible right now. It is still really dry, rough, flaky. I can't seem to get rid of it. Any advice?

I am 3 months post-op in 2 days so I decided to...

I am 3 months post-op in 2 days so I decided to post now. I am a million times better. I do not think I look "catish" anymore and actually I really like my cheeks and don't want them to go down more. If they do go down a lot more than I definitely would not be against getting a fat grafting touch-up. I would do it with Dr. Motykie again because he did a good job. Now that I know the entire healing process and what to expect, I would not be freaking out about it like I was the first time around. Hopefully, I will not need a touch up and if I do, I hope it is not for at least a year. I think fat grafting is worth it if you go to an experienced surgeon. Before doing this procedure though, you must know that the healing process is rough, as you can see in my videos. I got really depressed at first because I looked so strange, but now it's all good and I am more than happy. Please feel free to e-mail me any questions regarding this procedure if your thinking about doing it or have already done it.

Ok, so the other day I was examining myself in the...

Ok, so the other day I was examining myself in the mirror and I noticed that I have developed dark purple/blue/reddish thick veins under my eye area. I never had that before the fat transfer. I had some under eye circles but not huge veins that were visible to the naked eye in a non-magnified mirror. I had a lot of serious bruising under and in my eyes and maybe it is leftover from that but it looks bad and I am not happy about that new problem. My cheeks do look more plump and I am happy about that. I had so much bruising that it would not surprise me that the bruising was so severe that those veins burst and now they are permanent. I guess nothing is perfect. I still give it a "very good" rating below because of the fact that it filled out my face.

I made a 4 month post-op. Here is the...

I made a 4 month post-op. Here is the link:


I am 6 months post-op now. I am ok with the fat...

I am 6 months post-op now. I am ok with the fat grafting. It filled in my hollows which is good.

I made a video showing my pre to post-op in a...

I made a video showing my pre to post-op in a slide show format. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7h8a2QnC6s

I am 11 months post-op now. I am very happy with...

I am 11 months post-op now. I am very happy with the results of both my nose and my facial fat grafting. I still have a hard time breathing normally but hopefully that will improve with time too. My skin is a lot from the Vi peel too. I love my nose. To me, it looks natural and not overdone. I appreciate doctor Motykie's natural approach to surgery. At first I was very scared by the way I looked but that was just initial shock because I was so swollen. I am happy to say that I am very pleased with his work and I rate him a 9 out of 10. The only reason I do not give him a 10 is because he is just really hard to get in touch with. Other than that, he is great.

I meant to say 10 months post-op :) Oops

I meant to say 10 months post-op :) Oops

Hello everyone. As you may have noticed, I am no...

