Facial Fat Transfer/Grafting to Cheeks and Hollows of Eyes - Beverly Hills, CA

This has been really hard. I got really bruised...

This has been really hard. I got really bruised and also it hurt a lot. I felt like there were little bugs in my face that I could not scratch out. I am really swollen and look like a cat. Everywhere i go people stare at me and make snide remarks behind my back. Hopefully, this will be worth it but it is taking forever for the swelling to go down. It hurts really bad to smile and laugh too.

f you look at my rhinoplasty review you can see my videos I made and pictures too.

Hang in there Schmie2. I had a face lift and fat transfer in November 2009. I liked what the additional fat did to my face so I had a secondary fat transfer this past November. The bruises from my first surgery lasted 6 weeks. The swelling lasts for quite some time as well.

Healing is a slow process. It takes time. Be patient and things should get better.
I think u are looking so much better...are the blood shot eyes from the rhinoplasty? How is the bruising from the fat grafting or is that from the Rhino?? Had Rhino years ago the nostrils will even up and look great!! Fat Grafting next!!!! Good Luck!!!
Thanks for the kind words Annie639. I am not sure what the blood shot eyes are from and Dr. M did not make any suggestions. I guess it could be from either procedure. I think the bruising is a combination of both procedures, since they both cause significant bruising or swelling, especially if the nose was broken like mine was. The bruising is a lot better now and barely noticeable. My eyes are getting a little better each day. It has been exactly 3 weeks post-op today-January 26th. I will be making another video today so you can see my progress. My tip looks too big and wide for my taste still but i hope it is just swelling and will go down. When you get your fat grafting, just be forewarned that you will look really scary at first. Also, make sure you choose a really qualified doctor because there have been many horror stories regarding fat grafting results. If you have any other questions regarding what I went through with the fat grafting let me know. I am more than happy to answer any questions. I hope all goes well for you!

I am 6 weeks post-op now and I have improved a lot...

I am 6 weeks post-op now and I have improved a lot. I made a video for my 6 week post-op.

My congestion went away but now I caught a cold so it's back again. My nostrils are still kinda uneven but I can live with that. My skin on my nose and cheeks is horrible right now. It is still really dry, rough, flaky. I can't seem to get rid of it. Any advice?

I think you look really good - your nose fits your face perfectly, and I don't see the "ski-slope" that you see....I'm sure over time things will look better and better. Thanks for posting these videos, very informative - hang in there!
Thanks :) I guess I am over critical because it is my face and I analyze it too much.

I am 3 months post-op in 2 days so I decided to...

I am 3 months post-op in 2 days so I decided to post now. I am a million times better. I do not think I look "catish" anymore and actually I really like my cheeks and don't want them to go down more. If they do go down a lot more than I definitely would not be against getting a fat grafting touch-up. I would do it with Dr. Motykie again because he did a good job. Now that I know the entire healing process and what to expect, I would not be freaking out about it like I was the first time around. Hopefully, I will not need a touch up and if I do, I hope it is not for at least a year. I think fat grafting is worth it if you go to an experienced surgeon. Before doing this procedure though, you must know that the healing process is rough, as you can see in my videos. I got really depressed at first because I looked so strange, but now it's all good and I am more than happy. Please feel free to e-mail me any questions regarding this procedure if your thinking about doing it or have already done it.

Ok, so the other day I was examining myself in the...

Ok, so the other day I was examining myself in the mirror and I noticed that I have developed dark purple/blue/reddish thick veins under my eye area. I never had that before the fat transfer. I had some under eye circles but not huge veins that were visible to the naked eye in a non-magnified mirror. I had a lot of serious bruising under and in my eyes and maybe it is leftover from that but it looks bad and I am not happy about that new problem. My cheeks do look more plump and I am happy about that. I had so much bruising that it would not surprise me that the bruising was so severe that those veins burst and now they are permanent. I guess nothing is perfect. I still give it a "very good" rating below because of the fact that it filled out my face.

