Over 50, Face Lift Not What I Expected and Pulled Too Tightly

I went for a consult because i am over 50, but i...

i went for a consult because i am over 50, but i looked beautiful though a little laxity around lower jaw. the doctor insisted that because of my age (although i looked 15 years younger due to thermage treatments and good lifestyle) i had to do something so he insisted i had a facelift.

I do not look like myself at all. he pushed all my facial tissue to my cheekbones and because i didn't have enough loose skin, he pulled my face too much. I feel suffocated around my neck and very bulky around my midface and too thin in the lower face although initially i had a square face and strong jaws and now i look like an egg much fatter in the middle. i know some swelling will go down, but my two sides are not equal, the left being an inch more swollen than the right. what should i do?

I'm sorry, ladies, I thought this way a lifestyles lifts page. I had one of those and boy it didn't go well, I trusted them and they've really ruined so many people. And independent plastic surgeons out there have to be so checked out, it's really hard to do I guess. It scares me to try to find someone to fix my face after what LSL did to me. Good luck to all of you. I hope your healing continues to go well.
Good luck in April, ask your Dr. about horizontal lines along the jawline that can form with a 2nd procedure, I have them now especially when I look down extending from the earlobe. I did not have anything pulled up above the sideburns so I believe that contributed to the pulled look I kinda have/ I use Bareminerals foundation it seems to work nicely-if I have anything else done Im going to Newport beach..any suggestions on Drs??
Hello ladies. I think I'm the one who starte this original chain back in 2009 or 2010 - can't remember. I had the lower facelift and wasn't happy about it, especially along the jawline as it was lumpy and bumpy. Also, my skin wasn't very tight. So after complaining to the surgeon, 6 months later he tried fat injections. Took some fat out of my stomach and put in my jawline and cheeks. It looked pretty good for about 3 months and then I think most of the fat was absorbed. My jawline still bothers me as it is still lumpy so I'm going back in and getting what my doctor calls a "tuck up". Basically just going to pull up and tighten my skin. I'm hoping that this will smooth out the jawline. I was very clear with the doctor what I wanted and what my expectations are. I will keep you all posted, procedure to take place in April.
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i was not sure about the surgery and when the office manager called to ask if i want to pay for the next day, i told her i wasn't sure. she said"hold on" and put the doctor through. I told him i look beautiful and don't want any major change and i want to look like myself. he said i would look exactly like myself, but well rested and refreshed. i particularly asked that my looks not be changed. he was very forceful in convincing me to have a facelift and necklift instead of a minor procedure. he never explained that i will not look like myself and that i won't be able to return to work in 2 weeks. I am devastated, especially beacause i was so beautiful before and because i cannot go back to work and in society. i look like a freak and consider moving to another place.

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