Hello everyone. As you may have noticed, I am no longer responding to any comments or personal messages. I posted my images and my experiences on here to help others who were having this procedure done not to be judged and harassed. I though this website was about support and questions. Unfortunately, in my good attempts, I have gotten (for the most part) many derogatory comments and I do not believe in bullying or talking bad about people and am choosing not to be any part of it. I do appreciate those of you who have been supportive. I wish all the best for those of you who have undergone this procedure or for those of you who are thinking about undergoing this procedure. Happy new year to all.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Really hard to get in touch with but he is a great doctor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look beautiful, I just had my eyes done with a fat transfer too, I understand how you felt in the beginning as I looked like I was ready to play football I was so bruised. It's 4 days post op and I have a little bruising left, but most of my swelling has gone down. I looked odd shopping inside whole foods with my sunglasses on, but my eyes have been so sensitive since the surgery and dry. Your nose looked ok before, but we are always our own worst critic so I understand you having it done. Ignore those people who judged and are judging you. You were beautiful before, and beautiful now, were uncomfortable with some things and fixed those things to feel better about yourself for yourself. It's not their body so they might not like it but they need to leave you be. those people are just insecure and don't have the guts to do the same thing themselves so instead they would rather hate on you. Just "shake it off" sweetie. ;D
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Please save your money, fat transfers do not last. I have been all over the country and had it done by the best, but the fat does not last.
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Trust me, fat transfers do not last. I have wasted so much money on the so called experts in LA and Miami and other places.
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You look wonderful, before and after!
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Since I had 3 fat transfers done and none lasted then I contacted Dr. Cruise. They were very evasive about answering my question as to whether the fat transfer lasted. They did finally admit that their fat transfers would not last.
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yikes that sucks! Honesty is the best policy I would prefer a doctor to be upfront even if it's hard to admit certain things. Had you done fillers and did they last on you? I ask because they don't on me and that's why i am looking at fat from time to time. I wonder if the fact that fillers go quickly on me would mean so would fat....on the other hand, if it's goin' to disappear anyway, I suppose fat (IF it didn't go horribly wrong) would make more sense in the end....such a hard choice.
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You look great! Ignore the haters. They hate themselves & not you
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I am so sorry you had to have that happen to you. I am considering having fat grafting done and am looking for true experience. How long has the grafting remain? Has yours started to deminise? I would just like a little personal feedback. Thanks and good luck!
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I have had fat transfers 3 times. None of them lasted.
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Yes, that seems to be how it works. They either dissipate quickly (when you're happy with the results) or they last forever, and require years of extra surgeries and revisions to get rid of them -- and sometimes, there IS no getting rid of them (if you hate the results).
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Lol, how true.
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Oh, by the way - you were gorgeous before the rhinoplasty but I love your post-op results, and I can't really see the asymmetry that bothers you. It may be one of those things that sticks out to you but others don't notice. You look lovely in the post-op photos. (Hope your skin issues have been resolved, and I'm crossing the Vi Peel off my potential "to do" list...)
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schmie2, I found your review when searching for fat grafting reviews. I see in your update that you're not accepting any more personal messages, but I'm hoping you'll be willing to leave a quick update about the fat grafting? The youtube videos are all down now and I'd really like to know the recovery process ahead of time.
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You will not find legitimate long term pictures of fat graft procedures as the procedures do not last so the client stops posting.
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@Bunni, I am in the same situation as you. Had uneccassary blephroplasty when I was 30. Ended up with hollowness and dark-circles under my eyes. The surgeon even convinced me to reduce my upper lid(it was my first surgery, I was naive, walked into the first surgeon and signed up for procedure with no reasearch). Now I have ptosis and unable to close my left eye fully. This was 6 years ago....but when you have been burned once - you are all the more carefull. Eyes being such a central part of your face...I have been too afraid to touch it. But at the same time hate the hollowness and dark circles as it ages me A LOT. Anyway, I have been researching and the best surgeons for this procedure in my opinion are Dr Seckel or Taban MD. I actually flew to LA to meet with Taban and was satisfied with the consultation and impressed with him and his experince(he's an occuplast surgeon and only deals with eyes). Dr Seckel is on my shortlist because he is the only one who actually does 'arcus realse' prcedure and has dealt with patients with hollow under eyes and dark circles specifically. Hope this helps!!
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Wow, Pocahantas, just saw this. What a shame! And so young to have that happen -- I mean, for a surgeon to do that and take your money was so wrong because I am ten years older and when I ask for that doctors laugh at me. They say it would be wrong to do that to someone before it's time. Have you tried fillers for the hollowness and all that? If you get the right person (and I found one even in the middle of nowhere) with lots of real reviews to back it up, I bet that could be a temporary fix at least. I have liked what radiesse and juvederm CAREFULLY and well done have done for my draggy, hollow spaces. If I EVER find the right doctor for fat (I hear there are only three at this time to even remotely consider, one in SF, one in Ny, forget where the other is) I will do it. If Schmie lets us know hers lasted, hers looks wonderful. But so many times you have to keep getting it redone so I would like to know, Schmie! It looks so good in yr pics but what a pain if people have to keep going back in for another "shot."
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In the future, use SINNECH (medical grade arnica). It helps with (little to now) bruising and pain and helps heal faster. I had a face lift and 20 hrs after surgery at my first check up my doctor told me I looked like I was 1.5 weeks into recovery. I use it all the time for injury and surgery for my pets/friends and ALWAYS have the same remarkable results. I also use the pre/post of vitamins from MakeMeHeal.com -excellent. SInnech can be purchased there or Amazon. Makes a HUGE difference in recovery. Appreciate your input as I am now about to have fat transfer and corrective rhynoplasty and am a bit nervous due to the "in office" procedure. Sorry to hear stupid people messed with your posts. Very helpful, I am grateful.
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Hi bunni


I had a fat transfer along with a face lift and temple list with Dr. Cruise in November 09.  I was so happy with the results that I no longer thought that I was too old to have a breast augmentation. So I went back to Dr. Cruise in April 2010 for a breast augmentation.  I really love these results.   I am thin so I went back to Dr. Cruise for a second stage fat transfer to just add a little fat around my temples (where bone was showing) and in my forehead and just a little more in my cheekc.  The results were subtle, but I am pleased.


When I run into people I haven't seen in a while they stop and look almost stare.  I can see their mind thinking.  They tell me I look really great. They then ask if I am doing my hair differently or if I have lost weight. They can tell something is different, but they can't figure it out because it looks natural.


I have had 3 surgeries with Dr. Cruise and I love the results from all 3.  He really is a skilled surgeon and a compassionate person. I can't recommend him highly enough. I my experience he is worth it.


No I don't work for Dr. Cruise....I am just a very please patient. 


Good luck!
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Hello Schmie! I am looking into doing fat transfer under my eyes due to loss of volume from a lower eyelid blepharoplasty, removal of my bags under my eyes. My under eyes are flat, and a bit sunken in and I have more wrinkles too and I'm only 27 years and I look older now. I was looking towards Dr. Cruise and I'm sure you heard of him since your on Real self a lot. =) How long has it been post op? Has your fat remained in place or absorbed away? I keep reading horror stories and that fat transfers does not last long etc. And I got quoted 3500 and thats a hefty fee alone. I need some guidances. Help please! =)
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You look amazing after your surgery. Thank you for sharing your story.
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@Schmie (re update on 09/01/2012). Thank you for your info. It has been very helpful. And you look wonderful both before and after.

In life you can never make everyone happy, so just make yourself happy ;o) Happy new year to you too, I look forward to your vids on youtube. Poca x
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Forgive me, my comment was directed at schmie2.
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Oh ok LOL, after I wrote such a long reply hehehe
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I don't understand why people we're snickering behind your back after surgery. You seem like such a sweetheart.Also, the surgery appears to only be an improvement to an already beautiful girl. Honestly, I was surprised you wanted ps when I saw you before photos. Understandable, though. I get that as well and I desperately want a nose job and possibly a lip lift and fat transfer to the cheeks. What I'm trying to say is you have good genetics should you choose to pass them on. Take that from someone who has extremely harsh standards on feminine beauty.
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Well said MissLadyFace :o)
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