Are you still happy with your fg?
Any problems? Lumps , uneven skin? Would you do it under local? Is it painful getting it?
Thank you.
Yes, I am still happy with it. I think it is fading now though... I would do it under local and I do not know if it is painful while your getting it because I was under general anesthesia, but I can tell you that it was really painful recovery. I felt like s**t, I am fine now though. I am about 4.5 months post-op now. I am uploading a new video to YouTube now for my 4 month post-op so you can see for yourself how I am doing. I will send you the link when it is done uploading.
Schemie2 - Thanks for this posting and including photos and details of your experience!

Now that you are several months out, do you feel that the results of your fat transfer are lasting? Is the result meeting your expectations?

I am considering fat transfer for a second time. First time, it didn't take at all - ZERO result. And, it was a long healing process. Now doctors think with "new technology", they can make it last.

I am a big skeptic as to whether this is a realable method to augment cheeks and jaw.

I made a 4 month post-op. Here is the...

I made a 4 month post-op. Here is the link:

reason, it is too bad you did not get my actual point, that fat transfer uses lumps underneath the skin and they can be seen and felt, and that lumps are not a risk of the surgery but that they are the actual intentional result.
I prefer the pre surgery look, myself. Why would you get fat transfer? It is a procedure that uses lumps under the skin to cause volume. Most doctors are are not honest about this aspect of the procedure because it nobody would consent to this. Beware! People who get it done will see and feel lumps under their skin.
I guess it is too late to turn back now. Although I do not regret it yet, what I do regret is the Vi peel. Ever since that, my skin has never been the same again. It is constantly dry and flaky and looks like a reptile. Awful!!

I am 6 months post-op now. I am ok with the fat...

I am 6 months post-op now. I am ok with the fat grafting. It filled in my hollows which is good.
hey, i've been searching for a younger person who's experienced facial fat transfer and you are the only one i've found. that being said, you look awesome! seriously. like amazing! having read this thread and all comments, i am steps closer to undertaking the surgery myself. my questions to you are,

would you recommend Dr. Motykie for a facial fat transfer?

what have your family/friends/coworkers said?

& although i think you look fab, are you pleased with the result of your fat transfer?

by the way, thanks for posting & for being so open and honest, it is beyond helpful-
Dear Schmie, i see what you mean. Maybe your skin just needs some more time to recover. Personally i don't think it looks like rosacea. If i were you i would only use water and maybe a mild face cleanser and try to help the skin from the inside with supplements (such as vitamin c, zink and evening primrose oil).
Your fat grafting and nose job turned out really well! You look great.
Thanks for the compliments. Yes, I have not been doing anything to my skin. For the past few days, I have just been washing with a gentle cleanser (CeraVe) and using aquaphor day and night. Like you said, I am taking a multivitamin. fish oil, flaxseed oil, and adding olive oil and avocado to my meals. It's still pretty rough and dry though... I am just going to be patient with it though.

I made a video showing my pre to post-op in a...

I made a video showing my pre to post-op in a slide show format. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7h8a2QnC6s

I don't think any of her fat survived seeing she doesn't answer the more probing questions regarding the F/T.
I am no longer answering questions on this thread. If you want to ask specific questions, please send me a private message. Unfortunately, people on this website feel the need to constantly bash and judge me on not only my looks but also my character and my lifestyle choices. I am sorry I have not responded to many questions. Please send me a private message and I will respond to all appropriate and legitimate questions. Thanks.
They are not bashing on it because they think they are bein positive, they disagree with the outcome, they are justbullies running out of excuses

I am 11 months post-op now. I am very happy with...

I am 11 months post-op now. I am very happy with the results of both my nose and my facial fat grafting. I still have a hard time breathing normally but hopefully that will improve with time too. My skin is a lot from the Vi peel too. I love my nose. To me, it looks natural and not overdone. I appreciate doctor Motykie's natural approach to surgery. At first I was very scared by the way I looked but that was just initial shock because I was so swollen. I am happy to say that I am very pleased with his work and I rate him a 9 out of 10. The only reason I do not give him a 10 is because he is just really hard to get in touch with. Other than that, he is great.

I meant to say 10 months post-op :) Oops

I meant to say 10 months post-op :) Oops
I don't understand why people we're snickering behind your back after surgery. You seem like such a sweetheart.Also, the surgery appears to only be an improvement to an already beautiful girl. Honestly, I was surprised you wanted ps when I saw you before photos. Understandable, though. I get that as well and I desperately want a nose job and possibly a lip lift and fat transfer to the cheeks. What I'm trying to say is you have good genetics should you choose to pass them on. Take that from someone who has extremely harsh standards on feminine beauty.
@Receding eyes, thank you for ur comments. I do agree with u that I don't 'need' nose job. The imperfection is very slight and as per your and my friends opinion I am swaying towards leaving it alone. 

I am 35. The 'teen' pic u refer to is when i was 29. 

I have always had slight eyebags even in my teens. In 2007 (age 31) I consulted a surgeon who told me that I needed Quadrilateral conj. Blep. 

After surgery i had complications, for 2yrs I couldn't close my left eye (it still doesn't close completely and feels tight when I blink). I  had dry & watery eyes, eyebags looked worse, upper eyelids incision widenedleaving a scar, I developed hollowness under around orbital area which I never had before.

 I am now slave to fillers which always leave a tell-tale tide/ridge and I still have bags after the filler, but at least the hollowness disappears. 

Pics don't always tell the full story. The postfiller pics don't show how filler push and frame the eye bags when I smile hence I am looking for more permanent and natural looking solution. Hence I am looking for an ocuplast who will make my under eyes like a baby's bottom. 

My husband tells me that although my problem is not severe but he does see it and agrees i look tired. He is the most 'anti-surgery' person ever. But even he is supporting me on this issue. 
@Receding eyes, forgot to mention the most important thing, I haven't had fat transfer.

Hello everyone. As you may have noticed, I am no...

Hello everyone. As you may have noticed, I am no longer responding to any comments or personal messages. I posted my images and my experiences on here to help others who were having this procedure done not to be judged and harassed. I though this website was about support and questions. Unfortunately, in my good attempts, I have gotten (for the most part) many derogatory comments and I do not believe in bullying or talking bad about people and am choosing not to be any part of it. I do appreciate those of you who have been supportive. I wish all the best for those of you who have undergone this procedure or for those of you who are thinking about undergoing this procedure. Happy new year to all.
Hello dear I had cheeks and hollows of eyes fatgrafting done i i am 3 weeks post op now. I think im not swollen any more but i really dont like my face and my cheeks. I really really want them to go down more than it. Can i be hopeful that they will go than more? i want to know that does it last forever?
gn68, you almost definitely still have some swelling, even though it might not be obvious to you. I've been interested in fat grafting for years, and all the doctors I've consulted with say it takes at least 12 weeks, sometimes much longer, to see a "final" result. Give it time - you'll continue to improve over the next few months. : )
You look beautiful, I just had my eyes done with a fat transfer too, I understand how you felt in the beginning as I looked like I was ready to play football I was so bruised. It's 4 days post op and I have a little bruising left, but most of my swelling has gone down. I looked odd shopping inside whole foods with my sunglasses on, but my eyes have been so sensitive since the surgery and dry. Your nose looked ok before, but we are always our own worst critic so I understand you having it done. Ignore those people who judged and are judging you. You were beautiful before, and beautiful now, were uncomfortable with some things and fixed those things to feel better about yourself for yourself. It's not their body so they might not like it but they need to leave you be. those people are just insecure and don't have the guts to do the same thing themselves so instead they would rather hate on you. Just "shake it off" sweetie. ;D
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